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David Healy: Mr. Danvers



  • Mr. Danvers : Now, what did you say your name was? Oh, yes, yes. Linda Lee, huh?

    Linda Lee : Yes, my cousin probably wrote you. Um, maybe you got his letter under "K" for "Kent" in your files.

    Mr. Danvers : Kent? Kent. It doesn't ring any bells. Doesn't even ring a...

    [looking in his cabinet and finding the letter she forged] 

    Mr. Danvers : Well, here it is, big as life.

  • Mr. Danvers : Since your school records were obviously lost in the mail, you'll have to start at the bottom. It's only fair to the other girls. You'll have English, Latin, math, biology, computing...

    Linda Lee : All at once?

    Mr. Danvers : ...and chemistry. Idle hands are the devil's playground.

  • Mr. Danvers : Open up, Lane. I know you're in there.

    Lucy Lane : I'm not decent, Mr. Danvers, sir.

    Mr. Danvers : And you never will be, either, you little liar.

    [to Kara waiting outside] 

    Mr. Danvers : Well, come on. Come on in. I haven't got all year.

    Lucy Lane : No! I'm supposed to have a single this term.

    Mr. Danvers : We don't always get what we want, Ms. Lane. Disappointments thicken our skin.

    Lucy Lane : Who wants thick skin?

  • Mr. Danvers : Show our new Ms. Lee around, Ms. Lane. Oh, and by the way, she's an orphan. But don't let her play on your sympathies.

  • Mr. Danvers : Lucy Lee, this is Linda Lane.

    Lucy Lane : No, it isn't. She's Linda Lee, and I'm...

    Linda Lee : Lucy Lane.

    Mr. Danvers : You two know each other?

    Linda Lee : Oh, no, we just met.

    Mr. Danvers : Really? When?

    Lucy Lane : Just now. Though we've known each other for years, haven't we, Linda?

    Linda Lee : Oh, gee, I don't think that.

  • Mr. Danvers : One way or another we're all alone on this miserable little planet.

    Linda Lee : Yes sir, I know.

  • Mr. Danvers : We don't always get what we want, Miss Lane. Disappointments thicken our skins.

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