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Helen Slater: Supergirl, Linda Lee



  • Supergirl : Earth, Zaltar. A tree, a horse. You keep making things from Earth.

    Zaltar : The place intrigues me.

    Supergirl : Then let's go there.

    Zaltar : Certainly. When is the next train?

    Supergirl : What is a train?

    Zaltar : [laughing] 

    Supergirl : What's so funny? Don't laugh at me, Zaltar.

    Zaltar : I'm only laughing at myself. For you I weep.

  • Lucy Lane : All you need is a couple of streaks and your ears pierced. I could do it for you, it's easy. You just get a needle, heat it up, dab it with some alcohol, and zap! The guys go crazy!

    Linda Lee : My ears what?

    Lucy Lane : Pierced. Like and you know, I take a needle, and then I heat it up, dab it with some alcohol and, zap, all the guys go crazy.

    Linda Lee : Because I have holes in my ears?

    Lucy Lane : What, are you putting me on? Sometimes I can't figure you out, Linda.

  • Ethan : You just flew over my head, true or false?

    Supergirl : True.

    Ethan : Like Superman.

    Supergirl : He's my cousin.

  • Lucy Lane : Look at that dingleberry.

    Linda Lee : What's a dingleberry?

  • Ethan : What's with the Halloween costume?

    Supergirl : This is not a costume. These are my clothes.

  • Kara : [about Zaltar's creative illusion]  Oh, it is beautiful. What's that gonna be, Zaltar?

    Zaltar : I think, a tree.

    Kara : A tree. What is a tree?

    Zaltar : A lovely thing which grows on Earth.

    Kara : Earth? You mean where my cousin went?

    Zaltar : And to where one day soon perhaps I might venture as well.

    Kara : I don't believe you. How?

    Zaltar : In that.

    [points to a transportation device] 

    Zaltar : Through there.

    [points to the Binary Chute] 

    Kara : The Binary Chute? But you could never survive the pressure. It would destroy you...

    Zaltar : [interrupting]  That I can, zip zap, and I'm gone.

    Kara : But you'd never leave us, Zaltar. You'd never leave Argo City.

    Zaltar : Indeed I might, Kara. Too much of a good thing here. Perhaps I'll try Saturn instead. Yes, I think I might.

    Kara : Saturn is... Is that further away than Earth?

    Zaltar : Silly question. Did you not study sixth-dimensional geometry at school? Do they not teach you anything anymore?

    Kara : Well, of course they do. Uh, I know the equations. Uh - I just can't see them in my head.

    Zaltar : Most great artists find mathematics troublesome, Kara. Only use your imagination. Saturn and Earth are in outer space, but we - we are in inner space.

  • Zaltar : Our city has two great power sources. This is one of them. Look.

    Kara : An Omegahedron. The Guardians let you have it?

    Zaltar : Not exactly. I borrowed it.

    Kara : You stole it. Oh, Zaltar, they're going to...

    Zaltar : No. Borrowed it, for the afternoon. For inspiration.

  • Zor-El : You took the Omegahedron.

    Zaltar : That's not correct. I lost the Omegahedron.

    Kara : Oh, no, Father. I did.

    Zaltar : Shh, Kara.

    Zor-El : No matter who. Without it, this city can't survive more than a few days.

    Alura : Our lights will grow dim, and the very air we breathe so thin.

    Zaltar : I know. So I shall find it. I shall go right to the end of inner space and I shall return it.

    Zor-El : Impossible. How? No one can leave Argo City, and you know it. This is our universe, and you've destroyed it with a game, a childish game.

    Zaltar : I think it can be done. Through there. The Binary Chute, in the Traveler.

  • Eddie, Truck Driver : You're, uh, Superman's best friend, huh?

    Supergirl : No. His cousin. I've come here to search for the Omegahedron. It's a power source vital to Argo City. You see, that's where I live.

    Billy, Truck Driver : No kidding. Eddie and me, uh, we're on a secret mission, also. We're out looking for a good time. And you just won the brass ring, baby.

  • Mr. Danvers : Now, what did you say your name was? Oh, yes, yes. Linda Lee, huh?

    Linda Lee : Yes, my cousin probably wrote you. Um, maybe you got his letter under "K" for "Kent" in your files.

    Mr. Danvers : Kent? Kent. It doesn't ring any bells. Doesn't even ring a...

    [looking in his cabinet and finding the letter she forged] 

    Mr. Danvers : Well, here it is, big as life.

  • Mr. Danvers : Since your school records were obviously lost in the mail, you'll have to start at the bottom. It's only fair to the other girls. You'll have English, Latin, math, biology, computing...

    Linda Lee : All at once?

    Mr. Danvers : ...and chemistry. Idle hands are the devil's playground.

  • Linda Lee : [seeing Lucy's poster of Superman]  Do you know him?

    Lucy Lane : Superman? Sure. My sister's got something going with the big guy. Hey, listen, you can borrow any of my clothes any time you want. Just dig in and help yourself.

    Linda Lee : Thank you. You're very kind.

    Lucy Lane : He's a real character. A real hunk. I'll introduce you to him someday if we wind up getting along.

  • Nigel : May I presume that whilst you were staring at the wall and not at your terminal like your other little friends here, you were hard at working solving this little equation?

    Linda Lee : Oh, yes, sir, I was. I mean, I was...

    Nigel : Excellent. The answer, please. Pay attention, class. Ms. Lee is about to enlighten us.

    Linda Lee : 5,271,009,010.

    Lucy Lane : [the class laughs, and the school bell rings]  Come on. Let's get out of here before he makes you stay.

  • Nigel : Have you been going through my papers?

    Linda Lee : Of course not, sir.

    Nigel : Then how do you know the correct answer? How?

    Linda Lee : I guess I just...

    Lucy Lane : It's all this crazy weather we've been having, sir. All the storms. Shock waves, electromagnetism. It makes people smarter than they are for a second. We gotta go, sir.

    Linda Lee : [Lucy pulls her out of the room]  Oh, boy. Thanks. You know, I gotta learn...

    Lucy Lane : How did you know the answer?

    Linda Lee : I don't know. Six-dimensional geometry. I never could do it before.

    Lucy Lane : Yeah. Well, you want some friendly advice? Don't go showing it off, 'cause nobody's gonna like you.

  • Lucy Lane : Listen, you better keep an eye out for Myra now. She's out to get you.

    Linda Lee : Me? Why?

    Lucy Lane : Because she hates anybody who's not afraid of her.

  • Supergirl : I've come here to search for the Omegahedron. A power source vital to Argo City. You see, that's where I live.

  • Mr. Danvers : Lucy Lee, this is Linda Lane.

    Lucy Lane : No, it isn't. She's Linda Lee, and I'm...

    Linda Lee : Lucy Lane.

    Mr. Danvers : You two know each other?

    Linda Lee : Oh, no, we just met.

    Mr. Danvers : Really? When?

    Lucy Lane : Just now. Though we've known each other for years, haven't we, Linda?

    Linda Lee : Oh, gee, I don't think that.

  • Supergirl : You have no friends, Selena. You treat everyone as if they were put on this Earth to serve you.

    Selena : More or less, I think they were. You included.

  • Supergirl : You've had your fun, Selena. The game is finished.

    Selena : Hardly. One false step, bluebird, and even if you don't, your friends will get the point.

    [Selena lowers three cages over hot spikes coming out of floor] 

    Jimmy Olsen : Hey, no!

    Lucy Lane : I don't like this.

    Jimmy Olsen : Don't worry, Lucy. Don't worry.

    Supergirl : I wouldn't, if I were you.

    Selena : Well, you're not me.

  • Supergirl : I can't. I can't

    Zaltar : You can. On, girl.

  • Lucy Lane : So, who's your cousin?

    Linda Lee : Clark Kent.

    Lucy Lane : You're kidding me. Clark Kent's your cousin? You're putting me on.

    Linda Lee : Do you know him?

    Lucy Lane : Do I know him? Does my sister know him? Now, that's the big question.

  • Supergirl : The Omegahedron, Selena. I want it.

    Selena : Well, then, Supergirl, you shall have it.

  • Nigel : Linda, are you with us?

    Linda Lee : Um... Yes, sir, I am.

    Nigel : Oh, are you? Where, might I ask?

    Linda Lee : Well, here, sir, on Earth.

  • Supergirl : Oh. I have to go. I have to return this to where it belongs. And I must ask you all something.

    Jimmy Olsen : It's all right, Supergirl. We never saw you.

    Lucy Lane : We never even heard of you.

  • Kara : [in response to Zaltar's pessimism about escaping the Phantom Zone]  You're right. You're absolutely right. There is enough doom and gloom in the air already. And, it is better to accept defeat than to take a chance and try like fools to redeem ourselves, and save our city and all those who we love there, plus all the people on Earth that this wicked sorceress is going to make suffer, just because of us. Cheers!

    [raises nozzle in mock toast] 

    Zaltar : We could die trying.

    Kara : We won't. We won't. Come on!

  • Mr. Danvers : One way or another we're all alone on this miserable little planet.

    Linda Lee : Yes sir, I know.

  • Supergirl : Who are you?

    Selena : I am Selena, Diodenes of Catania, Priestess of Sekhnet. I am the Ultimate Siren of Endor. And you, little lady, are trespassing on private property.

    Selena : [points at Ethan]  She means him.

    Supergirl : I am Kara of Argo City, daughter of Alura and Zor-El, and I don't scare easily.

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