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Maureen Teefy: Lucy Lane



  • Lucy Lane : All you need is a couple of streaks and your ears pierced. I could do it for you, it's easy. You just get a needle, heat it up, dab it with some alcohol, and zap! The guys go crazy!

    Linda Lee : My ears what?

    Lucy Lane : Pierced. Like and you know, I take a needle, and then I heat it up, dab it with some alcohol and, zap, all the guys go crazy.

    Linda Lee : Because I have holes in my ears?

    Lucy Lane : What, are you putting me on? Sometimes I can't figure you out, Linda.

  • Lucy Lane : Look at that dingleberry.

    Linda Lee : What's a dingleberry?

  • Mr. Danvers : Open up, Lane. I know you're in there.

    Lucy Lane : I'm not decent, Mr. Danvers, sir.

    Mr. Danvers : And you never will be, either, you little liar.

    [to Kara waiting outside] 

    Mr. Danvers : Well, come on. Come on in. I haven't got all year.

    Lucy Lane : No! I'm supposed to have a single this term.

    Mr. Danvers : We don't always get what we want, Ms. Lane. Disappointments thicken our skin.

    Lucy Lane : Who wants thick skin?

  • Linda Lee : [seeing Lucy's poster of Superman]  Do you know him?

    Lucy Lane : Superman? Sure. My sister's got something going with the big guy. Hey, listen, you can borrow any of my clothes any time you want. Just dig in and help yourself.

    Linda Lee : Thank you. You're very kind.

    Lucy Lane : He's a real character. A real hunk. I'll introduce you to him someday if we wind up getting along.

  • Nigel : May I presume that whilst you were staring at the wall and not at your terminal like your other little friends here, you were hard at working solving this little equation?

    Linda Lee : Oh, yes, sir, I was. I mean, I was...

    Nigel : Excellent. The answer, please. Pay attention, class. Ms. Lee is about to enlighten us.

    Linda Lee : 5,271,009,010.

    Lucy Lane : [the class laughs, and the school bell rings]  Come on. Let's get out of here before he makes you stay.

  • Nigel : Have you been going through my papers?

    Linda Lee : Of course not, sir.

    Nigel : Then how do you know the correct answer? How?

    Linda Lee : I guess I just...

    Lucy Lane : It's all this crazy weather we've been having, sir. All the storms. Shock waves, electromagnetism. It makes people smarter than they are for a second. We gotta go, sir.

    Linda Lee : [Lucy pulls her out of the room]  Oh, boy. Thanks. You know, I gotta learn...

    Lucy Lane : How did you know the answer?

    Linda Lee : I don't know. Six-dimensional geometry. I never could do it before.

    Lucy Lane : Yeah. Well, you want some friendly advice? Don't go showing it off, 'cause nobody's gonna like you.

  • Myra : Hey, Lucy, where's your roomie? Out to lunch?

    Lucy Lane : No, she heard you were gonna be here, Myra, and she got sick to her stomach.

  • Lucy Lane : Listen, you better keep an eye out for Myra now. She's out to get you.

    Linda Lee : Me? Why?

    Lucy Lane : Because she hates anybody who's not afraid of her.

  • Mr. Danvers : Lucy Lee, this is Linda Lane.

    Lucy Lane : No, it isn't. She's Linda Lee, and I'm...

    Linda Lee : Lucy Lane.

    Mr. Danvers : You two know each other?

    Linda Lee : Oh, no, we just met.

    Mr. Danvers : Really? When?

    Lucy Lane : Just now. Though we've known each other for years, haven't we, Linda?

    Linda Lee : Oh, gee, I don't think that.

  • Supergirl : You've had your fun, Selena. The game is finished.

    Selena : Hardly. One false step, bluebird, and even if you don't, your friends will get the point.

    [Selena lowers three cages over hot spikes coming out of floor] 

    Jimmy Olsen : Hey, no!

    Lucy Lane : I don't like this.

    Jimmy Olsen : Don't worry, Lucy. Don't worry.

    Supergirl : I wouldn't, if I were you.

    Selena : Well, you're not me.

  • Lucy Lane : So, who's your cousin?

    Linda Lee : Clark Kent.

    Lucy Lane : You're kidding me. Clark Kent's your cousin? You're putting me on.

    Linda Lee : Do you know him?

    Lucy Lane : Do I know him? Does my sister know him? Now, that's the big question.

  • Supergirl : Oh. I have to go. I have to return this to where it belongs. And I must ask you all something.

    Jimmy Olsen : It's all right, Supergirl. We never saw you.

    Lucy Lane : We never even heard of you.

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