The Real Ghostbusters (TV Series 1986–1991) Poster


Lorenzo Music: Dr. Peter Venkman, Peter Venkman, Charlie Venkman, Dr. Charlie Venkman, Gloating Demon, Rickey Roach



  • Man : I'd like to welcome you to the studio.

    Ray Stantz : Wow! This is really fantastic! It looks just like the real thing!

    Man : That's why we wanted you here to advise us, make sure we're doing it right. After-all, this is your life story.

    Peter Venkman (I) : No problem. As long as you got the right people to play us. Admit it, Redford was dying to play me, right?

    Man : Not exactly. Here's the cast list.

    Winston Zeddemore (I) : Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis? What's that - a law firm?

  • Ray Stantz : Oh, Peter. Will you tell me a bedtime story?

    Peter Venkman : Okay. Once upon a time there were four Ghostbusters who were trying to catch the Boogeyman but they couldn't because one of them wouldn't shut up and go to sleep. The end.

  • Peter Venkman (I) : It's times like this that I wish I'd listened to what my dad used to tell me.

    Winston Zeddemore (I) : Yeah? What was that?

    Peter Venkman (I) : I don't know. I never listened.

  • Peter : [during a dream]  A good imagination is a joy forever.

  • Peter Venkman (I) : This is almost as much fun as catching bowling balls with my teeth.

  • Egon Spengler : Peter, do you know how to set your proton pack on explosive overload?

    Peter Venkman (I) : No.

    Egon Spengler : I do.

  • Peter Venkman (I) : This is not fun! I've had fun! This isn't it!

  • Peter Venkman (I) : [plugging in a wire]  Let's see. I can never remember if it's positive to negative or positive to positive.

  • [the Ghostbusters respond to a false alarm] 

    Peter Venkman (I) : We should have charged her for the call.

    Winston Zeddemore (I) : Come on, Peter. She was someone's grandmother.

    Peter Venkman (I) : As long as she wasn't mine.

  • Ray Stantz : [Falsetto voice]  I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

    Peter Venkman (I) : Ray's fine now.

  • [Egon takes Peter to the opera] 

    Peter Venkman (I) : The Met? I thought you said the Mets.

  • Ray Stantz : Anybody having any luck?

    Peter Venkman : That depends. You mean, like, good luck?

  • [Peter and Egon are going to search for a troll in the Holland Tunnel] 

    Ray Stantz : [shouting]  Remember there could be giant ants, like in Santa Clara, in 1950!

    [Egon backs the car up and Peter rolls down the window] 

    Peter Venkman : Not funny.

  • Peter Venkman : He did it again! He slimed me in my sleep.

    [Ray, Egon and Winston try holding Peter back] 

    Peter Venkman : Just let me zap him with the proton blaster. Please.

    Egon Spengler : Woah, Peter. Just calm down and ask him why he was sleeping in your bed.

    Peter Venkman : Okay, we'll try it your way. Slimer, come here. Why were you sleeping in my bed?

    [Slimer quickly begins to explain to Peter that his night light burnt out and he didn't want to sleep by himself] 

    Peter Venkman : You mean to tell me that you couldn't sleep in your own bed because your night light burnt out and you didn't want to sleep by yourself? That's great.

  • Winston Zeddemore (I) : Is it over?

    Peter Venkman (I) : No, I think I'm still alive.

  • Peter : [Peter singing in the shower when suddenly Slimer pours out of the faucet above and onto his head]  Slimer! How about some privacy!

  • Peter : If I ever see another bug again it'll be too soon. Like I said before, the world would be better off without them.

    Egon Spengler : That's not true, Peter. The world couldn't survive without insects.

    Ray Stantz : That's right. Our whole eco-system depends on them. So give them a break, all right?

    Peter : But they're all so ugly!

    Winston Zeddemore (I) : Look again, Peter!

    [a brightly colored butterfly lands on Peter's nose] 

    Ray Stantz : You know, I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

    Slimer : Beautiful!

  • Ray Stantz : [Ray has just plowed through a pretzel stand to avoid an oncoming vehicle]  That road hog!

    Peter Venkman (I) : [holding a bag of pretzels]  Nice driving, Ray!

    [then to a stunned Winston] 

    Peter Venkman (I) : Pretzel?

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