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Sex & Nudity

  • Peggy Sue says she would be a lot sluttier if she went back to high school.
  • Discussion of which of the high school girls are virgins.
  • Peggy Sue & her boyfriend Charlie are in the car after the prom & Peggy Sue says "oh, Charlie let's make want to have intercourse?... Doesn't lucky Chucky want to come out?... your love machine, your throbbing thrill hammer, your thing... you mean my wang? PS starts giving him a hand job, Charlie isn't ready, they argue & they leave without anything happening.
  • Carol comments "I hear she does more with her mouth than just talk...I've read that the tongue kiss is a means of genital stimulation and has much to commend it."
  • Peggy Sue and Michael have sex after laying down in the grass and kissing, he unbuttons her top.
  • A mother asks her daughter is she knows what a "penis" is and to stay away from it.

Violence & Gore


  • Mild, but present including 1 F word said at the beginning of the film in the 1985 scenes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Peggy Sue smokes cigarettes in a few scenes. She is a "hip chick."
  • Background smoking at the reunion and the lodge.
  • Carol smokes a cigarette in the girls bathroom and later at a party. Michael smokes at the diner with Peggy Sue.
  • Peggy Sue and Michael smoke marijuana in the park. Peggy Sue gets drunk at home one afternoon after school.
  • Carol and Walter cut up cocaine at a high school reunion and then he hands her a joint. Neither are actually seen snorting or smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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