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  • Even though it was prerecorded and played on the set for them to lip-sync, yes, it was their voices on the recording. However, in an interview conducted on set with Cinefantastique magazine, Rick Moranis admits that his performances are not made up of one continuous take, but rather the best bits from several takes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For the record, 6 songs have been removed: "You Never Know", "Mushnik and Son", "Closed for Renovations", "Now (It's Just the Gas)", "Call Back In the Morning", and "Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed The Plants)" (reason for DFTP being removed was because the test audience hated the tragic ending and wanted a happy ending, though it is on the soundtrack). One song similar in nature to "You Never Know" entitled "Some Fun Now" was written for the film, which plays when the Doo-Wops are on rooftops. "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" was written for the film too. As a tradition on most revivals of the play, they bring either of those 2 songs in. "The Meek Shall Inherit" was altered- Instead of having Bernstein, Snip, and Luce, they had a bunch of agents swarming him demanding him to accept deals. Note that the song is shortened.

    Orin's death was a bit more comical with "Now (It's Just The Gas)" removed. He laughs himself to death almost completely and asks, "What did I do to you?", to Seymour who replies, "It's not what you did to me. It's what you did to her." Orin goes, "Her? ...oh, her." Then he dies. Audrey's conflict with Audrey II was altered, Audrey II calls Audrey and she over. Plus, The "Sominex" bit is removed from "Suppertime II". Finally, the last 25 minutes are altered. Seymour asks Audrey to marry her, which she accepts and they make plans. Audrey survives Audrey II's chewing her up, and Patrick Martin confronts them both with a deal. So Seymour goes in and "Mean Green Mother" happens, which Seymour successfully kills Audrey II. They then live "Somewhere That's Green", where the last shot pans down to the flowerbed and shows an Audrey II. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The wonderfully freaked-out Musical Horror Comedy from 1986 by Frank Oz was premiered on Blu-ray disc in October 2012. And surprisingly, the Blu-ray disc contains a 10-minute-longer Director's Cut, besides the actual theatrical version of course. Technically, the only difference is an alternate ending in which Audrey gets killed by Audrey II and Seymour gets eaten. Then the plant breaks loose to paint America red. The above-mentioned huge amount of differences results from many tiny scenes from the original ending being used as well which is why a detailed comparison make much more sense than a rough summary of the alternate ending being considered one alternate scene.

    Basically, there are two huge alterations representing almost the entire difference in running time. To emphasize these scenes, they've been marked red. Also not uninteresting is the fact that James Belushi's cameo has been completely removed for the Director's Cut. All the other differences concern the song "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space" which is still in both versions. Basically, it's nothing but fine-tuning (e.g. alternate footage for short scenes with Audrey who died just before in the Director's Cut). Some of these differences make the movie more dramatic, others seem to be purely arbitrary just for the sake of using alternate footage.

    The DC finally looks like the original version as it was shown in the original Broadway musical. Due to negative responses during test screenings, the original final sequence was replaced by the well-known "happy ending" for which a re-shoot was necessary. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Missing in the itv airings are 54 seconds due to 8 cuts, making the movie more politically-correct in an UK sort of way but leaving some change in character motivation come suddenly, without reason. Edit (Coming Soon)


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