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Sex & Nudity

  • PG: Sensuality, Humor and for language.
  • Heterosexual themes
  • Crude/sexual humor; brief partial nudity
  • In one scene, Joanna is wearing a thong. In another scene, she is wearing a very low-cut dress.
  • A scene with Joanna and Dean in bed after having sex.

Violence & Gore

  • Slapstick including several people falling or getting thrown off of boats.


  • 12 uses of shit, 4 uses of bitch, 1 incomplete sin of a bitch (son of a...6), 3 uses of goddamn, 4 uses of ass, 2 uses of slut, 2 uses of "tits", 4 uses of damn, 5 uses of hell, 1 "anal" reference is made, & around 12 religious exclamations.
  • Uses of god hell stupid shit and ass.
  • Lots of use of profanity: "rich b--h" and "no sh--". And mild profanities such as "damn", "hell", "ass" and "G-- damn". Probably 50-75 times during the film. A scene where a French man says "foc" which means seal and it is interpreted as something else.
  • Young boy looks at pornographic magazine and says "Now those are T*TS"
  • Boy says "She might have no t*ts but she has a nice @ss"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are different scenes of people drinking various kinds of alcoholic drinks.
  • Billy comments, "I'll just have one more....six pack."
  • Two scenes at the beginning show the main female character smoking (she is portrayed as a "not-so-good" person at first).
  • Boy drinking beer at dinner table

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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