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Sex & Nudity

  • The film contains several scenes of full frontal and rear female nudity but almost all are non-sexual. The film also contains sexual themes and mild sexual dialogue. The plot centers around a woman who claims to be pregnant despite being a virgin.
  • In a few scenes, young women playing basketball wear very short spandex shorts. These scenes contain no nudity and are non-sexual.
  • A young woman is shown brushing her hair in a mirror. She appears topless but only her back is visible and her reflection in the mirror only shows her shoulders and her face. No nudity.
  • A boyfriend questions his girlfriend about her pregnancy because they haven't had sex. The woman says she "sleeps with no one". He accuses her of infidelity several times throughout the film, including one scene where he claims, in derogatory terms, that she sleeps with well endowed men. She insists she is a virgin
  • A woman's legs are visible while she does housework with only a shirt on. The shirt extends to her thighs but she is later seen pulling up the shirt to expose her underwear. At one point, she briefly rests her hand between her legs but over her underwear. The scene is not overtly sexual.
  • A woman is seen in her underwear while being examined by a doctor. She claims to be pregnant so he asks her to remove her underwear. She removes her underwear and he examines her off screen. He asks her about her period and whether she plans to keep the baby. She asks him to confirm that she is a virgin. No nudity.
  • A couple kisses passionately in the background of a scene.
  • A woman is seen fully nude in the bath tub. Her breasts and pubic hair are visible as she gets into the tub and while she's washing. This scene is non-sexual.
  • A woman walks around her home nude. Full frontal and rear nudity. Non-sexual.
  • A woman asks a man if he likes her body.
  • A man caresses a woman over her clothing, including under her skirt.
  • A woman changes clothes and is briefly nude from the front and the rear.
  • A woman's breasts can briefly be seen as she stirs under bed sheets. Later she sits up nude and examines her body. Her breasts and some of her pubic hair are clearly visible. Similar scenes later in the film also contain shots of the woman in her underwear as well as brief rear nudity and full frontal nudity. In some scenes, her breasts are visible and there are a couple of lengthy, close-up shots of her pubic hair but her genitals are obscured. All scenes are non-sexual.
  • A man walks in on his girlfriend changing. She wears only an undershirt. Her rear and cleavage are briefly visible but her pubic hair is shown for an extended period of time. The man caresses her arm and stomach.
  • A child climbs under his mother's dress and asks her what different parts of her body are called. She answers his questions using euphemisms ("the hedgehog", "the lawn").

Violence & Gore

  • There are a few scenes containing minor scuffles where men shove and slap each other.
  • A man grabs his girlfriend by the arm in an aggressive manner.
  • A woman slaps a man.


  • Based on English subtitles, approximately five uses of profane language, mostly sexual or anatomical.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters smoke cigarettes in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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