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First-rate comedy
grahamsj33 March 2003
This is a comedy that doesn't suffer from time or repeated viewings. It has all the trappings of a true classic. The cast, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Hermann and Roddy McDowall all put in good performances. The 4 child actors all do very well, too. The story is a funny one and it keeps me laughing. All in all, a very funny movie. I own it and will throw it in the DVD player every once in a while.
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Like to smile? You'll like this flick.
CLundmark18 July 2002
Yeah, sure, you know how it's going to end. Yes, it has all been done before. But the heart of this snob turned sweetheart story is relayed with such charm and grace by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, and supported by such a strong cast (Roddy McDowall among others), that it is enjoyable none-the-less.

Movie snobs, insisting on original plots (as if there really are any) might not love this flick. But anyone who can appreciate proven talent in a good-natured comedy will find these 2 hours time well spent. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to smile.
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Quite Amusing
Bourque775 October 2002
I watched this movie for the first time when I was 10 and still watching it to this day. The cast is excellent and the storyline is silly but you just can't help yourself laughing at all of Goldie's screw-ups or Kurt's incompetent ways of parenting. The supporting cast is great, what more can I say??, if you ever see this in the video store, it's worth renting. GO OVERBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Another Jewel from the 80´s
claudio_carvalho13 October 2018
The cruel and wealthy owner of a yacht Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) hires the poor carpenter Dean Proffitt (Kurt Russell) to remodel her closet and build a shoe rack. She does not like his work, does not pay him and throws Dean and his tools overboard. Dean loses his tools and goes home to meet his four problematic sons in a dirty simple house in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile Joanna slips on the deck and falls overboard, and is found amnetic. Her husband Grant Stayton III (Edward Herrmann) goes to the hospital and pretends he does not know Joanna to travel alone. Dean decides to use Joanna to pay her debt working for him at home and convinces her doctor that she is his wife and mother of his sons and her name would be Annie. When Annie goes home with Dean, she fells living in a nightmare. But soon she improves the lives of Dean and his sons and they respect her. Meanwhile her mother presses Grant to talk to Joanna and he decides to return to the hospital. What will happen?

"Overboard" is another jewel from the 80´s, maybe the best decade to comedies and romantic comedies. Directed by Gary Marshall, this romantic comedy has Goldie Hawn stealing the movie and showing awesome chemistry with her partner Kurt Russell. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Um Salto para a Felicidade" ("A Jump to Hapiness")
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Tell me something about my life, Dean, something not horrible.
Sylviastel5 December 2001
Overboard is the kind of a fun movie to watch anytime. I saw it the movie theater 14 years ago. Today, I still watch it on television or on the video tape. It is truly a comedic classic not to be disregarded at all. It is truly funny, entertaining, and enlightening. If haven't seen it, you must for a good time. Great cast of actors and characters, I miss Roddy McDowall. I wished that Roddy got knighthood while he was alive. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together what must be like an eternity in Hollywood or at least a few years. Edward Herrmann has a great supporting role as Joanna's husband and Katherine Helmond from "Who's the Boss?" plays Joanna's snobbish New Yorker mother. The story begins with rich Joanna wanting a closet for her shoes so she hires a local carpenter, Kurt Russell, who does not meet her criteria. She insults and mistreats him like an animal and refuses to pay him. When she falls overboard accidentally, she loses her memory. When Kurt's character finds out, he decides to bring her home and make her pay him back. The predictable event happens so watch and see and don't watch the butchered television version either.
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A charming and fun romantic comedy that the whole family can enjoy.
triple814 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Overboard is a fun movie! It's also one of those romantic comedies that could have been really awful but manages, not only to be better then average but MUCH better then average despite the "Hollywood" tone through it. There are a couple of reasons for that number one being the chemistry Between Russell and Horn. Unlike a lot of Hollywood real life couples who do movies together and have NO chemistry, these two are the exception. You can feel as you watch the movie how much these two genuinely like each other-it shows in their work. They created a really fun, feel good, romantic comedy that neatly avoids being either to corny or to sappy. Instead it's just charming, fun and sweet-with a touch of hilarity now and then.

The other thing that Horn and Russell do is make this unbelievable story believable in a way. With other romantic comedies, for example "maid in manhatten", your always aware your watching Jennifer Lopez play a movie role. That happens in a lot of romantic comedies but in this, the characters created are fun and unique and you can buy into it without constantly thinking of the actors/actresses behind the roles.

It's rare that a movie can be THIS Hollywood and still come off as fun as it did. This is one the whole family can enjoy. It's a lot of fun watching The ritsy socialite with amnesia and the gruff carpenter with the heart of gold as they start to soften toward each other and ultimately fall in love. Best of all, the movie takes its time with that and doesn't just throw events in,it never becomes boring and it's always fun to watch.

Obviously, certain parts are unrealistic-but who cares? This is the perfect movie to watch when your at home sick, or your tired and want to perk up and it's also a great date movie as well as great family fun! My rating is 8 out of 10.
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A guilty pleasure.
MinorityReporter4 August 2005
Being a guy must make the fact that I like this film so much a guilty pleasure because it really is a chick-flick with capital C. I usually do not like to rate romantic comedies very high unless they have a different story and Overboard certainly has a different and (I think) original story. If you can get past the fact that the male lead is deceiving a woman with amnesia then you're going to love this movie. The acting is very, very good. I don't usually like Kurt Russel but I think he is near perfect in this role. Goldie Hawn is excellent and I must say that she was quite good looking in her younger days. I never really laughed out loud during the movie but I sat through the whole movie with and involuntary smile on my face because of the cute dialog and the slow change in the characters. The other cast members are also quite good. I found Edward Herrmannto be the most interesting character in the movie but he wasn't used enough. The emotions portrayed by the characters seem genuine which is a nice change from many other romantic comedies *cough* Pretty Woman *cough* and the on-screen chemistry between Russel and Hawn was undeniable.

All in all a very recommendable and highly enjoyable movie.

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Gypsybelle16 May 2003
This is an A++++++++ movie! I loved this one. I was very unhappy when I read that 'Overboard' received bad reviews by the definitely brain dead 'critics'. I was working in a video rental store when this came out on video. It was a MAJOR rental that was extremely popular with our patrons. This was an excellent family oriented vehicle. Kurt, Goldie and Roddy were absolutely fantastic! The film critics of today are in very bad form. I think they are being 'paid off' by jealous competitors! Overboard is a 'feel good' film that can excite the viewer! Wonderful! I would have liked a sequel of sorts to this one! Kudos to the actors, writers, directors and producers of this fabulous film! So sorry that you got panned by the petty media! What counts is the VIEWER! If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it! In addition to classic film lover's, Frank Capra would have loved this one!
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4 boys living all together, yet they were all alone
bkoganbing29 April 2017
Kurt Russell plays the widowed father of four boys who are as far from the Brady Bunch as you can get. He's a bit of a big kid himself who thinks just paying the bills and providing food and a roof is all that matters. In fact rich Hollywood heiress Goldie Hawn hires him to redo her shoe closet on her yacht while they are vacationing in the Pacific Northwest in the Columbia River. When it doesn't meet her most exacting standard she stiffs Russell on the $600.00 she was going to pay him. But when Goldie falls overboard in the middle of the night and acquires a case of amnesia, Kurt claims her as his bride and she goes off to become his bond servant.

Strange things do happen and eventually Goldie starts really thinking she belongs with him after some rough initiation. House work and she are strangers. It's helped however by the fact she has one drip of a husband in Edward Herrmann. And her work ethic was acquired from her mother Katherine Helmond who apparently understudied with the Helmsley family.

Kurt and Goldie and the 4 kid actors who play Kurt's kids in Overboard provide the best scenes in the film. Sad to say it gets so raunchy a G rating is impossible. Still the PG is there even if close to the wire.

Overboard is the perfect kind of vehicle for Kurt and Goldie and their fans will eat it up.

So will the rest of the movie going public.
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Go Kurt!!!
Michelle-1519 November 1998
This was a great film. I enjoyed it thouroughly! The casting couldn't have been better and it was hilarious! The kids were great and made me laugh! Kurt did another excellent job. All those who are fanatics for edge of your seat thrillers, don't even comment on this movie, go see Soldier or something, maybe you'll like that better. "Typical 80's trash" WHATEVER!!! Just enjoy the story, I loved it. Kurt you are such a cutie and you and Goldy belong with each other, (but I'm sure you already know that!) 10/10!!!
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Cute Movie
bturtle_174 January 2001
Each time this movie appears on cable television I cannot help but watch it. I've probably seen it about 5 times by now. It is not the best movie I've seen, but something about it is magnetic. Yes, the plot is as predictable as can be, but it is a good story. The central characters are likeable as well as some of the supporting players (especially Roddy McDowall as Goldie's long-suffering servant). It's a good movie if you're looking for a few laughs and to feel happy, because that is what Overboard generates.
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Definitely a great 80's film and possibly one of the best rom-coms of all time
ArtVandelay2225 April 2019
I love this movie, it has a great cast (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn), a great soundtrack, some light humour, and a really nice ending.

Definitely far better than the reboot that came out in 2018, and makes me feel happy every time I watch it.
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funnier than most
mm-3925 August 2002
I like this film, and it has many memorable moments. The hose scene, and Russel's antics. This is a great movie, Russel does comedy perfectly. He can play the all American, guy next store better than anyone else. This movie is a tribute to his acting ability. I can watch this one over and over. 8/10
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One of the best romantic comedies of the eighties and one of Goldie's best films
JamesHitchcock21 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In most of her early films, Goldie Hawn's normal screen persona was that of the dizzy but lovable dumb blonde. One of the many faults of the dreadful "Protocol" was that Goldie's character, Sunny, although supposedly a thirty-something cocktail waitress working in a sleazy nightclub, was just too sweet, innocent and lovable to be true. So it came as something of a refreshing change to see the opening scenes of "Overboard" in which Goldie for once gets the chance to play an unsympathetic character.

Actually, to call Joanna Stayton unsympathetic is a huge understatement. A more accurate description would be "prize bitch". Joanna is the wife of multi-millionaire Grant Stayton III. Now in Europe adding Roman numerals after your name is regarded as a ridiculous affectation for anyone who is neither a Pope nor a reigning monarch, and even in America it generally serves as standard Hollywood shorthand for "pretentious snob". If Grant is a pretentious snob, however, Joanna is far worse. She is not only snobbish but also idle, pampered, sharp-tongued, impossible to please and unfailingly rude to anyone she considers her social inferior (which means most of the rest of the human race).

When Grant's luxury yacht develops engine trouble, he is forced to put into the small Oregon coastal town of Elk Snout for repairs. Joanna makes use of this enforced period of idleness to employ Dean Proffitt, a local carpenter, to build her a new on-board closet, but when the work is complete she refuses to pay him in a dispute over the quality of his workmanship. The ensuing argument terminates with Joanna losing her temper, tipping Dean overboard and throwing his tools after him.

Shortly afterwards, Joanna falls overboard from her yacht. Although she is rescued, she is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember her former identity. Grant, who is tiring of Joanna, pretends that he does not recognise her, seeing this as a chance to be rid of her and to return to his playboy bachelor lifestyle. Dean then goes to the hospital and "rescues" Joanna, pretending that she is his wife Annie; his motive is not only revenge for the way in which Joanna treated him but also the need for someone to do all the housework. (He is a widower with four young sons and is finding it difficult to cope). Although Joanna cannot recall her previous life with Grant, she is at first farm from convinced that she is really Dean's wife, especially as she turns out, (as one might expect) to be hopelessly undomesticated. Gradually, however, she starts to get used to her situation, and she and Dean even begin to fall in love.

The film is clearly intended as a satire on the ways of the ultra-rich; there is a sharp contrast between Joanna's idle, pointless existence before her transformation and her fulfilling, useful life as a blue-collar housewife after it. I am normally suspicious of anti-materialist satire coming out of Hollywood, if only because film stars and cinema executives generally have lifestyles which equate far more closely to that of Grant and Joanna Stayton than to that of Dean and Annie Proffitt. Nevertheless, the film is light-hearted enough to prevent its political overtones from ever becoming too intrusive.

Director Garry Marshall is noted for his ability to bring out the best in his female stars; both Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman") and Michelle Pfeiffer ("Frankie and Johnny") were later to give great performances in his films, and he performs a similar service for Goldie Hawn here. Goldie is superb in the opening scenes as Joanna the Bitch, but she is also very convincing as she gradually comes to realise Dean's good qualities and to sympathise with the "little people" she had previously dismissed as worthless. Her appearance also changes, the glamorous but brassy woman in designer swimwear giving way to someone softer and more relaxed in informal clothing. It is, moreover, not only Joanna who is transformed. Dean is a skilled craftsman but less accomplished when it comes to parenting skills; since the death of his first wife his attitude towards his children and his household has been one of benign neglect, with the result that the boys have become undisciplined and badly behaved and the house looks like a warzone. It takes Joanna to bring some discipline back into the lives of father and sons.

This is not, of course, a realistic film. But who said that romantic comedies, especially screwball comedies like this one, have to be realistic? It is something of a convention of the genre that hatred at first sight will inevitably turn to true love by the end of the film (see also "I Love Trouble", "You've Got Mail", "Intolerable Cruelty" and many more examples), and that convention is fully observed here. What matters is that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (her real-life partner) manage to make us believe in the love of Dean and Joanna, however much a nagging voice of reason may try to persuade us that the whole thing is inherently implausible. When Joanna recalls her previous life and reluctantly returns to Grant, we know that this is not rally the end and that she and Dean are destined to be together. "Overboard" is at times touching, at others highly amusing; one of the best rom-coms of the eighties and one of Goldie's best films. 8/10
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Wonderful and delightful movie.
PWNYCNY4 March 2012
Overboard is a wonderful and delightful movie. Every aspect of this story is entertaining. Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Edward Herrmann turn in great performances. But what bolsters this movie is the story about how a vain, selfish and spoiled woman undergoes a major transformation and in the process emerges as truly beautiful, not only physically but spiritually as well. The movie also has its share of amusing scenes, and in many respects it is a farce, but it's a lot more than that - it is statement about home, family, devotion and love. The movie shows the spiritual emptiness of conspicuous materialism and the shallowness associated with unfettered consumption. This is is not to say that the movie is anti-wealth because it isn't. Rather, it is an amusing foray into the quirkiness of relationships and how people with seemingly nothing in common can form strong personal bonds.
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One of my all time favorite love stories
fitnessmedic12 May 2019
I absolutely love Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I grew up watching this movie and as silly and outrageous as it may seem in 2019, it's still a feel good movie. I recommend this to anyone who has never seen it. It will always be a gem in my collection. I miss movies from the 80's and 90's which had real substance. It seems like today CGI has taken place of real story telling. Big,Coming to America, Police Academy, all favorites of mine.
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One of my all-time favorites
lissamik26 March 1999
That's right, this romantic comedy schmuck fest makes my all time favorites. I have seen this movie over a dozen times and I love it every time. Why don't any new romantic comedies come along that steal your heart like this one? Because nobody can do comedy like Goldie Hawn, and it's hard to recreate the chemistry that Hawn and Russell had in this movie. This movie does everything right. It doesn't pretend to be anything artsy or nouveau; it just presents a great story with good characters (along with fantastic supporting characters). What else do you need in life?
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Not that good
preppy-34 December 2006
Rich witch Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) treats carpenter Dean Proffitt (Kurt Russell) like dirt when he does a job for her on her yacht. Soon after she is accidentally knocked overboard and promptly gets amnesia. Proffitt decides to take revenge--he tells her she is his wife (who has been dead for 3 years) and takes her home to be his slave and bring up his four obnoxious little boys.

I like Hawn and Russell a lot but this movie isn't good enough for them. For starters the story is WAY beyond belief and (even though Hawn's character IS evil) I didn't find what Russell was doing to her very funny. In fact I thought it was pretty sick. Also the things he did to convince her that they were married strain credibility. We're supposed to believe all his friends go along with it too. Also you know how this story is going to end and this is far too long (almost 2 hours) for a comedy with this premise.

Story weaknesses aside this just isn't very funny. I think I smiled once or twice. I also found the kids unbearable.

The acting was OK (nice to see Roddy McDowell again) and Russell and Hawn were very good (that's why I'm giving this a 6) but overall I was bored. There were clashes between the director Gerry Mashall and the studio heads--they wanted an adult comedy--he wanted a family friendly one. That could explain why the comedy wavers uncomfortably between a PG and an R rating (it's got a PG one). So--I really can't recommend it.
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One of my all time favorites!!
kydznme6 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show, their chemistry is wonderful!! It makes me sad that not enough people noticed this. I think Goldie's version of Joanne was so funny. You can tell they enjoyed working with each other by watching them on screen. It is a shame they never did anything else together. This is one of the movies I will have to keep buying again and again as we change from VHS to DVD to...... I will keep buying it over and over again. I thought they filled this show with characters that were wonderful also, from Joanne's horrible husband to Dean's best friend. It is the kind of movie that doesn't lose it's pace throughout the show.
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Goldie gets drenched and reborn
theowinthrop14 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This comedy was quite a fun one, and so far (except for THE ONE AND ONLY GENUINE, ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND) the only one she has made co-starring with her life partner Kirk Russell.

Goldie is Joanna Stayton, the ultimate rich bitch. Her huge yacht is in port, and she requires closets for her shoes. A local carpenter, Dean Profitt (Mr. Russell) is hired, but he is very picky about everything, such as the wood that should be used (what's best for a ship to protect the leather from salt water), She is also not impressed by his taking so long (he designed very intricate multiple shelves that confuse and annoy her). So she tosses his tools overboard and refuses to pay him.

Goldie has played rich girls (PRIVATE BENJAMIN came from a wealthy family) but seldom such an obnoxious one. In this case one can see where she got this way. Her mother (Kathleen Helmond) is constantly using the advice of a fashionable psychiatrist that she uses (Henry Alan Miller) on how to treat her daughter. And Goldie's pompous and self-centered socialite husband (Edward Herrmann) is not a tower of strength either (in fact, he is quite the opportunist). The yacht crew has long ago gotten used to keep quiet and accept the guff from Goldie and Herrman, despite that they have been treated like dirt. Same can be said for family butler Roddy MacDowell.

After a typically stormy dinner that night, while on the high seas, Goldie drops some jewelry behind a seat she is sitting on on the deck. In reaching for it she loses her balance and falls overboard. But the following morning Herrmann returns to port, and discovers that Goldie is safe (and still nasty) in a hospital wing - she has lost her memory. Herrmann (who turns out to have exaggerated views about his sexual potency) fails to identify Goldie so that he can have a respite on the yacht from her presence.

But a still angry Russell also learns of her from the local television news station. He goes to the hospital, and identifies Goldie as his wife "Annie". His sons go along with his hoax - they have missed a woman's touch in their home for nearly five years since Mom died. Russell's intention is to get his revenge from Goldie being the household maid. But gradually parts of Goldie's hidden talents come out. While overwhelmed at first by having to do domestic work (including cooking) while struggling to remember this family, Goldie slowly works things out. Moreover she actually is able to put some halts to the wild, "batchelor's hall" lifestyle that Russell has set up for him and his sons. The boys are finding a curtailment of their freedom, which at first they resent but slowly appreciate (Goldie also goes to bat for them with the local school, which Russell rarely does). Russell finds he's created a monster, but he too begins to appreciate the situation. He's missed having a female companion with intelligence.

Of course the situation is such that it is endangered if Goldie recovers her memory. Also it's endangered when Hellmond begins quizzing Herrmann on why she has not heard in weeks from her daughter. Herrmann cannot ignore his "need" for Goldie again, and goes back to reclaim her.

The film was a clever comedy - with the star chemistry working very nicely between the leads (one wishes they would try another comedy again soon). The slow discovery by Goldie/Joanna of her real being and natural decency is a pleasure to watch. Russell is fine realizing that he is in love with his creation, and desperately scared of her recovering her actual past. MacDowell does well in his bits (especially his last shot), but he's missing from most of the film because he is not in proximity of the main action on land. But Herrmann's revelations of super-ego is fun, as is the conclusion of his attempted seizure of power.
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Excellent. How was this not a box office hit?
meloda10 February 2017
This is a truly outstanding movie. Hilarious, adventurous, fun, entertaining, and a great story. How could this movie not been a bigger success? Goldie Hawn plays rich and arrogant Joanna, who is never happy or satisfied with anything. Kurt Russell plays Dean Profit, a dirty man with not huge sense of responsibility. Once the "overboard" incident occurs, Dean pretends to be her husband, initially just for revenge on how she previously cheated him. It's a complete disaster at first, especially with his dirty home and dirty kids that all con her into thinking she's their mother. There are quite a bit of unexpected twists and turns along the way. It's amazing what they unexpectedly and inadvertently teach each other along the way. There are so many laughs along the way, so many unexpected turns, and it is such a good all-around movie with such a humorous plot and great story-line that ends so happily.

Though times have changed and it's now a little out-dated; it's still a great watch if you have nothing else to do, as long as you remember this was the mid-80's and how much life has changed ever since. Wonderful for an 80's movie, and a true 8/10 score in my book. BRAVO, Hawn & Russell!
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Fun 'sink or swim' family romantic comedy
roghache12 March 2006
Not rocket science, not thought provoking, not an immortal love story, just a fun romance and an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

The tale revolves around a rich snob, Joanna Stayton, who hires a carpenter, Dean Proffitt, to do some work on her yacht, then refuses to pay him. She gets her comeuppance when she falls overboard and Dean fishes her out of the sea. Since she suffers from amnesia, the scoundrel is able to convince her that she is his wife, Annie, and mother to his brood of four rowdy boys.

The leading actors are great in their roles, with Kurt Russell portraying the carpenter, Dean, and the always amusing Goldie Hawn as Joanna / Annie. It is really Goldie's ditsy, golden comedic talents that pull this ridiculous tale off. There is also a wealthy, indifferent husband, who barely misses her, but he is a minor character.

In addition to the constant laughs, mainly at Joanna / Annie's expense, both characters learn a few lessons. Of course Joanna learns beware the dangers of self absorption and affluent disregard, unrepentantly cheating a skilled worker in your employ. For Dean, it's lessons of the 'oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive' school...some "chemistry" he wasn't expecting and some emotions from his four young hooligans he hadn't predicted.

I'm ashamed to say I generally tune in to this mindless drivel whenever it happens to be on TV. A worthy example of its comedic genre, it just always seems perennially funny.
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" Nothing in your nail-polishing, rich, bitch life style will ever satisfy you "
thinker16915 October 2010
Kurt Russell has accumulate a vast array of movie roles which originate from the Disney back lots, to the futuristic outer planets. Occasionally, he is able to surprise fans by creating a surprising left-field hit. This movie directed by Garry Marshall, called " Over-Board " is one of his best. The nexus of this story is about a struggling carpenter named Dean Proffitt, who with his four boys live off the coast of Maine in a dilapidated estate. Requested by Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) to refurbish her state room and living quarters with some innovations, she refuses to pay for them when they are not to her satisfaction. Thrown off the yacht, Dean is forced to leave without payment. However later, when Joanna falls overboard and awakens in a hospital with amnesia, both her uncaring husband Grant (Edward Herrmann) and Dean take full advantage of her misfortune. Roddy McDowall plays Andrew, Mrs. Stayton's butler and is superb in this character. The movie is a hilarious situation-comedy as Dean allows Stayton to experience the roles of wife, mother and eventually lover. For Russell fans the film is yet one more example of the versatility of the veteran actor who continues to surprise audiences with his theatrical prowess. Easilly recommended for all audiences. ****
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A Classic Film
alley1173 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell star in Overboard, a quirky romantic-comedy that keeps the laughs coming from start to finish. Overboard is directed by Garry Marshall, who also directed beloved classics such as Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, Beaches, and Valentine's Day. The film was released in 1987 and was set in Elk Cove, Oregon.

Overboard is a story of revenge gone wrong. Dean Proffitt (Kurt Russell) is a widower with four sons and little money. He has recently moved to Elk Cove, a small coastal town in Oregon, where he works as a carpenter. Meanwhile, Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) is a rich heiress who spends her days sunbathing on her luxury yacht. Joanna hires Dean to remodel her closet and he learns the hard way that Joanna is not a very nice person. When Dean presents Joanna with the final project, she is infuriated that the closet was made with the wrong type of wood and refuses to pay Dean for his three days of work. When Dean demands to be paid for his service, Joanna pushes him off the yacht and throws all of his tools into the ocean. Later that night, Joanna realizes that she left her wedding ring out on the deck and orders her husband, Grant, to go retrieve it. When he ignores her, she decides to go get it herself, however, in a karmic moment, Joanna trips and falls overboard into the ocean. She yells in vein for her husband and servants and watches as her yacht sails away into the night. The next morning Joanna is discovered by a garbage scow and is taken to a nearby hospital where it is discovered that she is suffering from amnesia. Grant arrives to claim her as his wife but after witnessing Joanna throwing an angry fit, decides to abandon her. Meanwhile, Dean sees Joanna's picture on the news and develops a plan to get her back for cheating him out of his money. Dean arrives at the hospital and claims to be her husband. He tells her that her name is Annie Proffitt and takes her to his rundown home. "Annie" (Joanna) is disgusted by his home and is shocked to discover that she has four sons. As Dean makes her his own personal live-in slave, "Annie" tries to understand how she ever fit into this life. As "Annie" tries to regain her memory, Dean and his sons begin to like having a wife and mother figure around again and this situation leads to a delightfully entertaining journey of self-discovery and love.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are brilliant and their chemistry is undeniable. Hawn does an excellent job at convincing the audience that she is a spoiled rotten bitch; yet at the same time is likable enough to garner sympathy for the predicament she is in. Meanwhile, Russell plays up his boyish charms and gets the audiences' support and understanding despite being a little irresponsible and deceitful. Russell and Hawn develop the relationship of Dean and Annie/Joanna beautifully and make the transgression realistic and believable.

The music for the movie was done by Alan Silvestri and greatly adds to the emotions of the movie. For the most part, the music is very fast and comic sounding relying on rapid high pitch interchanging of stringed instruments mingled with deeper undertones which offers a very country, down-home, humble type of feel. The music is very different towards the end of the film as Annie/Joanna is discovering things about herself that she does not necessarily like—the music becomes much more forlorn and gives a sense of longing. Silvestri does a wonderful job of complementing the emotions of the sense with the tonalities of the score.

Overall, Overboard is a charming comedy with a great cast and unique storyline. It is not the typical 80's movie with all the teenage melodrama, but it is still a wonderful product of the feel-good cinematic era. I would highly recommend this movie, as it is great for all ages. This movie is timeless and will keep the viewer laughing until the very end.
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a gem of a movie
jmadison8518 November 2002
overboard is an gem of a movie, commonly overlooked by the best critics. it adopts the topic of classism into a hilariously funny movie. this is by far both goldie hawn's and kurt russel's best movie. i cannot understand why so many people dismiss this as a cute waste of an hour and a half. it ranks among the very best romantic comedies of all time(which, includes his girl friday, the lady eve, some like it hot, my favorite wife, etc.).
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