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I think this film should be viewed on its overall merits, rather than incidents, which are central to Juanita Carberry's story.
stanistreet5 February 2005
It is difficult to disagree that the floggings of Juanita Carberry were, perhaps, excessive, but it was she who exposed Jock Delves- Broughton's confession. Compared with "White Mischief", this is a far superior film, better acted, particularly by Holly Aird & Michael Byrne who is wholly repellent as Jack Carberry - which may have provoked the disgust expressed in the other review. Denholm Elliot, an actor who has always managed to get into the essence of the characters he portrays, is outstanding as Broughton. The sense of period is imaginatively evoked, the settings realistic and one really feels that this is what was happening in Kenya during the war; bored people trying to justify their empty lives. It really deserves to be issued in DVD format
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Happy Valley
boogie677 January 2010
I was fascinated by this account of life, through a child's eyes, in 1930s Kenya. The attitudes, history and culture were all an eye-opening, first-hand insight into colonial Africa. The depiction of Juanita's treatment at the hands of her Governess and step-father might be vivid (though not graphic - the cane's grisly progress is implied through sound only and girlish suffering, cleverly depicted by the actress), but they come directly from her own account and are not only valid, but necessary to the plot. Without being given an indication of the injustice she experienced, we would be denied a valuable insight to her story. Juanita Carberry may not have been alone in these trials, but very few have the courage to recollect.
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Corporal punishment scenes.
mirwin877931 October 2000
Although I found it an extremely interesting story line, I found the corporal punishment scenes rather disturbing, I definitely found them to be very graphic and may I say a little over the top. I am anti corporal punishment and I think that anyone with like views would therefore find this film rather disturbing.
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