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The original VHS theatrical release version from Karl Lorimar Home Video has an additional walking scene in the police station where the lead cop says they took extensive prints at the murder scene, which isn't on the Anchor Bay "theatrical" cut. It also includes the comments on Lector being a psychopath, the comment on Lector's surviving victims, and the extended scene where Will says the Tooth Fairy should be killed even though he probably was abused as a child. The Anchor Bay theatrical version has the added scene with the Realtor (played by Michael Talbott) and the additional hotel scene between Will & his wife. Everything else is the same.
The Hannibal Lecter Collection, that also features Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs, contains the original and complete widescreen theatrical version of the film.
In 1991, to hype up the release of Silence of the Lambs, a heavily-edited version of Manhunter was shown on NBC. It was re titled to it's book: "Red Dragon" with an added tag line: "The Curse of Hannibal Lector." The neon green "Manhunter" at the beginning was changed to a red "Red Dragon" with the same font. It was cut down to fit into a 2 hour time slot with commercials and was edited for swearing and nudity/sex. However despite the extensive cuts, it featured several deleted shots and scenes from the director's cut, including the original ending where Graham visits the family who would have been Dollarhyde's next victims. This version only aired on TV and never saw a home video release.
USA cable network Showtime ran a "Director's Cut" of Manhunter that contained a different version of the ending. It was also a different edit of the film, and ran three minutes longer.
Anchor Bay Entertainment has released a special two-discs DVD edition with two versions of the film. On disc 1, there is a "version" of the Theatrical Edition, running at 121 minutes, in anamorphic 2.35:1 ratio, with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. On Disc 2, there is the "Director's Cut" edition of "Manhunter", running at 124 minutes. It, too, is in anamorphic 2.35:1, but only has a bog-standard Stereo soundtrack. The Director's Cut featured on the second disc of the Anchor Bay DVD features the following additional scenes:
  • After visiting the Leeds house in the beginning of the film, Will takes a pause in watching their home movies and calls his wife and talks to her for a while.
  • A scene with Graham and Dr Chilton just before Graham goes to see Lecter.
  • Additional dialog during Grahams meeting with Lecter concerning how Graham caught Lecter.
  • A scene with Graham telling Crawford that he is bringing his wife and son to town.
  • An alternate ending, in which Graham visits the family that would be next in line for Dollarhyde, but who are now safe, thanks to Graham.
Video versions there is an exchange between Graham and Crawford, missing from both Anchor Bay DVD versions: CRAWFORD: You sympathize with this guy? GRAHAM: As a child, my heart bleeds for him. Someone took a little boy and turned him into a monster. But as an adult... as an adult, he's irredeemable. He butchers whole families to fulfill some sick fantasy. As an adult, I think someone should blow the sick fuck out of his socks.[Turns around in his chair to face Crawford.] Are you uncomfortable with this kind of understanding?[Crawford pivots to put his back against the wall.]" This exchange would take place in Anchor Bay's "Theatrical release" version at about Chapter 25, 1:36:35. Furthermore, the "Director's version" appears to be a near-finished work print, with sloppy titles, and some clumsy sped up and slow motion transitions (when Graham is talking to the Birmingham real estate agent, and when Dolarhyde kidnaps Reba). It also features a visit by Graham to the "next in line" victims after Reba's rescue, that was arguably best left on the cutting room floor.
The new Michael Mann approved "restored director's cut" DVD from Anchor Bay is missing the scene with Graham and Dr. Chilton before Graham goes to talk with Lecktor. In the scene Chilton explains a few rules about Lecktor, and then inquires about how Graham caught Lecktor through his thoughts. It is unknown whether or not director Mann intended for this scene to be left out, or if he couldn't find the film elements. This scene is in the original Anchor Bay director's cut on VHS tape and on the second disc of the Limited Edition set. The earlier director's cut appears to be from tape source elements which Mann put together.
As well as the line about Lecktor being called a psychopath missing from the conversation between Graham and the Police Chief, also missing is an important bit of info regarding Lecktor's history. When the Police Chief says 'He killed nine people didn't he', Graham answers with 'nine that we know of, two didn't die' and the Chief asks, 'What happened to them', then immediately says 'I heard he cut you pretty bad'. However, in the original theatrical version, Graham answers the question, explaining that one is an alcoholic, the other is on a respirator in Baltimore.
The original theatrical version is completely intact on the MGM Video Region 2, NTSC disc. It is available in Japan and France.
Also, the British theatrical, home video/DVD and TV versions, are different to the Theatrical Edition that Anchor Bay has released. Whilst the British versions run at approximately 111 minutes, and are uncut, one scene is missing, that have appeared in the Anchor Bay "Theatrical Edition". It is Chapter 15 (52m 22s to 54m 49s), Will and wife Molly, discuss their love for one another, the case, and their past.
VCD (video CD) version by Panorma Entertaintment is cut to 115 minute
The DVD "theatrical release" version released by Anchor Bay is different from many actual theatrical versions. For example, crucially missing is a comment from Graham when he is at the police station early in the movie. The missing dialogue: Police Chief: "What did the doctors say is wrong with Lector?" Graham: "They call him a psychopath, they don't know what else to call him." It's possible to see a flaw in the film where the Police Chief is about to ask this question, and they cut the edit just as he begins to form the question. In their Director's cut edition, Graham gives this line while at the podium in the police station. Furthermore, the scene which leads into the backyard scene ("That's why houses with big yards"), where Graham talks to the real estate agent inside the house, was not included in the original theatrical release.

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