The Worst Witch (TV Movie 1986) Poster

(1986 TV Movie)

Diana Rigg: Miss Constance Hardbroom


  • [repeated line] 

    Miss Hardbroom : MILDRED HUBBLE!

  • Miss Hardbroom : You should be finished by now girls. A laughter potion should be made quickly, in case it's needed in an emergency.

  • Mildred Hubble : Imagine kissing that.

    Maud Warlock : Imagine kissing HB.

    Miss Hardbroom : [appearing from nowhere]  Is that so?

    [the girls shriek] 

    Miss Hardbroom : I would think, after your disastrous performances today, you should be hardly be spreading disgusting gossip about matters which do not concern you.

    Mildred Hubble : Yes Miss Hardbroom.

    Miss Hardbroom : And you had both pay much more attention to your studies, if you ever hope to graduate from this institution. The finest's witching academy in the world.

    Mildred Hubble , Maud Warlock : Yes Miss Hardbroom!

    Miss Hardbroom : Now go back to bed.

    [they dive under the covers] 

    Miss Hardbroom : Pleasant nightmares.

  • [Mildred and Maud have accidentally made themselves invisble] 

    Miss Hardbroom : Have you any idea what you did wrong Mildred?

    Maud Warlock : It was my fault Miss Hardbroom.

    Mildred Hubble : No, it was my fault Miss Hardbroom.

    Miss Hardbroom : I don't care whose fault it was. Sit still until you reappear!

    Mildred Hubble , Maud Warlock : Yes Miss Hardbroom.

    Miss Hardbroom : You Mildred Hubble, will go straight to Miss Cackle's office and explain exactly why you failed your potions test so miserably!

    [claps her hands] 

    Miss Hardbroom : Class dismissed.

  • Miss Hardbroom : I've been quite hard on you, Mildred. But I wouldn't have troubled if I hadn't always thought you had potential.

  • Miss Hardbroom : No textbooks Maud! Either you know it or you don't. You can't fake a potion.

  • [after Mildred falls down on the ground with her broomstick, stands up and sees Miss Hardbroom and Miss Cackle] 

    Mildred Hubble : Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know how what happened.

    Miss Hardbroom : I was a fool to trust you. You abominable child, Mildred. Get out of my sight.

    Mildred Hubble : I know what you're thinking.

    Miss Hardbroom : You are to return to school at once. Go to bed without supper and I'll see you at my office tomorrow at noon. Please, go.

    [Mildred leaves] 

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