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An important part of 80s action animation nostalgia
yojoedave6 September 2001
This is a good cartoon to check out if you're looking for those cool action toons you grew up with. Just becareful you don't run into any of the final season racing episodes -- those will sour your views of this amazing show...(make sure you get the episodes made by DIC Animation, NOT KENNER!)

A covert team of superheros lead by Matt Tracker, use the powerful technology of MASK to attain super powers in order to combat the evil forces of VENOM. Each MASK member has a special cool-looking vehicle to help them in their fight. The catch is, VENOM forces also have special mask technology which makes them somewhat formidable foes.

I grew up with this show - I too had to wake up at 6:00 am to see it, but it was worth it!

This has to be one of DIC's better shows. It's action-packed, with reasonably interesting storylines. The characters are drawn and animated with depth - basically the artwork is polished and very desirable to look at. It's definitely well worth looking into in your 80s toon nostalgic quest!
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This T.V. show was awesome!
MASK Agent 7033 December 2001
"M.A.S.K." (the abbreviated form of an organization called "Mobile Armored Strike Kommand") was an increadible show at its time. How I wish shows of this calibur were created still today.

This show was a pioneer in the animation business of world crime fighting shows. Along with a handful of others, there occured a revoultion in the mid-1980s and a craving for shows like "M.A.S.K." What I mainly enjoyed about the show was the fact that the storylines and plots were simple, but at the same time provided plenty of entertainment over the course of it's 30 minutes (probably around 22 after commercials). The characters were also well thought out and very fun to watch. But in reality, I don't know if I'd want them saving me! Nevertheless, "M.A.S.K." was a great show. Of the original 65 episodes, just over half made in onto VHS video cassette. These tapes are now collectors items, as well as the dozens of action figures that accompanied the show. Recently, there have been rumors circulation reguarding a "M.A.S.K. Movie", due out sometime within the next few years. At best, a long shot...better to dream about the T.V. show of the past. But maybe...just maybe...
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Out Of This World
Big Movie Fan4 June 2002
MASK was totally out of this world like many cartoon shows from the 1980's-but it was so brilliant.

The good guys were MASK, the bad guys were VENOM. Each episode MASK would battle the forces of VENOM and foil their wicked plans.

Each character had a mask which could perform a specific function. For example one of the good guys had a mask which could lift things into the air;another guy had a mask which could help him fly. The bad guys had their fair share of masks too;such as a mask that shot out stiletto darts and one that was a flamethrower. It may have been a cartoon but where on Earth did the good guys and bad guys get such technology and how could they afford it?

The vehicles were rather cool as well. We had planes that could turn into helicopters and vice versa; we had a racing car that could fly; the vehicles were superb. The characters in this show must have been billionaires to build such machinery (if that's the case why were the bad guys even bothering with a life of crime if they were that rich).

I must just mention Boulder Hill which was the good guys base. It was a gas station that used to change into a defence HQ and it was the nerve centre for M.A.S.K.

All in all, a brilliant cartoon. Let's just hope it's never made into a live action movie because it would cost billions to make.
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michelh-116 February 2005
I was about ten to twelve years when M.A.S.K. was aired on Sky Channel (yeah, they only had ONE channel those days!). Me and my brother still have many of the toys, some pretty worn down, some like they we're never used. I loved the show, although there were some questions about where the mask technology came from, how VENOM got their hands on them and why NOBODY was surprised to see a young boy's scooter turning into a small robot. Maybe because T-Bob was cool...

Later on there was a second series, in which the secret identity of Matt Tracker and the MASK-team was revealed to the public (and to VENOM), the Boulder Hill was abandoned for some reason, Miles Mayhem had a twin brother and everything was about racing... Pretty cool new vehicles were introduced, but the story wasn't what it used to be...
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A great show, EXCELLENT toys!!!
gonzoriffic17 May 1999
All the characters in the M.A.S.K. show had big ol' helmets they'd put on before they went into battle. Their cars, trucks, motorcycles, even their headquarters (a gas station!) would all become these cool fighting machines. The toys were just like the characters from the show. The figures were small (half the size of GI JOE) and had little helmets that covered their heads. Each came with its respective vehicle from the show, which would transform when you hit a hidden button or panel. Guns popped out and everything, it was cool stuff.
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"Personnel approved! Assemble Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand!"
bannonanthony28 February 2001
When I first saw this show when I was a kid, I didn't really care for it. But last year when Fox Kids in the UK started showing it again I've come to love it. Okay so it was obviously designed to sell toys, but it is great. The vehicles used by both teams were brilliantly designed and the episodes were always exciting and most of the time funny as well. I actually liked the bad guys better, especially Sly Rax, with that neat accent of his. This is an 80's classic.
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A slice of the cool 80's
cosmos8027 March 2002
This was one cool cartoon show for anyone to remember, it had cool animation, and the theme song rocked! (though I didn't remember it that much, only when I downloaded it from a web site recently). They have to air the reruns on Cartoon network or any other tv network out there, they can't leave shows like these collecting dust!
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Wow, this show was cool
Tommy-5523 February 1999
I was probably 6 or 8 years old when I saw this show last. I remember waking up at 6 am to watch it, wishing I could drive the big-rig cab that turned into a missile command post. WOW!! I am not sure what much I can say about it, except, they don't make cartoons like they used to.
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I have a petition for this show.
minerals24 September 2004
This show should be brought back to re-air in the United States or be released on DVD. This is one cartoon that was of a group of eleven that had advice scenes at the end of each show. I have a petition that is trying to either get the show back on TV or released on DVD so everyone can enjoy it again and let the younger generations see it for the first time. The website address for the petition is Http://

Please sign this petition so we can try to convince the owners of the show to either put it on TV again or release all of the Episodes on DVD. This is one show that should be seen again and the toys be released back on the market.
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Good series!
Movie Nuttball10 September 2003
I never got to watch many episodes of the classic animated series but I saw enough to know it was one of the best series' back then! It had lots of action, good animation, and good moral segments! Maybe Rhino can bring this show back on VHS and DVD!
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Best cartoon series of its time
indianman9 February 2002
Not only have I seen this show I still have my whole collection of the merchandise create based on this show. I loved this and hope that cartoon network or some other station would pick this show up and feature it on there station.
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One of the greatest cartoons of the '80s!
quatsch-326 December 2004
M.A.S.K. is short for Mobile Armoured Strike Command. It was a great cartoon that was as much loved by young boys as He-Man, G.I.Joe or Transformers. Like the others it had a huge toy line which is now selling through ebay very well and often expensive. M.A.S.K. was somehow more intelligent than usual action cartoons. If you found it boring, it was probably because it didn't have only action but also a lot of well constructed plots, for a kids show that is. Still though, all these stories ended with Miles Mayhem, head of evil organization V.E.N.O.M., being behind all that sinister plans. Furthermore, nobody had superpowers, only their vehicles and equipment had. The amount of characters over the 75 episodes was huge. The show was always about being a team and about justice, in the end it had the usual message, telling kids what to do or to not do. A great and classic cartoon, luckily now available on DVD in Europe.
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I *loved* this show as a kid
Jaymez8227 August 2011
I was only three years old when this show first aired, but, I still have many fond memories of this show from reruns and my toy collection. I was obsessed with this show as a child and as an adult, I still love it.

MASK was intended to bridge a gap between GI Joe and Transformers. Multimillionaire Matt Trakker is the leader of an elite Special Forces- esque crime fighting league known as M.A.S.K, or Mobil Armored Strike Kommand.

Each team member piloted a special mulit function vehicle based on production cars and trucks available in the mid 80's. Matt Trakker, for example, drove a modified 80's Camaro equipped with Gull Wing doors that doubled as actual wings that allowed the car to fly with the aid of jet engines hidden behind the rear bumper.

Brad Turner, another team member, rode a Kawasaki Ninja that turned into a personal helicopter. The rear wheel on the bike acted as the tail rotor.

In addition to transforming vehicles, each team member wore a special mask that possessed a special ability. Bruce Sato, for example, had a mask that was capable of lifting heavy objects. Brad Turner's mask was capable of projecting holograms. The special abilities of each mask would somehow compliment the vehicle that the team member was assigned.

Much like G.I. Joe was constantly fighting Cobra, M.A.S.K. had their arch nemesis known as Venom. Venom was headed by another multimillionaire, Miles Mayhem, and they also had vehicles that would transform for combat. Much like the MASK team, their vehicles were also styled after contemporary vehicles available in the mid 80's. They also had masks that possessed a special ability. However, the abilities possessed by MASK were mostly used for rescue, the Venom masks were weaponized. One shot daggers, another shot fire, another shot acid, and another fired a LASERBEAM like whip.

Each episode was reasonably formulaic. Venom would try to steal something and the M.A.S.K. team was the only team who could stop them. At the start of each mission, Matt would consult his computer to determine the best team members suited for the mission. The computer would make choices based on vehicular special ability and special skills or knowledge that each person had.

Each character and each vehicle was based on a toy sold by Kenner at the time.
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Blast from the Past!
Donodadd29 September 2008
Wow.I can't believe this cartoon popped into my head today.....And then to boot i see that it's available on DVD.What an awesome series.And this was one of the few shows where the merchandise was a great as the show that spawned it. I had the red car that flew,Boulder Hill,the rig and the helicopter. The fun i had with these things is impossible to truly explain in words.I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD set and watch this gem of a show with my own son as well as a few friends that enjoyed it as well.Now if only they would release the Bionic 6 on DVD i'd be in Shangri-La.Some Thunderhawks would be nice as well though i don't think that show ever really lasted long enough to hit the same status.These days the cartoons that i see my son and his friends watching seem to have little to no plot or character development.They all seem to be different versions of Ren and Stimpy to be honest.Minus the funny dialog or great(for its time)animation.Though in all fairness i must admit that i do believe Avatar to be the best cartoon series to ever run on TV.
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I grew up this series!
turboprinsen21 September 2008
I loved M.A.S.K on Sky Channel during the 80:s. I loved it because it had action and excitement. It also showed a bit of the future what was to come. This show was so ahead of its time. During this time Sky Channel ruled showing all the coolest cartoons ever between 07:30-12:00 on Saturday and Sundays. Everything from M.A.S.K, Transformers, Jayce and the Wheeled warriors, He-Man, G.I Joe and so on. When will the big movie companies do a real movie of M.A.S.K, Jayce and the Wheeled warriors as they did with the Transformers? It would be so cool to see! I grew up with this and formed me to who I am today a computer nerd having fun everyday during the days =).
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In today's world
luke-duffy-15 September 2008
MASK was one of the iconic cartoon's of the 80's. There is not a single person I know who grew up at this time that didn't love it or at least know all about it. We are in a time where the previously unimaginable is now completely possible and to re-produce this cartoon into a front line movie would have the sci-fi lovers flocking to the cinema's around the world. We have seen the success of Transformers and there is yet more to come on that front, lets bring in Chris Nolan and Michael Bay (what must be the ultimate movie tag team we could hope get together) to look at a new, grown up action packed style of MASK and bring it to the level our imaginations had it at all those years ago.
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Loved this show
gritfrombray-124 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Two shows were the Saturday morning staple on TV for the couple of years they were both on. Transformers and MASK. This show had brilliant characters and always a good storyline to keep the viewer glued, regardless of their age!! Am patiently looking for a DVD release now as I can't even find these on TV anymore! Matt Tracker, Bruce Sato, Alex Sector and all the good guys were brill and Miles Mayhem Sly Rax and Vanessa Warfield to name but a few bad guys, were excellent. Maybe a movie production of this would be a good idea? Mayhem's constant attempts at profit making or world control were constantly thwarted by the MASK guys and left us viewers with a big grin every Saturday morning! Thanks!
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An Honest Review
generationofswine1 April 2017
the Transformers meets G.I. Joe and there was even a big semi-truck that transformed into a base of operations that was kind of like the leader from Transformers...

And some of the kids had the semi-truck but most of us had the green motorcycle/chopper and that red car that turned into a get by opening its doors like the Delorian in Back to the Future...but it couldn't travel through time and.... me, when you are 5 it was all EXTREMELY cool and the cartoon was just as cool and they all wore masks like some execution squad operating in secrete out of a mountain with a volcano that wasn't a volcano, but really a gun tower hidden under a rock and...

...and there were bad guys and that didn't matter because everything turned into something else and that was the real cool part and they all worse masks and mommy, daddy, please buy me one and....

...and then you are in your 30s and still watching cartoons because that's what Saturday Morning cartoons did to your psyche and you come across this on youtube and wonder "why on earth did they take mindless ridiculous trash like this away from children?" Because like all the cartoons little boys my age loved it is really hard to explain, and doesn't make any sense to an un-warped by cartoons adult mind and is just super fun.

It's fun, fun, fun and I am sure one of the cars might have been a T-Bird and big daddy government took it away along with every other Saturday morning cartoon.
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Look @ our new Forum!
benjaminsiegert23 August 2006
Be part of the biggest MASK community worldwide! Join our forum @ If you need any information about this great toyline and series you'll find it there! Greetings from Germany Matt Trakker Be part of the biggest MASK community worldwide! Join our forum @ If you need any information about this great toyline and series you'll find it there!

Greetings from Germany

Matt Trakker
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Greatest cartoon ever
Buff_jordan147 June 2002
As a child in the 80's I grew up with the shows that required talent in creating. MASK, Transformers and GIJOES being good examples. Now instead of great animation like this i see Angela Anaconda and Hey Arnold on the cartoon channel. Shows that require absolutely no animating skill to create. MASK and other 80's cartoons required talent and could keep a child busy... MASK was a little known show but i loved it so much because it mixed the two biggest 80's cartoons(Transformers/GIJOES) into one great show. You had your heroes and villains wearing masks, fighting in vehicles like GIJOES. Then you had your transforming vehicles like in Transformers. This show stands as my favourite ever, it is a huge part of my childhood and once i sat in front of the TV to watch, nothing could pull me away. It is a damn shame this kind of programming isnt on anymore, but you probably know why, because its violent and will cause school shootings.(sarcasm)... If you liked 80's cartoons and by some odd miracle see MASK in your local video store, rent it if you liked 80's cartoons...
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one of many, quickly forgot.
fibreoptic11 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I watched mask in the 80's and it's currently showing on Fox Kids in the UK (very late at night). I remember thinking that it was kinda cool back in the day and had a couple of the toys too but watching it now bores me to tears. I never realised before of how tedious and bland this cartoon show really was. It's just plain awful! It is no where near in the same league as The Transformers, He-man or Thundercats and was very quickly forgot by nearly everyone once it stopped being made. I only watch it on Fox Kids because Ulysses 31 comes on straight after it (that's if mask doesn't put me to sleep first). One of the lesser 80's cartoons that i hope to completely forget about again once it finishes airing on Fox Kids!
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Wasted potential - if it ever had any
Takeshi66621 December 2017
You could probably make some kind of an argument about the sensibility of having vehicles that just transform into other, different vehicles, but I'm not going to make that argument because that'd be silly. Even I think the toys were kind of cool.

Instead, I'm going to argue from the perspective of an adult who didn't grow up with this cartoon as a child and therefore can see it for what it is, without rose-tinted glasses. No, it's not going to be complaining about being a weekly 30 minute toy commercial; on that regard, I can be incredibly forgiving. In fact, I tend to be quite forgiving towards most cartoons of the period. Out of all the ones that I have watched as an adult, regardless of whether I actually saw them as a child myself, there really only have been a select few that I can without a doubt say that I did not enjoy.

MASK is unfortunately one of them. The biggest issue with the series is not immediately obvious; if you were to watch maybe two or three random episodes then yes, it might be perfectly watchable. But having watched every single episode has made it painfully clear to me that this cartoon is without a doubt the most repetitive friggin' thing I have ever seen. Out of the 65 episodes of the first season, there are less than five that don't follow the exact same formula; VENOM is somewhere around the world on some kind of a treasure hunt, Matt Trakker just happens to be there at the same time (I think only in one episode they actually bother establishing why), he summons the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, they fight, good guys win, the end. And in the middle of it all, Scott and T-Bob get in trouble and make some puns.

You could argue that a lot of 80's cartoons are repetitive, but none of them have been quite as shamelessly plot-recycling as MASK. There is absolutely no backstory episode, no character-building, nothing. It's just the same exact story, repeated ad nauseum, just with a different location every time. And the lack of backstory is the worst part; if you know anything about these characters at all, I guarantee you that information did NOT come from the cartoon series. Even the whole aspect of VENOM being mercenaries barely, if ever, comes up. Hell, several times it seems the writers even forgot T-Bob's supposed to be a robot; in one episode he almost drowns (he doesn't breathe!) and in an end-of-episode PSA about not putting plastic bags on your head, HE is the one doing it (HE DOESN'T BREATHE!)

The worst part is that with the second season's racing-themed overhaul, you'd think the series would get some fresh ideas, but the treasure hunts don't even stop there - instead it just happens to be somewhere down the race track! The only thing that really struck out with the second season was that VENOM now got to do PSAs as well, which was absolutely hilarious because in the episodes they are constantly insulting each other and bickering, and suddenly they're demonstrating uncharacteristic concern for each others' wellbeing.

As I wrote this review, I found myself knocking more and more stars off my already low rating, but I don't think I can in good conscience take it all the way down to one; if there is one thing going on for this show that's actually good, it's the animation quality being pretty consistent. Unlike many other cartoons of the era which were animated by a large variety of animation studios, leading to significant differences in animation quality and even character models across episodes, MASK was produced by DiC who appears to have used only one so there isn't any of the usual off-model shenanigans you might find in something like Transformers.
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