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4 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7239
Seeing Ivy unconscious at the foot of the Forrester Mansion steps, Liam calls paramedics. Steffy swears she didn't touch Ivy. Liam doesn't care about these cosmic coincidences that land Ivy in the hospital when Steffy is near Ivy. Quinn tries to cheer up Wyatt and asserts that Ivy was not worthy of her son to begin with. The Fullers wonders what made once-innocent Ivy change heavily over the last couple of months. Then, Pam storms into the office to inform them that Ivy was hospitalized - yet again. With Liam at her side, Ivy reflects on the past months and her ...
5 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7240
Steffy worries about the future of her relationship with Liam. Quinn adds fire to Liam's lingering trust issues with Steffy. Despite his protests, she then pushes Wyatt to be there for Steffy. Pam informs Eric about Ivy's latest accident. At the hospital, Dr. Whittman explains to Ivy that she was very lucky not to suffer any serious injury and will be discharged shortly. Ivy informs Eric that she will return to Australia because she cannot be with Liam and started to become untrue to herself by alienating Wyatt. A surprised Eric tells his niece that he will always ...
6 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7241
The Avants are back from their trip to Hawaii. Sasha soon has another argument with Julius as she cannot understand why her father treats her so poorly considering that she is the model daughter in comparison with transgender Maya and teen-pregnant Nicole. Julius however bluntly tells her that she cannot be part of his family. Carter introduces Zende to Veronica, a sexy marketing executive. Nicole arrives to the scene acting slightly jealous when she spots Zende with Veronica. Ivy is surprised when Liam stands next to her seat after take-off explaining that he slipped...
7 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7242
Rick and Maya discuss Zende's aspiration to get Oliver's old job as photographer. When Nicole is temporarily incapacitated due to morning sickness in a prep shoot with Zende, Sasha steps in. After an awkward start, Zende and Sasha turn out to be a fabulous team. Zende explains to Sasha that Oliver started off as a rookie as well, so they might have a chance to follow his footsteps as Forrester Creations' new talent. Not knowing where Liam is, Steffy wonders if their engagement is off. Steffy then realizes that Wyatt is hurt, too, as his relationship with Ivy just ...
8 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7243
Nicole feels like she let Zende down by walking out on his test shoot, but Rick and Maya try to reassure her. After being skeptical at first, Rick is very impressed by Zende's latest photos from the shoot with Sasha. Zende and Sasha smile at each other while Nicole looks concerned. At Sydney Airport, Ivy thinks it's typical of Steffy to jump to conclusions. Liam realizes that Steffy misunderstood his words assuming her ran off with Ivy and therefore books the next flight home. Ivy professes one last time her love to Liam and he wishes her nothing but the best as well....
11 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7244
Anxious to get back home to L.A., Liam spills all the details on his complicated love life to Howard, the man sitting next to him on the plane. Commiserating with Steffy over their respective flawed and failed relationships, Wyatt realizes that Steffy would have been perfect for him, but out of respect for Liam he agrees that they can be just friends. Following this lengthy talk, they fall asleep on the bed... Liam is shocked to find Steffy in his brother's arms and suffers a dizzy-spell. Seeing how Zende's recent success is due to his chemistry with Sasha, Nicole ...
12 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7245
Liam awakens in Bill's office where he has another dizzy spell. Liam flashes back to seeing Wyatt and Steffy in bed last night. Bill and Katie arrive. They are surprised that he is very tight lipped about his trip to Australia and wants to return to Spencer Publications full time. At the cliff house, Steffy awakens - worried because she hasn't heard from Liam. Eric and Quinn brainstorm about the jewelry line will function with Ivy being in Australia. Wyatt agrees with his mother that they can handle the line without Ivy's support. When Liam and Steffy finally see each...
13 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7246
Katie gushes to Rick how thrilled she is about working side by side with her sister. She completely misses the palpable tension between Brooke and Bill as they work together at Spencer Publications. The former lovers remember happy times they spent together traveling the globe. Suddenly, Bill pulls Brooke into kiss! Seeing how much assistance she was for Zende in his latest photo shoot, Rick encourages Zende and Sasha to do another shoot to find out if they have what it takes to work full-time at Forrester Creations as photographer and model respectively. Nicole fills...
14 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7247
Bill and Brooke embark on a tender kiss and begin to undress... until Brooke wakens Bill from his very vivid daydream! Rick thanks Katie for giving Brooke a huge career opportunity to start fresh at Spencer Publications. Happy for herself and her family, Katie thinks it will be good for everyone. Brooke notices that Bill seems preoccupied but he rebuffs the slightest comment that them working together poses any problem. Nicole confesses to Rick that she feels not comfortable with Sasha working with Zende. Down in the photo studio Sasha and Zende continue to work their...
15 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7248
Bill agrees with Brooke that they must move forwards as friends, and nothing more. Still completely ignorant of Bill and Brooke's reigniting mutual attraction for each another, Katie thinks it was the perfect choice for Brooke to come work at Spencer Publications. Nicole's insecurity gets the best of her as she asks Rick to not make Sasha Forrester Creation's latest model. Later in the sky lounge, Nicole, Carter and Veronica praise Zende for staying with Nicole throughout her pregnancy. A giddy Sasha thanks Rick for the unexpected chance to shine as model. She is ...
18 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7249
Nicole runs into Sasha. When given the opportunity to fess up about her involvement in Rick's change of heart, Nicole keeps mum. Zende vents to Carter and Veronica about Rick's sudden decision that Sasha isn't right to model for them. When he notices Veronica making eyes at Zende while he is knee deep in a complicated relationship with Nicole, Carter voices his opinion that life should be easier at such a young age. Rick advises Nicole to trust Zende. Sasha arrives at Vivienne's and Julius' hotel. Alone with her father, an angry Sasha tells Julius about Nicole's ...
19 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7250
Zende is still stunned by what Sasha told him the day before. Sasha correctly assumes that her best friend felt insecure due to her pregnancy. Nicole is caught off-guard when Zende and Sasha confront her about her conversation with Rick. She realizes that her actions were unfounded and unfair and promises to get Sasha the modeling job. Quinn is thrilled to hear that Wyatt and Steffy have gotten a lot closer with Liam being missing in action. Shocked to find him packing his stuff at Forrester Creations, Steffy tries to change Liam's mind. When Wyatt walks in, Liam is ...
20 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7251
Quinn is elated to hear that Liam might leave Steffy because she thinks the girl would be perfect for her son. Wyatt on the other hand is surprised when his mother reveals that she and Deacon have separated and that her husband is currently in Europe with Hope. Steffy desperately tells Liam that they've come too far just to end things. Unaware of the real reason behind his decision, Steffy's words inadvertently drive Liam away even further. Liam claims that he cannot Steffy anymore. Bill, Katie, and Brooke get used to working together side-by-side at Spencer ...
21 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7252
Bill, Katie and Brooke speculate about why Liam would fly to Australia and back given that he and Steffy seemed so close. Bill thinks Liam would be a fool to damage the good thing he has with Steffy. Wyatt becomes a support system for Steffy as she refuses to give up hope for reconciliation between her and Liam. In the Forrester Creations parking lot, Quinn kicks at the unconscious Liam's feet, but he doesn't respond. She kneels down next to him, picks up his keys and him in the car and drives off! Still trying to keep his distance from Brooke, Bill has another ...
22 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7253
Quinn is in over her head as she tries to spur her son's relationship to Steffy while concealing the huge secret that she is taking care of Liam at her cabin. When he briefly wakes up, Quinn realizes that Liam is amnesiac! At the cliff house, Wyatt comforts Steffy, who's distraught over Liam's text that he's not coming. Wyatt assists Steffy in keeping her mind off of Liam by teaching her a special skill: surfing! Bill and Brooke fight their mutual desire for one another. After yet another vivid daydream Bill confesses to Brooke that their attraction is still mutual.
25 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7254
Quinn is stunned when Liam kisses her hand, thankful that she is taking care of him. She wonders if his passing out in front of her was fate's way of giving Wyatt and Steffy time together because those two belong together. In Malibu, Wyatt and Steffy bond on the beach and share a kiss. Steffy is thankful that Wyatt is taking her mind off her worries about Liam. Katie tells Eric that, so far, Brooke working at Spencer has been a brilliant idea. Little does Katie know that across town, Brooke sternly tells Bill that they cannot act on their feelings. Just as Brooke ...
26 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7255
Wyatt and Steffy commiserate over being dumped and left hanging by their respective lovers. At Quinn's cabin, Liam continues to sleep. Quinn receives a call from Ivy who wants to know if Liam came home safely. Quinn has different things on her mind than to talk with her former co-worker and puts her plot with Liam into full gear: she sends Steffy a break up text from Liam's phone! Katie, who has run off to Liam's office, collapses under the weight of Brooke and Bill's most recent betrayal. Meanwhile Brooke and Bill agree that they will never hurt Katie again.
27 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7256
Steffy is speechless that Liam would break off with her with a simple text message. Wyatt offers her his support. A worried Brooke finds a shaken Katie in Liam's office. She wants to call a doctor, but Katie has had it with her sister. Katie physically attacks Brooke during a very heated argument as Katie accuses her sister of trying to steal her husband once more. Quinn uses Liam's current condition to her advantage encouraging Wyatt to win over Steffy while Liam is taken good care of in her cabin. Caroline shows Bill her mother Danielle's new novel and they discuss ...
28 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7257
Steffy remembers happy times with Liam and sighs. Wyatt then gives Steffy a surprising gift: a motor cycle. He encourages Steffy her to face her fears and get on with her life. Quinn tells the weak and amnesiac Liam to keep his rest to get better soon. Eric consoles Brooke who believes that she has lost her sister forever. Eric thinks once Katie calms down, she'll realize Brooke was putting Katie and her family first. Katie makes it perfectly clear to Bill that if their marriage shall survive they must cut Brooke out of their lives for good.
29 Jan. 2016
Episode #1.7258
Eric pays a visit to Bill to discuss the ramifications of Brooke and Katie's current crisis. Katie faces off with Brooke again. Brooke is inconsolable that Katie feels nothing more but anger towards her. In her Topanga cabin, Quinn covers when Liam can't stop thinking that he's forgetting someone who needs him. She feels uneasy when Liam gives his guardian angel a kiss on the cheek. With help from Wyatt, Steffy steps onto a motor cycle for the first since she lost her baby. Steffy is filled with adrenaline as Wyatt encourages her to let go of her relationship with ...
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S1, Ep7259
1 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7259
On a rare visit to the office, Quinn urges Wyatt to make his move with Steffy before Liam is back in the picture, but Wyatt is happy with how things are moving along. Assuming that his sister is involved with someone new, Thomas isn't too pleased when he learns that Steffy has been spending time with Wyatt. Realizing Thomas' disapproval, Wyatt is determined to prove that his main priority is to make Steffy happy. Quinn is conflicted about her stance towards Liam due to their past interactions versus his current state.
2 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7260
Eric informs Rick and Maya that Brooke is returning to Forrester Creations. Rick is curious as to why she has left Spencer Publications so sudden. A still-fuming Katie has a difficult time letting go of Brooke's betrayal. When Bill tries to defend her sister, Katie gets even angrier. When Julius makes another attempt to talk Sasha into returning to Chicago, she informs him that her new modeling job prevents her from doing so. Zende's repeated attempts to become intimate with Nicole again come to a screeching halt when she suggests that they wait until after the baby ...
3 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7261
Rick, Maya and Nicole watch Sasha's latest photo shoot with Zende. Sasha, still reeling from Nicole's betrayal and Julius' rejection, decides to move forward by taking advantage of an evening alone with Zende to offer him something that Nicole isn't giving him. Nicole opens up to Maya on a deeper level about why having Sasha around makes her feel insecure. Knowing how guilty Brooke feels because of Katie, Eric assures her that she is innocent of any wrongdoing. Bill turns to Brooke for assistance in dealing with Katie's recent change of attitude. Alone at home, Katie ...
4 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7262
Eric, Brooke, Rick, Maya and Nicole celebrate the upcoming addition to the family at Il Giardino. Zende is faced with temptation as Sasha offers to have a physical relationship with no strings attached. The internal anger that she harbors towards Brooke causes Katie to act in a way she once condemned Bill for as she seeks solace in Whiskey. Steffy and Wyatt contemplate Liam's whereabouts and why he left so abruptly. Still desperate to keep Liam away from Steffy, Quinn scrambles to give him answers to his many questions. Feeling ambushed, she tells Liam her name is Eve...
5 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7263
Bill tries to convince Katie that Brooke's confession has no effect on their marriage. Liam is plagued with many questions while Quinn deliberately gives a very fake version of their past interactions. Liam kisses her again. This time, Quinn responds, and the kiss grows more passionate. Steffy is swept off her feet by Wyatt's charm during a day of fun and sun on the beach.
8 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7264
Quinn confesses a long-buried secret from her childhood to Liam. Not knowing that he and Quinn are not actually married, Liam takes a wrong clue and assumes that her mother's rejection is the reason why he and "Eve" have no children. Bill and Katie are surprised to find out that Quinn and Deacon have separated. Quinn is shocked when Deacon shows up at the cabin. She hands him some money and tells him to go. That's when Deacon notices Liam lying in Quinn's bed! A glum Steffy sits on the beach and wonders where Liam is before heading back to Wyatt's beach house. Steffy ...
9 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7265
At the cabin, Deacon orders a defiant Quinn to tell him why Liam is there. When Quinn explains that Liam had an accident and took care of him, Deacon warns her that her dangerous game will backfire. He signs the annulment paper, wishes her good luck and leaves. Later, Liam thanks "Eve" once again for being on his side. Steffy tells a stunned Thomas that Wyatt has been very supportive of and that they have grown closer. She is still wondering where Liam is and gives him another call. While Caroline thinks Wyatt and Steffy can be great together, she asks Wyatt to be ...
10 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7266
Liam notices that Quinn seems preoccupied because of phone call she's been receiving. Mistaking Steffy's call to reach him for prank calls, he offers to stand up for his "wife". This gives Quinn a flawless solution to Steffy's need to hear from Liam personally that they are over... Caroline questions Thomas' disapproval of Steffy and her relationships with the Spencer brothers. Later, Quinn arrives at Forrester Creations and is happy to see Wyatt with Steffy. Once they leave the office for a meeting, Quinn grabs Steffy's cell phone: she then gives Steffy a call from ...
11 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7267
Ecstatic that Liam finally called her, Steffy is shocked to hear his voice mail message in which he calls it quits. Wyatt comforts a heartbroken Steffy. Back at the cabin, Quinn advises Liam not to pressure himself and just let his brain heal at its own pace. Thomas apologizes to Caroline for his arrogant behavior last fall and is glad that their tryst had no follow-up. Caroline is surprised that Thomas wants to settle and is looking to start a family of his own. Then, she goes into labor!
12 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7268
Quinn is thrilled that her plan worked. She cooks Liam dinner who is frustrated that nothing, not even his marriage, sparks any memories. Despite her protests, Thomas brings Caroline to the hospital. Dr. Burchfield explains that Caroline had Braxton Hicks contractions, which are shorter and less frequent than the contractions she'll have when she gives birth. They are relieved that the baby is perfectly fine and the doctor accidentally reveals the sex of the baby: a boy. Elsewhere, Cupid strikes as both Wyatt and Steffy and the unlikely pairing of Liam and Quinn take ...
15 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7269
Wyatt and Steffy are happy after their passionate Valentine's Day. At the cabin, Liam can't understand why he is sad after such an incredible evening. Quinn muses that it was new for both of them; she thought she knew everything about him, but since he woke after his fall, he's been nothing but surprising. Thomas is at Caroline's side when the baby kicks. Brooke is surprised that Katie is following up on her latest peace offering, an invitation for dinner with Bill. The evening goes along rather smoothly until Katie finds one of Brooke's photo albums - solely ...
16 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7270
Eric and Rick catch up with Bridget who explains that she left her son Logan in New York with Owen and Jackie. When Brooke's return to Forrester is brought up, Bridget correctly assumes it had to with her mother's feelings for Bill. Swallowing another glass of Scotch, Katie feels the need to stake her claims with Brooke. Not mincing any words, she tells her sister that she is going to watch her any step next to Bill. Thomas raves about how amazing it was to feel his little half-brother kick. Caroline can't find the right words to express how excited she is. Later, ...
17 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7271
Bridget lends a supportive ear as Brooke confides in her about her feelings for Bill and her fallout with Katie. After playing with his son, Bill finds Katie passed out in the living room reeking of alcohol. Rick and Maya eagerly plan for their baby's nursery as the birth of their first child is nearing. Katie's aggression towards Brooke starts to be a toll on her marriage as Bill is holding back when she wants to make love. She calls her doctor for an appointment to discuss her current fallback into depression.
18 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7272
Caroline welcomes Ridge home from his extended business trip with a kiss. As they make preparations for a lavish Cocktail party at the Forrester Mansion for some buyers, Caroline notices a pivotal change in the living room: Stephanie's portrait is back up on the wall! Maya and Brooke look on as Rick teases Bridget about a childhood memory. When Ridge's return is brought up, Bridget notices that the tensions between Ridge and her brother are as big as ever. Rick fumes when he comes home noticing that Ridge has removed Maya's portrait. Even though, Ridge claims it's ...
19 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7273
Wyatt is looking for Liam at Spencer Publications. He only finds Katie there who is sipping another glass of scotch troubled by the fact that Bill is seeing her sister right now. As the party at the Forrester Mansion gets into full swing, guests fondly reminisce about Stephanie. Ridge feels validated that despite Rick's attempts to ignore the glorious past of the family, Stephanie's presence is still felt. He tells Eric that the portrait on the wall means a lot to all of Stephanie's children as it used to be the family home. After another chat with Bridget, Rick and ...
22 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7274
Rick is furious when Eric sides with Ridge and agrees that Stephanie's portrait should remain on the wall as this was her home for decades. Despite Maya saying that she is okay with his, Rick shouts that he is going to leave in this house any longer and storms out. Katie feels lied to even though Bill claims that he called Brooke and that their only concern is Katie. With Brooke gone Katie takes another drink and Bill tries to reassure his wife. Ridge suggests that he and Caroline move into the Forrester Mansion when Eric mentions that he feels happy in the guest ...
23 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7275
Wyatt explains to Steffy that he has not seen his mother's new place yet. A while later, Quinn is stunned to see her son standing in the door of her cabin. Nervous that he might find Liam, Quinn tries to cut Wyatt's visit short. Wyatt is surprised by his mother's rather girly clothing style and that she is sharing her house with a new man. He wants to meet him... Eric is surprised that Ridge and Caroline have already settled in at the mansion. Maya attempts to comfort Rick, who is furious about being displaced by Ridge when he finds out Ridge took his words for real ...
24 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7276
Ridge is happy when Steffy agrees to move in with him, Caroline, Thomas and the soon-to-arrive baby brother. Steffy also confides in Ridge about her feelings for Wyatt and her need for closure with Liam. Rick and Maya tell Brooke, Nicole and Zende that Ridge and Caroline have moved into the Forrester Mansion. Brooke generously offers all of them to move in with her. When Rick, Maya and Nicole are all smiles about living under the same roof with the newest family member to be born in a few weeks, Zende's issue with Nicole's pregnancy resurfaces and he opts against ...
25 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7277
Quinn storms into the cabin picking up her phone from Liam to answer Steffy's call. Steffy realizes that she had Quinn's new lover on the phone. Wyatt is surprised to hear that his mother's new boyfriend sounded rather young - as this didn't use to be Quinn's type before. Liam is keen to jog his memory and urges Quinn to show him pictures or let him meet with mutual friends. Zende sets up a special date for Nicole. She feels deeply flattered, but the evening takes an unexpected turn... Back at the cabin, Deacon pays Quinn another visit and is surprised that Liam is ...
26 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7278
Zende and Nicole hit a pivotal point in their relationship as he confesses that after some extended soul searching, it dawned him that he cannot live with her giving birth to her sister's child and them living under the same roof. A heart-broken Nicole realizes that it's over. At Forrester Creations, Steffy worries that Quinn is late with the signature necklace. Wyatt reassures her, even though it's not like Quinn to run late. Deacon gives Quinn a reality check after he finds out that not only is she sleeping with Liam but also hoping that all of these crazy ...
29 Feb. 2016
Episode #1.7279
Rick and Maya find a glum Nicole alone in Brooke's kitchen and learn that she and Zende broke up. During a late night impromptu fashion shoot, Sasha notices that Zende is preoccupied. He avoids any further conversation and heads home. Sasha follows him and offers herself as a distraction... Wyatt impatiently awaits Steffy's answer to his proposal. Feeling honored by his devotion, Steffy accepts the new ring on her finger and they move to the bedroom. At the cabin, Liam wonders why Quinn seems so surprised that she told him she loves him. Quinn says that everything ...
1 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7280
Liam unsuccessfully searches for answers on the internet regarding his past. Not even an "Eye on Fashion" ad triggers any memories, though. Wyatt informs Bill, Katie and Quinn that Steffy accepted his proposal. He is surprised that his mother reacts rather unexcited to the news. At Forrester Creations, Caroline feels the baby kick while meeting with Ridge and Thomas. Steffy arrives and announces her surprising engagement and that she will move out of the Forrester Mansion shortly. When Quinn finds an urgent message from Bill on Liam's cell phone, she texts back that ...
2 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7281
Ridge congratulates Wyatt and Steffy on their engagement. Wyatt considers pursuing a different career goal now that his personal life is on the upswing and Steffy encourages him to follow his dream. Bill informs Katie that he is furious with Liam for sending him a mere text following his call the other day. He considers to bring Wyatt into the family business though as Katie is pulling double duties in the company with Liam gone. At the cabin, Quinn finds Liam in bed, wracked with pain from his headaches, and goes to get him some medicine. Deacon arrives bearing some ...
3 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7282
Brooke admits to Bill that she wants to be there for Katie as a sister but fears she might overstep. Bill concurs that he is unsure what to do, too. Katie takes a proactive step to deal with her anger towards Brooke and seeks counseling from her psychiatrist Dr. Hayden. Later, Bill gets home, and Katie serves him and Will dinner. When Katie does not want to talk about her therapy session, Bill voices his concern that Katie seems to be drinking heavily recently and her behavior is taking a serious toll on their marriage. Katie sobs that this isn't just her imagining ...
4 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7283
Maya tries to console Nicole, but she feels like Zende was being honest in wanting to end things. Zende pulls back from vampish Sasha. When Zende explains that he isn't emotionally available just yet, Sasha makes it clear that this does not matter to her. She undresses herself as they kiss and fall into bed... In Bel Air, Bill explains to Katie that he is afraid of losing her again. Katie vows not to let that happen. Rick blames Bill for making Katie feel insecure, but Brooke assures him that Katie's crisis isn't Bill's fault. Brooke goes to see Katie and the sisters ...
7 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7284
Heavily pregnant Caroline decides to stay home for the day. Thomas is right by her side when the contractions begin. A discussion about business turns personal between Ridge and Rick just as Thomas call to inform his father that Caroline is in labor. Rick confides his frustrations in Eric. He accuses Ridge of constantly playing wicked games and not being a proper Forrester. Eric ignores these remarks, happy that yet another Forrester grandchild is about to be born. Ridge alongside Joanne and Lois, the doula and midwife, arrive at the Forrester Mansion. Caroline and ...
8 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7285
Rick informs Brooke that Caroline is in labor. Brooke then unintentionally supplies him with the surprising information that Caroline's pregnancy was a miracle after Ridge just barely had had his vasectomy reversed. Rick takes it as proof of Ridge's character that he hadn't told Caroline upfront about his vasectomy. At the Forrester mansion, Ridge, the midwife and the doula support Caroline as she has contractions. Ridge holds Caroline's hand gently as the baby boy is born in a water-birth. Downstairs, Thomas, Eric, Steffy, Wyatt, Bill and Katie anxiously await the ...
9 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7286
Ridge and Caroline bask in the joyous sight of their new-born son. Downstairs, Eric and Thomas bring out a box of baby stuff from the childhoods of Eric and Stephanie's kids. Bill encourages Wyatt to start a family of his own. Ridge comes down delivering the happy news that both mother and son are well. Thomas is taken aback when Ridge takes Steffy and Eric upstairs to meet the baby, but asks him to stay back. Rick is still seething that Ridge had a vasectomy and kept this information from his wife. Brooke supposes that Ridge's determination won out to give him and ...
10 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7287
Liam gets frustrated by his inability to remember. Quinn shows him the photo albums Deacon came up with, but this - naturally - does not trigger any memories, either. Stressing how grateful she is to share this space and time with him, Quinn tells "Adam" to relax. She thinks they should simply create new memories and forget about the past altogether... They kiss. Steffy gets some fatherly advice and comfort from Ridge about Liam. Ridge and Caroline realize they cannot keep Thomas any longer from meeting the baby. When Thomas mentions that he is going to be the best ...
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S1, Ep7288
11 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7288
Deacon and Quinn meet with a doctor to learn about the probabilities of Liam getting his memory back. Dr. Leeds explains that without an examination he can only guess, but based on the time-line, he believes the memory loss could be permanent. Wyatt and Steffy have a heart-to-heart talk about Liam and his disappearance. They are surprised when divorcees Deacon and Quinn arrive asking about their wedding plans. Alone, Deacon reminds Quinn of the risks if Liam does get his memory back. He advises her to move forward and come clean with Bill or otherwise she might end up...
14 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7289
Deacon is stunned by Quinn's sudden mood swing and shocked by her diabolical plan to push Liam off a cliff during one of his hikes. A plan in which Quinn has already assigned him an integral part of! Wyatt is ready to fill Liam's shoes in a business capacity when Bill asks him to join Spencer Publications full-time. Wyatt calls his mother to inform him of his new job and she is thrilled that everything is working out perfectly. Steffy defends her relationship with Wyatt to a doubting Thomas when he calls her out on her lingering feelings for Liam. Liam is completely ...
15 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7290
Steffy is surprised when Ivy stop by at Forrester Creations on a trip with her father. Amidst an argument with Ivy, an infuriated Steffy realizes that Liam is not in Australia after all. Mentored by his father, Wyatt goes out of his way to prove to Bill that he is nothing like Liam and is more than qualified to take his brother's place. Bill admits that he has a new appreciation for Wyatt after Liam threw away both Steffy and his job to go find himself at some retreat. Apprehensive about being an accessory to Quinn's scheme, Deacon makes a last ditch effort to talk ...
16 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7291
Steffy tells Thomas that, even though she's moving on with Wyatt, she'll always worry about Liam because of the feelings they shared. She decides to call Liam's ex Hope in Italy but she, too, hasn't heard from Liam. Impressed by Wyatt's first actions at Spencer Publications, Bill changes his stance towards his son's corporate abilities and his relationship with Steffy. At the cliff in Malibu, Deacon gives Quinn another call frantically trying to talk her out of her evil scheme. Desperate to ensure that her future does not include a prison sentence, Quinn takes extreme...
21 Mar. 2016
Episode #1.7292
Quinn gasps as she looks over the edge and watches as Deacon splashes into the water. She runs down the trail and almost crashes into Liam, on his way back with her asthma inhaler. Liam notices that his "wife" is sha