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5 Oct. 1988
The Bulls Own Up
The team becomes embroiled in a messy situation when a clean-cut fast food chain with decidedly familial values purchases the Bulls. The players concoct a plan for the team to gain joint ownership of the team themselves, leading to divisive reactions amongst personnel.
12 Oct. 1988
The Inmates Buy the Asylum
The unruly Bulls roster attempts to get a grip on their shenanigans, to spearhead a successful and tasteful ownership of their beloved team. Things are more complicated than they would have thought, when the players show their true, unpredictable colors in the face of great change.
19 Oct. 1988
Caught in the Draft
Pandemonium ensues when the draft commences, leading to speculation and paranoia that some of the Bulls' most beloved personalities are on the trading block. They realize they may be in over their heads when there is distracting anxiety breathing down their necks the night before and morning of the draft, and the various teams in play taking advantage of the first time owners isn't helping.
26 Oct. 1988
Down and Out in Bulls Stadium
The questionable choices of the Bulls team members catch up with them, as Mad Dog realizes he made a promise to an aspiring cheerleader that he was unauthorized to make. T.D. attempts to recruit a former player to the coaching staff after he apparently lost his home and livelihood.
2 Nov. 1988
...The Clock Runs Out
The players' unpredictable yet hilarious antics continue as the group tries to make sense of their new roles as players within the Dodds Corporation ownership of the beloved franchise. Mad Dog gets caught in a series of lies and Joe comes into harsh proximity with one of the new owners and his classist prejudices.
9 Nov. 1988
The Dark Side
After getting concussed from taking multiple brutal hits on the field, the Bulls' quarterback fantasizes that his coach's colorful halftime pep talk is actually from a Vietnam War general, amping up his troops for the second half of a major battle.
16 Nov. 1988
Saturday, Bloody Saturday
A slew of relationship dramas plague the Bulls players, with T.D. attempting to court the league's first female player, Cooper realizing that the woman he is having an affair with is married to the team sponsor's president, and more. What proceeds are on and off-field brawls, the first NFL play featuring a female player, and a whole slew of hilarious miscommunications.
23 Nov. 1988
Injustice for All
The Bulls organization and their sponsor's corporation are embroiled in a public controversy when the head coach is purported in the media to have made a racist statement, though the allegations are embellished and misrepresented at the very least.
30 Nov. 1988
Team Picture
The roster of the 1987 California Bulls reunites to take a legacy group photo, although the futuristic dystopia they currently inhabit has proven to be consequential -- plateaued and more depressing than the one they played in.

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