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Season 4

5 Aug. 1987
Ernie's Last Quarter
Diane brings in a new co-owner of the Bulls, Teddy, who offers T.D. a promotion to general manager on the condition that he fires Coach Denardo as head coach.
12 Aug. 1987
A Second Chance Once Removed
With Denardo gone, Teddy tries to convince T.D. to bring his former college coach in as the new head coach for the Bulls, despite Diane having already promised the job to Fred Grier. Meanwhile, veteran John Manzak, who is having difficulty keeping up with the rookies in training camp, considers using steroids to improve his game.
19 Aug. 1987
A Loaded Gun
T.D. is struggling to balance the demands of his new job with his home life. Still in the middle of his hold-out, Yinessa looks to his new receiver, Billy Cooper, for help. Meanwhile, John Manzak's steroid abuse has yielded on-field results at the risk of his physical and mental health.
26 Aug. 1987
The Comeback Trail
Having sustained a serious injury in practice, Tom Yinessa's return to football seems doubtful. In the fallout, Yinessa's agent threatens to sue Diane for having his player on the field without a contract. Meanwhile, Manzak's steroid abuse escalates, and Bubba turns to a sex surrogate for help with his marriage.
2 Sep. 1987
Illegal Use of Love
Teddy organizes a trade for Johnny Valentine behind Diane's back, raising her suspicions. The Bulls start the season with an embarrassing loss during which Mad Dog and Dr. Death make fools of themselves. Bubba must find a way out of his love triangle with his wife and his sex surrogate. All the while, T.D.'s issues with his marriage deepen and his relationship with Kay progresses.
7 Oct. 1987
A Mutiny on the Bull Team
After an atrocious start to the season, The Bulls look for ways to turn things around. T.D. turns to Coach Grier, who establishes a new rigorous practice regimen under which the Bulls become defiant. Meanwhile, new owner Jill Schrader attempts to instill confidence with the team, but the lingering ache of her breakup with Yinessa complicates things.
4 Nov. 1987
The Brink of Death
Dr. Death lays a ferocious hit on Joe "The Terminator" Morgan, injuring him in the process. While Dr. Death deals with the guilt, T.D. and Jill must defend him from the punishment of the Commissioner. Bubba and Jethro take over ownership of Jake's bar where Billy Cooper has a run-in with a vengeful man.
Call for the Hall
The Bulls, in need of a running back, are in the process of working out a trade, but hesitate when Bubba becomes the main trade piece. T.D., who is to be honored by the President for his induction into the Hall of Fame, must choose who will be by his side at the ceremony: his wife Ellen or his girlfriend Kay.
Blood on Blood
The Bulls have backed their way into the playoffs, but there are distractions abound. Bubba and Jethro prepare for Zagreb's wild bachelor party, which they host at the bar while Billy's younger brother, Mike, fresh out of jail, comes for a visit.
Of Scalpers and Superstars
The Bulls carve their way through the playoffs, and seem as if they'll be heading to the championship for the third straight year. The organization sets up a music video for the team to star in, but they soon realize that they'll be able to capitalize on the profits by marketing Yinessa as the star, a prospect that creates a rift between the players.
Championship Games Jinx
With the championship game quickly approaching, distractions continue to plague the Bulls. Zagreb believes that he's jinxed away his ability to kick, and T.D. must prove his innocence in a scalping incident. Worst of all, Yinessa, who has been busy appearing in commercials, receives some tragic news.

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