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Sex & Nudity

  • The sex scene between Connor and Reese shows female frontal nudity with nipples exposed several times during the short scene.
  • There is a 5 second scene of Sarah's roommate and her boyfriend having sex. While thrusting is depicted, the scene only shows their heads.
  • The scene in the beginning when the male figure is walking towards the others he is mostly in the shadow but there is a clear moment you see his member swinging in plain view
  • There is a scene of sex. Breasts are shown. The two characters are shown passionately kissing and thrusting.
  • Two instances of non-sexual male nudity (buttocks are seen).
  • From a distance, you see a naked man walking towards the camera. Frontal nudity can be seen, but it's not obvious due to him being in the shadows.
  • 2 brief sex scenes in this movie. Of all the Terminator films, this one contains the most sexual content.
  • Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are shown having sex in bed. It's kind of dark but still pretty visible, and we only see them from the waist up. Reese is shown repeatedly fondling her breasts. We see some mild thrusting and hear some brief sexual moaning. The scene is probably about 60 seconds long. It's not as explicit as it sounds, and it's a very romantic scene and doesn't feel like a normal R-rated sex scene.

Violence & Gore

  • A Terminator kills 2 guard dogs with a machine gun while storming a resistance base. This is done mostly offscreen, but the dogs' dying yelps are heard, and the scene may still be upsetting.
  • There's an intense car chase in which the Terminator pursues Sarah and Reese. Both cars ream into each other and crash in the end, and several gunshots are also exchanged.
  • There's an intense chase near the end in which the Terminator pursues Reese and Sarah on his motorcycle. Reese throws dynamite at him, which explodes, but he survives, and commandeers a truck. The truck is then blown up, causing a massive explosion.
  • A punk is killed by getting punched through the chest (partially offscreen). The Terminator's bloody hand is seen, and it is holding the man's heart.
  • The Terminator goes to a gun store to purchase weapons and upon receiving the goods, shoots the clerk. We only see the end of the gun as it fires; we do not see the clerk die.
  • A woman is shot several times, offscreen. Later, a police photograph of her corpse is briefly seen.
  • There's a lengthy shootout in a police station in which the Terminator kills many cops. Some blood may be visible, but it's not graphic for the most part, though the scene is dark and intense, and many people are shot and killed.
  • Several people are shot apart in a dark room with a large laser/machine gun weapon. Minimal gore, but still violent and disturbing.
  • The Terminator cuts open his arm with a scalpel, bloody flesh is shown, moments later it does the same to its eye.
  • There's a shootout in a club between Reese and the Terminator, and gunfire is exchanged. Several objects are destroyed, and the Terminator is shot several times by Reese before getting knocked backward through a window and onto the street.
  • A man is killed by an explosion. We briefly see his corpse up-close, with some blood on his body.
  • Sarah is implied to have broken her leg after an explosion; she pulls a bloody piece of shrapnel from a gash in her thigh, and we see her crawling, unable to walk and in pain.


  • There is also a use of "fuck" in the deleted scene, "Sarah Fights Back".
  • Multiple uses of "fuck". A few of these are seen written when the Terminator looks through its programming to find an insult, and as it scrolls through a list of curses, a couple including the f-word are seen.
  • "Shit" is said a few times. "Asshole" is also said, along with milder language: "Hell", "damn", "bastard" etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters are seen smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole movie's story is intense and can be frightening to younger viewer. Especially at the end with the Terminator chasing Sarah as a robot without its skin.
  • Rated R for strong violence, some sexuality/nudity, and language
  • Pretty much most of the movie could be considered frightening and intense, since the Terminator is constantly pursuing the main character and is killing anyone in the way. The climax is rather frightening, where the Terminator would chasing Sarah Connor.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The last section when the Terminator starts to fall apart is probably the most intense. This especially applies of when the robot is seemingly destroyed in a fuel truck explosion and the heroes embrace with a romantic score only to suddenly to have it change into an ominous tone as the robot, stripped to its endoskeleton rises from the falls and continues the pursuit. That metallic structure can be considered creepy and inhuman in 1984 that is. Today it looks kind of fake but it's still very intense
  • In a factory, after the Terminator is blown up with a pipe-bomb the viewer is left to believe that it is finally truly dead, however its still living torso leaps out at Sarah in a manner specifically meant to make the viewer jump. It then hunts her for a few minutes as great suspense builds.

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