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S1, Ep7494
2 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7494
Quinn is feeling immense guilt for her recent flirtation with Ridge, especially after learning about Eric's attempt to get Steffy and Wyatt back together. In Malibu, Steffy and Liam debate about Eric's interference in their relationship. She insists she loves Liam. He is deeply disappointed in her decision to move out for the time being. When Brooke asks Ridge about the status of his plan against Quinn, he stays mum but promises her that there will be an unexpected twist to his scheme. Later, Ridge takes a call from Liam who is desperate to take action against Quinn. ...
3 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7495
Ridge continues to work his charm on Quinn who is completely flustered. Katie enters and is suspicious as to why the two sworn enemies appear so chummy. Liam confronts Wyatt about Quinn's deceptive maneuvers. Wyatt denies that his mother put Eric up to it. Wyatt then leaves to offer Steffy to move back into the Beach House which she declines. Liam updates Ridge on Eric and Quinn convincing Steffy to move out of his home. Ridge vows to bring down Quinn soon.
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S1, Ep7496
4 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7496
Steffy explains to Eric that she is still not convinced that moving out of Liam's was the right decision. Eric agrees; he wants his granddaughter to live at the Forrester Mansion alongside Wyatt. Steffy is stunned. Protective of her Uncle Eric, Ivy confronts Quinn about her interaction with Ridge in the steam room. Quinn assures Ivy that she is fully committed to her marriage. Ivy urges Quinn to stop flirting with Ridge as she fears that he might have a secret agenda. Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Liam wants more information on how exactly Ridge plans to get rid ...
5 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7497
Ridge pays a visit to Eric and attempts to get him to reconsider making Steffy the CEO of Forrester Creations. When Ridge candidly asks if being overlooked is a punishment on Quinn's orders, Eric has had enough of his son badmouthing his wife and tells him to leave. Quinn is caught off-guard when Ivy again mentions the steam room incident. Quinn insists that Ivy should not doubt her loyalty to Eric; yet a while later Quinn is having flashbacks of her recent intimate encounters with Ridge. Wyatt and Nicole bust in on Liam and Steffy sharing a kiss in her office. Liam ...
6 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7498
Wyatt enthuses about the great feedback Steffy is receiving on social media as a result of the new marketing campaign. Frustrated that he is losing Steffy as each day passes, Liam pressures Ridge to act on his plan to get Quinn out of their lives. At the Forrester Mansion, Quinn and Eric marvel at the prospect of Steffy moving into the house and getting back together with her husband. Right on cue, Wyatt and Steffy arrive for a business meeting. Then, Wyatt makes a presentation to Steffy about creating her own brand "Steffy of Beverly Hills". Steffy is speechless by ...
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S1, Ep7499
9 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7499
Ridge tells Liam that he will have to be patient, but there will the perfect moment to bring down and expose Quinn to Eric for the woman she really is. Brooke and R.J. chat in her kitchen about waiting to get married until Quinn is out of their lives. R.J. would prefer for his parents to marry sooner. Later, Brooke announces to Ridge that she is going to Italy to see Hope for a few days. Wyatt, Quinn and Eric press Steffy to move into the Mansion with them. Steffy reiterates that she is committed to Liam and will be moving back in with him after the divorce is final. ...
10 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7500
Liam is concerned that Steffy will not be able to withstand the family's aggressive tactics to buy into her affection. Steffy tries to reassure him. Over at the Forrester Mansion, Wyatt is not too sold on Quinn's words of encouragement that Steffy will eventually change her mind and decides to drink some Tequila with his mother to soothe the pain. Ridge strategically sidesteps Brooke's questioning about what exactly his plans are to get rid of Quinn. Instead, he assures Brooke that when she returns from her trip, Quinn will be gone and they can finally be married.
11 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7501
Bill and Katie play nice for the sake of Will as she prods him on the current status of life and his relationship with Brooke. With Brooke going to visit Hope, R.J. is disappointed that Ridge will not join his mother there and have a romantic wedding in Italy. Ridge cites work as the reason why he has to stay in Los Angeles. Later, Bill pays Brooke a visit and expresses that he is willing to make the commitment Ridge is shirking from. Brooke feels flattered, yet leaves for the airport without giving Bill the answer he was hoping for. Wyatt teases Quinn about her ...
12 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7502
Ridge is presented with an opportune moment to exact his plan when Eric unexpectedly sends him and Quinn to San Francisco for a design symposium. They protest, but Eric insists that they have to find a modus vivendi to get along better. Liam and Wyatt bicker about Steffy's living arrangements. Ridge reassures Liam that he will bring down Quinn and, soon after, calls the hotel to cancel one of the rooms for him and Quinn - Thomas returns from his extended trip explaining that Caroline and Douglas are still in New York. He is hit harsh by reality that his younger sister...
13 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7503
Quinn is emotionally touched by the accolades that Ridge is publicly making of her during the design symposium. Back at the hotel, Quinn is upset that they were only given one room, but Ridge shrugs it off. Ridge produces a bottle of tequila. They agree that they still despise one another, yet toast to their success. Quinn remarks on Eric's wisdom in insisting on this trip. At his loft, Thomas is surprised to find out that Steffy is back to being his flatmate. She fills Thomas in on everything that has been going on in her life while he was away. After reciting how ...
16 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7504
Ridge boldly admits to Quinn that he was willing do whatever it takes to get her out of their lives and planned to provide evidence to Eric of her unfaithfulness. Quinn is hurt and tells Ridge to leave. At the Forrester Mansion, Eric and Wyatt compare notes on Quinn and Ridge's successful symposium. Katie stops by and is surprised to hear that they unsuccessfully pleaded with Steffy to move in. She thinks that Wyatt should prepare himself for the sad truth that his marriage might not be salvageable. In Venice Beach, Steffy and Liam commiserate about the continued ...
17 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7505
Katie is concerned about being alone with Eric while Quinn's out of town. He reassures his neighbor that Quinn trusts him as much as he trusts her. They joke about Ridge and Quinn being in San Francisco. Eric is hoping for some sort of breakthrough. Meanwhile, Ridge ignores Quinn's plea to leave. Loosened up by alcohol, Quinn decides to give Ridge some insight into her life. Quinn opens up about feeling disrespected and used repeatedly. Therefore, she was deeply hurt by Ridge's plan to abuse her insecurities. Quinn explains that Eric is the first man who genuinely ...
18 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7506
Wyatt presents Steffy and Thomas with extremely positive feedback on the new "Sexy CEO"-campaign. Quinn and Ridge are back in Los Angeles, yet they feel vulnerable after the interaction they shared the night before. During a staff meeting, Steffy, Thomas and Wyatt are surprised that Ridge seems to have undergone a dramatic shift in his opinion towards Quinn. Once alone, Quinn confronts Ridge about whether he will tell Eric what happened between them in San Francisco. Ridge remarks that he knows her better now and will not say anything to his dad. Eric and Katie wonder...
19 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7507
Ridge and Quinn form a pact to keep their kiss a secret, yet they are both haunted by memories of this unexpected moment. Wyatt explains to Eric that it was wrong to pressure Steffy. He still thinks that he is the right man for Steffy, but if she will not see it that way, so be it. Quinn embraces Eric upon her arrival at home. Eric announces that Wyatt moved back to his house and is set to accept the end of his marriage. Quinn is sad to hear that. Liam issues Steffy an ultimatum and gets frustrated, when right on cue, she receives a call from Wyatt and agrees to meet ...
23 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7508
Steffy becomes confused when Carter arrives at the Beach House. Wyatt presents divorce papers to Steffy which the lawyer had drawn up. Steffy is touched that Wyatt is giving up on their marriage despite his obvious feelings for her. To underline that he is willing to let Steffy go, both he and Steffy then undergo skin laser treatment to remove their wedding band tattoos. Meanwhile, a frustrated Liam shares with Bill the ultimatum that he issued to Steffy. At Forrester Creations, Pam is curious as to why Ridge and Brooke have not set a wedding date yet. Ridge is unsure...
24 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7509
Bill tries to reassure Liam who has had enough and decides to take the private jet to get some distance to his complicated love life with Steffy. At the Beach House, Wyatt and Steffy reflect on the happy times they shared before the former spouses part ways. Steffy then learns from Bill that Liam is following up on his ultimatum. Steffy rushes to the airport where she and Liam share a happy reunion realizing they have finally overcome all obstacles preventing them from being together. Both having a difficult time with their conflicting feelings for each other, Ridge ...
25 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7510
Wyatt updates Quinn and Eric that his divorce is finalized; he loves Steffy but cannot force her to feel the same. He thanks Quinn and Eric for being his stellar example of a solid relationship. Later, Quinn stuns Eric that she thinks that they have been too harsh on Ridge and that he and Steffy should be Co-CEOs of the company. At Forrester Creations, Ridge also sports a completely new perspective by sharing nothing but praises about Quinn's latest jewelry designs. Rick, Thomas, Nicole, Pam and Charlie hardly believe their ears. When questioned about his sudden ...
26 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7511
Eric reads in the newspaper about the old Spectra building being demolished which prompts him to take a stroll down memory lane and to reflect on his long and complex relationship with the great Sally Spectra. Katie arrives and is very surprised when she learns about Quinn and Ridge's sudden friendship. Meanwhile, Quinn informs Ridge about her proposition to Eric. Ridge is touched by Quinn's gesture. Later, Ridge pays his father a cordial visit just before Eric leaves on a short trip to Genoa City while Quinn flashes back to a tender moment with Ridge. As Steffy ...
27 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7512
Quinn is surprised to be greeted by Ridge when she returns home. In the kitchen, Katie brings Pam baking goods as she wants to prepare some lemon bars for Eric upon his return from Genoa City. Katie and Pam then discuss Quinn's unexpected proposal to appoint Ridge Co-CEO of the company. Grateful for Quinn's ingenious idea which might also repair his relationship with Eric, Ridge toasts his stepmother just as a stunned Katie walks in on his celebratory moment. At Forrester Creations, Rick teases Steffy about her leadership role and encourages her to elope with Liam as ...
30 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7513
Katie is stunned to walk in on Quinn and Ridge acting buoyantly in the Forrester Mansion. They quickly cover and explain how Ridge may soon share the CEO-position at Forrester Creations with Steffy. When Katie begins to question her sudden change of heart in regards to her step-son, Quinn has had enough of her neighbor's nosiness and backs out. Quinn listens in on Katie's ongoing conversation with Ridge from upstairs, though. After Katie exits, Quinn imagines going downstairs in a silk robe and kissing Ridge passionately. As she snaps out of her vivid fantasy ...
31 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.7514
At Il Giardino, Zende confides in Thomas that while he was away he realized that he wants his future to be with Nicole. Thomas admits that he has been doing some soul searching too; and voices his unhappiness about Steffy being chosen as CEO. When Zende leaves, Thomas continues to share his woes with a spunky red-headed stranger at the bar who introduces herself as Sally Spectra. Eric fills Quinn and Ridge in on his trip to Genoa City. He then wants to discuss what he and Ridge touched on before: the CEO chair at the company. Ridge happily accepts Eric's offer; ...
1 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7515
Sally Spectra receives a call from her great aunt of the same name who urges to save the Spectra Fashion building from demolition. With this instruction, Sally and her grandmother Shirley head over to the old warehouse. Despite the dilapidated state, Sally exclaims that she can still feel the old Spectra spirit. Young Sally intends to revive the magic even though Shirley warns her that it might be a lost cause. Then, Sally's son C.J. Garrison arrives who also fears that recreating Spectra Fashion will turn out to be a failure. They share some memories of the good old ...
2 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7516
Brooke returns from her trip to Europe and is stunned to find out that, instead of her ouster from Forrester Creations and their lives, Quinn made Ridge Co-CEO of the company. Ridge attempts to distract Brooke with a kiss when she asks why Quinn would want this. Steffy assures her grandfather that she is excited about working with her father, but also questions Quinn's motive. Quinn stammers that she did this for Eric to bring the family together. Thomas, Rick, Maya, Zende, Nicole and Pam then assemble in the boardroom where Eric announces Ridge's triumphant return as...
3 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7517
Sally and Shirley begin interviewing prospective tailors for the relaunched Spectra Fashion. After some duds, a young man called Saul Feinberg walks into the office explaining that his grandfather of the name used to work there back in the day. Thrilled how fate is putting together the pieces, Sally is optimistic that Spectra will become a great success. Thomas, Rick and Maya are still miffed about Eric's decision to let Ridge and Steffy run Forrester Creations. Pam is surprised by their indignation as the company is still safely in the family's and not Quinn's hands....
6 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7518
Thomas is surprised to run into Sally once more at Il Giardino and learns that not only is she carrying the Spectra name, but also wants to follow her namesake's big shoes in the fashion world. After a quick look at some of her design work, he seems not convinced that she will be able to. Quinn and Ridge are put on the spot when Brooke confronts them about what secret they have been hiding from her. Ridge covers by lying that Quinn is creating a piece of jewelry just for their wedding. Alone with Ridge, Quinn later asserts him that Eric means the world to her and that...
7 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7519
Put off by Thomas' sudden chilly attitude towards her, Steffy confronts her brother about his feelings regarding her being appointed CEO. Pam interrupts and shows them Sally Spectra's impromptu press conference on TV. Despite only one reporter covering the relaunch of Spectra Fashion and the event far from being a success, Sally keeps up a bold face. Liam talks to Ivy about marrying Steffy. Ivy then suggests to Liam to marry in her home country Australia - and even better in a double ceremony with Ridge and Brooke. To underline that she is no longer harboring any bad ...
8 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7520
Bill is upset with C.J. Garrison for backing out of the deal to sell him the old Spectra building. C.J. fills Bill in on his cousin and that in six months' time he will likely be able to sell the property. At Spectra Fashion, Saul complains to Sally about the unworkable state of the sewing machines. Sally informs him and Shirley that they have a higher priority aim and that is to make a name for themselves in the business. Wyatt submits his resignation to Steffy who thanks him for all his support. He then heads over to Spencer Publications and asks Bill for his old ...
9 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7521
Sally, Saul and Shirley rejoice that footage of the food fight has been posted online. As the number of hits increases tremendously, Sally is thrilled that her idea has been working and that Spectra Fashion is receiving media coverage that money cannot buy. The arrival of an "Eye on Fashion"-reporter seems to prove her right. Therefore, Sally shrugs off Saul's concern that they have to make beautiful dresses, too, to make it in this business. Then, a girl named Darlita stops by who Saul thinks would make a great assistant to Sally. Zende is flirting with Nicole as ...
10 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7522
Zende tells Rick and R.J. that he is optimistic about slowly winning back Nicole's trust. In the photo studio, Maya assists Nicole with preparations for a supposed period costume photo shoot with Zende. Maya advises her sister that forgiveness sometimes is necessary. When Nicole walks out to the entrance area of Forrester Creations, the family watches from behind as Zende arrives in a horse carriage also in a period costume. He steps out and then proposes to Nicole who happily accepts this time around. Thomas is amused by Steffy's fury over Sally Spectra's antics. ...
13 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7523
Zende relates the story of proposing to Nicole to Eric, Thomas, R.J. and Rick. He asks Rick to be his best man and Eric agrees to have the wedding take place at the Mansion. The happy news causes Thomas to think of his kiss with Sally earlier and, over at Spectra Fashion, Sally is also still distracted by this intimate encounter with the handsome designer. Sally then informs Saul and Darlita that there will be a Forrester wedding - and that she will crash it in the finest tradition of her name-sake. Ecstatic about her engagement, Nicole shows off her ring to Maya and ...
14 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7524
It's the day of Zende and Nicole's wedding: Zende, Rick, and Eric greet Kristen and Tony who arrive from Miami and are extremely happy for their son. Eric kisses Quinn who is slightly uneasy to have her portrait in the living room being replaced by one of Nicole for the occasion. Upstairs, Nicole shares a tender moment with Maya, Vivienne and Julius. Sasha steps in and expresses her gratitude to Nicole for allowing her to be part of the festivities. In the kitchen, Pam tends to the caterers and shows Charlie the wedding cake she made. Over at Spectra Fashion, Sally ...
15 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7525
The Forrester and Avant families are united at the Forrester Mansion for the big wedding of Nicole and Zende. After Carter has recited their love story and many family members have expressed well wishes, Nicole and Zende make their vows and become husband and wife. Pam notices alleged caterers Sally and Shirley watching the ceremony instead of working, but Charlie thinks they should focus on the happy couple instead. Over at Spencer Publications, Bill and Wyatt commiserate on their failed relationships. Bill refuses to accept Brooke and Ridge's engagement as he is ...
16 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7526
The Forrester and Avant families congratulate newlyweds Nicole and Zende. Sasha and Pam, as the lone unmarried females, duke it out over the tossing of the bouquet with the latter winning. Ridge and Quinn exchange awkward looks as they still feel uncomfortable about the tension between them. Charlie tries to calm down Pam who thinks that the lazy caterers are tabloid reporters looking to get the inside scoop on the wedding. In the kitchen, Shirley grows nervous that the undercover mission will backfire on them. Indeed, Thomas looks right through Sally's disguise when ...
17 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7527
Ridge returns to the mansion having forgotten his keys where he runs into Ivy who just came back from a trip with her father. Ridge and Quinn then have a sexual tension-filled conversation, before they decide to put an end to their flirtation. Zende and Nicole enjoy their wedding night and discuss their upcoming honeymoon. Bill surprises Brooke at home to check in on how she is feeling as he learned from Liam that she was under the weather and therefore skipped the wedding of Nicole and Zende. Bill questions Brooke on why Ridge is not home by now. Bill attempts to ...
20 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7528
It's the morning after as Ivy angrily confronts Quinn about kissing Ridge last night and betraying her uncle Eric's trust. Quinn attempts to justify her actions by bringing up her past experiences and relationships with men. Brooke presents Ridge - who is thinking about the kiss with Quinn - with a private presentation of dazzling lingerie. Ridge is relieved that Brooke still wants to marry him and they agree to intensify the planning for their nuptials. When Ridge spots Ivy talking to Brooke, he is alarmed, though. At Spencer Publications, Bill uses a business ...
21 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7529
Ivy feels compelled to have an informative talk with Brooke which Ridge can witness. Ivy then swallows up her anger towards Ridge for kissing Quinn last night and instead volunteers to help the happy couple to plan a wedding in Australia. Pam walks in on Steffy and Thomas having another cool conversation as he does not take her criticism on one of his latest designs very well. Jarrett tells Bill that he was invited to Spectra Fashions' preview but no one from the press is going. Surprisingly, Bill assigns Jarrett to attend the showing - with a clear agenda: to write ...
22 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7530
Bill informs a reluctant Jarrett that he must tear up Spectra Fashions' preview in order to dig their comeback into the ground. He still wants to buy the company's property to build the envisioned Spencer skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Katie then stops by for a short visit. Knowing how her relationship with Thomas has become strained, Steffy assures her brother that being his sister is more important to her than being his boss. As the discussion shifts to Spectra, Steffy is amused that Thomas thinks that they could have genuine shot to make it in the business. ...
23 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7531
Confident that the debut went well, Sally, Shirley, Saul and Darlita eagerly anticipate the review from "Eye on Fashion". Thomas stops by bearing flowers and asks Sally how the preview was received. Meanwhile, Bill informs Jarrett that he replaced his article with some words of his own. Jarrett is shocked that Bill took matters in his own hands and that his review now sounds like the designs were an utter failure. Next, Bill has a meeting with Mr. Shifter with whom Sally has a loan. Bill tells the loan officer to cut all ties with the young designer and he will make ...
24 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7532
Steffy suggests a double wedding in Australia to Brooke which immediately catches R.J.'s attention and approval. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn realize that getting caught by Ivy is their ultimate wake-up-call to put their interaction back on a merely platonic basis. Steffy is taken aback when Thomas still refers to Sally as a viable competitor and that he considers Jarrett's article biased. A defeated Sally and Shirley confer about what to do with Spectra Fashions following the scathing review in "Eye on Fashion". Shirley enthuses to Sally, Saul and Darlita that they ...
27 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7533
Liam and Steffy call the family together to announce the destination for their nuptials. Eric, Quinn, Brooke, Ridge and Ivy enthuse over Steffy and Liam's decision to marry in Australia. As Steffy hints at the idea of a double wedding, Ivy stares at Ridge and Quinn. Bill joins the gathering and spars verbally with Ridge upon the notion that Brooke and Ridge might also get hitched Down Under. Across the hall, Pam joins Thomas, R.J. and Charlotte for interviews with prospective interns. At Spectra Fashion, Shirley tries to convince Sally that her sister is their way ...
28 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.7534
A dinner party at the Forrester Mansion held by Pam and Charlie causes Eric and Quinn to spend the evening with Ridge and Brooke. While Eric enthuses to Brooke how thrilled he is that they are soon getting re-married and that Quinn and Ridge have finally come to terms with each other, fate strikes: Ridge and Quinn get accidentally stuck in the same bathroom. Just before Charlie can rescue them, they share another forbidden kiss. Unfortunately, Charlie notices lipstick on Ridge and draws his own conclusion. Coco finishes up her intern interview with Thomas and R.J. who...
1 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7535
Shirley continues to press for Coco to steal designs from her new work place whereas Sally is hesitant to betray her crush Thomas. Coco herself is reluctant to go along with the scheme because she wants to enter a legitimate career in the fashion industry. Zende and Nicole return from their honeymoon and share stories and photos with Rick, Maya and R.J. and Thomas. As the discussion shifts to the next generation of interns, Rick - despite Thomas' endorsement of Coco - is up in arms when he learns that the newest Forrester Creations intern is a Spectra. Coco is ...
2 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7536
Bill welcomes his friend Emmy as the newest employee of Spencer Publications. Brooke then pays a visit to Bill to present him with a birthday gift which she knows means the world: a replica of their Aspen hot air balloon filled with Dollar bills. A suspicious Charlie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during a board meeting at Forrester Creations. When Pam questions his more-than-usually odd behavior, Charlie admits his notion of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. Pam is shocked. Rick and Maya also notice the sudden tight and amicable working relationship...
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S1, Ep7537
3 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7537
Pam is in disbelief that Ridge and Quinn could be having an affair in spite of the chain of events and the napkin with lipstick as Charlie's prime evidence for his suspicion. Ridge and Quinn agree to keep their latest kiss quiet as they admit their true feelings for each other. Just then, Eric arrives at the company. In the corridor, Pam tries desperately to convince Charlie that Ridge worked too hard to reconcile with Eric to blow it by cheating with Quinn. Charlie is still skeptical. Touched by Brooke's visit to congratulate him on his birthday, Bill pledges his ...
6 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7538
Thomas gives Steffy a lukewarm reaction to her wedding invitation. The hiring of a Spectra as the latest intern causes further conflict between them. Meanwhile, R.J. wants to impress Coco with a tour of the company. Brooke and Ridge stop by to inform R.J. of their intent to get married in Australia. While he will not be present there, R.J. is thrilled for his parents. However, when Ridge learns of Coco's last name, he makes it clear that he is vetoing Rick and Thomas's decision and therefore fires Coco. Despite R.J.'s pleading to reconsider, Ridge stands firm. Later, ...
7 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7539
Coco manages to get R.J. out of the way and prevent him from getting hit by a loader. Ridge and Brooke who witnessed the scene are extremely thankful for Coco's act of heroism. While Ridge still finds her untrustworthy, citing his disdain for any and all Spectras, Brooke urges her fiancé to give Coco a chance and have her continue with her internship. Sally and Saul rehash setting up Coco to spy for them. Sally is still not thrilled about their plan, but clearly impressed that Saul managed to implant a tiny camera in a necklace which could do the trick for them ...
8 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7540
R.J. and Coco share a sweet kiss on the news that she is allowed to continue her internship. At a staff meeting, Ridge lectures everyone about security - especially now that a Spectra is working at the company. Coco arrives back at the Spectra Fashion and tells the gang all about her first day on the job at Forrester Creations and the charming R.J. Forrester. Sally becomes skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister is. Shirley and Saul pressure Sally into believing this plan is their only option. Sally hesitantly gives Coco the camera-adapted jewelry. ...
9 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7541
Katie is thrilled when Brooke and Ridge invite her to their wedding. As a sign that they have overcome their conflicts, Brooke then proudly shows her sister her wedding dress. Ivy reminds Quinn to keep it professional with Ridge as she will not let her uncle Eric get hurt. She attempts to dissuade Quinn from traveling to Australia for Liam and Steffy's wedding. Charlie informs Pam that he wants to confront Quinn, but Pam protests. Later, Ridge and Quinn have a heart-to-heart which Katie witnesses.
10 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7542
Katie witnesses a sexually charged conversation between Ridge and Quinn. As Quinn spots Katie, she and Ridge look concerned. Katie explains that she left her phone in the office earlier and excuses herself. Ridge and Quinn wonder whether Katie will cause conflict for them. Katie continues her conversation with Brooke, but it is not before long that she mentions the intimate encounter she just saw. Appalled, Brooke expresses shock that Katie is implying that Ridge is having an affair. Elsewhere, Rick, Maya, Nicole, R.J., Pam and Charlie throw a wedding shower for ...
13 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7543
Brooke is taken aback by Katie's accusation of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair and suggests that the claim is purely revenge for stealing Bill months earlier. Katie protests and explains that she only wants to guard her sister from harm. Ridge and Eric share a bonding moment before the trip to Australia. As Brooke walks in on it, she is more convinced than ever that Katie's allegation is false. Quinn has a difficult time concentrating on work while being all-encompassed with the thought of her and Ridge being caught. This does not come unnoticed by Ivy who ...
14 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7544
Thomas pays Sally a last-minute visit and expresses that he would love to bring her along as his date for Steffy and Liam's Australian nuptials. As Shirley finds out about this, she exclaims that Sally has to make a surprise appearance Down Under - even though Sally clarifies that she will neither crash nor spy on the wedding. Despite Saul's protest, Darlita books Sally a cheap flight to Sydney. R.J. encourages Ridge and Brooke to make sure their wedding happens, before the Forresters and Spencers embark on a luxurious journey. After take-off, Ivy chats to Thomas ...
15 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7545
The Forrester and Spectras enjoy their luxurious travels to Australia. Steffy and Liam look forward to their wedding whereas Katie sympathizes with ex-husband Bill as he watches Brooke canoodling with Ridge. When Ridge and Quinn sneak off in a more private area of the cabin Katie has a watchful eye on them as she still suspects them having an affair. Thomas begins to miss Sally already and decides to send her a selfie which, to his surprise, does not come through - Meanwhile, Sally boards her flight to Sydney and soon finds out that the journey will come completely ...
20 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7546
Eric and Quinn remark on how things have changed since their secret getaway in Monte Carlo last year. Brooke becomes distant to Ridge while reflecting on Katie's accusation of Ridge and Quinn carrying on an inappropriate relationship. She comes to the conclusion that Katie's suspicion is completely far-fetched and tells her sister to no longer pester her mind with doubts about Ridge's devotion to her. Ivy goes through the details of the wedding with Steffy and Liam. Steffy hints to Liam that she has something special in store without disclosing any details just yet. ...