Garbo Talks (1984) Poster


Ron Silver: Gilbert Rolfe



  • Shepard Plotkin : I'm very busy now, Gilbert.

    Gilbert Rolfe : I have to talk with you, Mr Plotkin.

    Shepard Plotkin : Later, Gilbert.

    Gilbert Rolfe : I have to talk with you now. Shepard, I'm leaving. I am not saying this because I am upset. Well yes I am upset. Of course I'm upset. I'm very upset. You've took my office away and you gave me a depressing, little room. It's, it's not your fault. I allowed it to happen. The light fixture buzzes. There's a dull hum, all day long. Well, you know, you wouldn't fix it for me, no matter how many times I asked. S'okay. You reduced the staff and you gave me enough work for three people to do, and if I didn't finish I got that speech about consolidating more time... Don't worry about it. It is not your problem. I sat there, and I listened, didn't I? You deducted a half-days salary because I was late. No problem. I allowed it to happen. You made me come to work at six in the morning. There was nothing to do at six in the morning and I said to myself, I said Plotkin is enjoying doing this to me. But then I said, No! Rules are rules. The man is only doing his job. That's okay. A man has to do his job. You've been great, you really have. I, I, I wish you, the best of luck. I'm not angry. I, I have no resentment to you. You've, er, you've been great. But we are who we are. I am who I am, you are who you are. So, go fuck yourself Shepard!

  • Estelle Rolfe : I wanna meet Garbo!

    Gilbert Rolfe : Why?

    Estelle Rolfe : Why shouldn't I? I'm dying!

  • Gilbert Rolfe : Are you the man who took photographs of Greta Garbo?

    Angelo Dokakis : She can't sue - I stood 50 feet away. You can't deprive a man of his livelihood.

  • [last lines] 

    Garbo : How do you do, Gilbert?

    Gilbert Rolfe : Fine, thank you.

    Jane Mortimer : I don't believe it. Gilbert, you are something else.

  • Jane Mortimer : Hi! I'm going for a sandwich. Do you want to come?

    Gilbert Rolfe : I probably should tell you, Jane - I'm married.

    Jane Mortimer : I just invited you to eat a sandwich.

    Gilbert Rolfe : Oh, eh, okay.

    Jane Mortimer : [Next scene: Gilbert and Jane are standing in a crowded elevator]  I think elevators are very sexual. Don't you? I have this fantasy that I'm in an elevator, all alone with this man, that I've never met before in my life. And he just keeps staring at me. All of the sudden, he reaches out and he touches my breasts. Well, I think it is very inappropriate; but, I don't stop him. The elevator's moving really slowly. We're at the World Trade Center and he just keeps on touching me. We're at the 30th floor and he's feeling my waist. The elevator keeps going up, his hands keep going down. By the time we're at the 70th floor, we're actually having relations and he just leaves without even telling me his name.

    [Elevator door opens] 

  • Bernie Whitlock : What about you... what are you looking for? We're all looking for something.

    Gilbert Rolfe : You're not going to believe me. I'm looking for Greta Garbo.

    Bernie Whitlock : You're looking for the Garbo?

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