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Mia Farrow: Alura



  • [as Kara goes through the Binary Chute] 

    Alura : She'll be killed.

    Zaltar : Oh, no, she won't. She will be safe. Through the binary. Through the warp. Into another register.

    Zor-El : Another what?

    Zaltar : Gravitational radiation. A pathway from inner space to outer space.

    Alura : Then she'll never be the same, ever.

    Zor-El : At least she'll be alive.

    Zaltar : And my fate is sealed. I've lost the Omegahedron. I must be sent to the Phantom Zone. Your suffering will be short. Mine... forever.

  • Alura : Zaltar, my husband tells me you talk of leaving Argo City. For where?

    Zaltar : Parts unknown. It is, alas, a fact. You and Zor-El have a life here. You have each other, and you have Kara.

    Alura : But, Zaltar, you founded this city. It's yours.

    Zaltar : As far as the eye can see, right to the veil, smack, and then what? What is beyond? Alura, I cannot contain myself to Argo City only. My head is boiling with ideas. My imagination is too vast. It's uncontrollable.

    Alura : If you want my opinion, Zaltar, you're starting to repeat yourself here with all this airy, glittery stuff.

    Zaltar : Exactly. That's why I'm going to Venus.

    Alura : Venus? When?

    Zaltar : Tomorrow. Or the next day, at the latest.

    Alura : Zaltar, have you thought about this? It doesn't make sense to me.

    Zaltar : I have thought, intensely. My mind is made up.

  • Zor-El : You took the Omegahedron.

    Zaltar : That's not correct. I lost the Omegahedron.

    Kara : Oh, no, Father. I did.

    Zaltar : Shh, Kara.

    Zor-El : No matter who. Without it, this city can't survive more than a few days.

    Alura : Our lights will grow dim, and the very air we breathe so thin.

    Zaltar : I know. So I shall find it. I shall go right to the end of inner space and I shall return it.

    Zor-El : Impossible. How? No one can leave Argo City, and you know it. This is our universe, and you've destroyed it with a game, a childish game.

    Zaltar : I think it can be done. Through there. The Binary Chute, in the Traveler.

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