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  • Jones needed to get rid of RoboCop after he had discovered his evil plans. Because a battle had broken out between RoboCop and ED-209, it was easy for Jones to make it look like he'd been attacked. Edit

  • When Old Detroit police officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is brutally murdered by a group of criminals led by crime boss Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith), Omni Consumer Products (OCP) employee Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer) uses Murphy's body to create a powerful cyborg—part man, part robot—that they name RoboCop. With the help of RoboCop/Murphy's ex-partner, Officer Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen), RoboCop begins to get back his memories of his previous life and decides to find and arrest Boddicker as well as corrupt OCP President Dick Jones (Ronny Cox). Edit

  • RoboCop was filmed from a screenplay written by American screenwriters Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner. According to Neumeier, he got the idea for RoboCop when he asked his friend about another movie, and the friend replied, "It's about a cop hunting robots," leading him to think about a robot cop. The character of RoboCop was inspired by British comic book hero Judge Dredd as well as the Marvel Comics superhero Rom. The success of RoboCop inspired two sequels, RoboCop 2 (1990) and RoboCop 3 (1993); and two TV series, RoboCop (1994) and RoboCop: Prime Directives (2001). RoboCop was novelized in 1987 by American sci-fi writer Ed Naha. The series was rebooted with the release of RoboCop (2014). Edit

  • Yes, as second in command of OCP (as well as a resourceful individual), Dick could have easily saw to it that it was included. In fact, he admits as much when RoboCop attempts to arrest him him for aiding and abetting a known felon. "Directive 4: Any attempt to arrest an officer of OCP results in shut down" which Dick says to RoboCop, "my little contribution to your psychological profile." Since Directive 4 protects OCP executives like both Dick and Bob from arrest by RoboCop, Bob probably wouldn't have objected too heavily to it being included, if he even knew, which is doubtful. When Morton asks RoboCop, "What are your prime directives?", RoboCop reads off the first three: (1) "Serve the public trust", (2) "Protect the innocent", and (3) "Uphold the law". When Morton turns to gloat to his colleagues, an additional directive is flashed on the screen, simply reading, "Classified" within square brackets. Morton does not seem to notice it, so it goes unchallenged, suggesting to the viewer that Morton was unaware of its inclusion in the program. (The textual presentations of all the directives are in all capital letters, each prefaced as "{Numeral}: {Imperative phrase}" or "Directive {Numeral}: [{Adjective}]"; for fake example, "0: Conform to subsequent directives" or "Directive 0: [Undefined]". The three prime directives have the former form whereas the fourth has the latter form.) Edit

  • It's a simple editing mistake that probably resulted from a misplanning of the scene. The costume department or the director and producers probably couldn't come up with an easy way for the chin plate to be removed at the time. When RoboCop takes off his helmet, it's meant to be a very dramatic moment in the film; the audience sees Murphy's face for the first time after he becomes a cyborg. Any extra time devoted to a more detailed removal of the helmet and chin protector might have lessened the dramatic impact. The chin plate removal was addressed in one of the TV series where RoboCop's helmet appears to be attached to it and they come off in one piece. Edit

  • The drug gang at the factory probably numbered no more than about 20 and they were all using small arms as weapons. Lt. Hedgecock leads a SWAT force against RoboCop at OCP HQ that numbers at least twice at many people as the drug factory gang. In the drug factory, all the men shooting at RoboCop are using what appear to be smaller caliber weapons (Uzis, shotguns, pistols, a few larger rifles) and all take up firing positions a good distance away. The lieutenant's force is larger and they have more firepower, more powerful weapons and they move in right on top of RoboCop. (Note: There's a reason why "SWAT" stands for special weapons and tactics, and the situation at hand lives up to it and perhaps beyond, given OCP's militarization theme.) With more concentrated firepower and the shorter distance and the increased number of weapons involved, the damage to the hero is greater. Plus, RoboCop was already pretty banged up from his encounter with ED-209, as in having all sorts of punctures in his armor leaving some circuitry and hydraulics vulnerable, the latter (or something else) leaking a bit. Additionally, if Dick Jones had told the team leader that he was being attacked specifically by RoboCop, they could have taken the opportunity to load their weapons with armor-piercing rounds that, while perhaps not penetrating enough to cause damage to his internal systems, could still inflict a lot of damage to his armor. --- Update by a firearms collector, instructor and reloader;

    The most likely factual answer is the responding officers were most likely issued armor piercing ammunition which is heavily regulated. Since OCP is also a military contractor, OCP most likely issued them rounds that wound pierce Robocop's armor. Law enforcement is exempt from the civilian regulations of armor piercing ammunition.

    However, the rifles that Boddicker and his gang were issued, .50 BMG are civilian legal as of this update (2020/11/21). Edit

  • Assuring the wounded Lewis that OCP can fix her ("They fix everything"), RoboCop returns to OCP headquarters where the board members are conducting a meeting. RoboCop easily takes out the ED-209 guarding the building and confronts Dick Jones in the board room, accusing him of murder and providing proof in the form of a video he had recorded in which Jones admits that he had to kill Bob Morton "because he made a mistake." Jones grabs a handgun and holds it to the Old Man (Dan O'Herlihy)'s head, vowing to kill him unless a helicopter is provided for his escape. Unable to take action against Jones because of Directive 4, RoboCop is pleased when the Old Man summarily fires Jones, voiding the directive and allowing him to fire several times on Jones, who falls out a window to his death. In the final scene, the Old Man compliments RoboCop on his shooting and asks him, "What's your name?" After a brief pause, RoboCop responds, "Murphy." Edit

  • Director Paul Verhoeven had to remove a few violent shots to avoid an X rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The unrated version restores this footage to the film. There are no additional scenes or plotlines added to the unrated cut of the film. Edit

  • Not directly, one certainly could point the finger at Bob Morton who intentionally sent "prime candidates" into high crime areas in the hope that they would get killed. Since the police officers signed a release form he would then be legally allowed to use their bodies for the Robocop prototype. Even though this is highly unethical, immoral and shows a complete disregard for human life (which was a theme of the movie) Morton didn't actually do anything illegal as there is no indication that he had any kind of connection with Boddicker and his gang. In the case of Dick Jones it has been theorized that he hired Boddicker to kill a bunch of police officers so that the Old Man would approve his ED-209 project but this also does not seem to be the case. Boddicker's primary business appears to be drugs and robbing banks, and he simply does not have any problem murdering police officers who stand in his way. As far as the film indicates Jones and Boddicker occasionally do business with each other (such as a hit job on Bob Morton) as Jones is heavily involved in all kinds of illegal activities. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Presumably he is out of ammo having been pursuing Robocop and firing at him since the beginning of the gunfight. As Clarence and his gang are periodically using the old steel mill as a hideout they may have previously rigged it up with electricity for their comfort. Edit

  • Bobby: greatly angers Clarence after a bank robbery. Bobby had blown the safe and wound up burning most of the money, making the score worthless. Bobby gets shot in the leg by Murphy, so Clarence orders the group to throw him out of their van and into the windshield of Murphy and Lewis' cruiser, killing him.

    Dougy: is watching TV with Emil, when Murphy gets the drop on them. Dougy reaches for his gun and Murphy shoots him twice in the chest.

    Steve Minh: Opens fire on Robocop in the cocaine factory, instigating the shootout. After Robocop guns down everyone else in the factory, he turns his attention to Clarence, Steve and Joe. He shoots Steve in the chest, as he falls, he hits Joe in the face with his shotgun, knocking him off the walkway.

    Joe P. Cox: While searching for Robocop in the sewage plant, Murphy throws a small chunk of metal and distracts the group, while they are distracted, Murphy shoots Joe three times in the torso from an elevated position. Joe dies from his wounds shortly after.

    Emil M. Antonowski: Chasing down Murphy in his van, Emil attempts to ram him. Murphy leaps out of the way at the last possible second, causing Emil to crash into a vat of toxic chemicals, which horribly disfigure him and cause the flesh to melt off his bones. While attempting to find help, he walks out in front of Clarence's car. Clarence didn't see him, as he was distracted by Lewis chasing him. He hits Emil, causing his body to completely burst apart over the windshield.

    Leon C. Nash: Leon saves Clarence from Murphy executing him by dropping a few tons of scrap metal onto him. A wounded Lewis grabs one of the gang's Cobra Assault Cannons and blows up the crane that Nash was in, killing him.

    Clarence J. Boddicker: Enraged at the death of Nash, Clarence picks up a steel spike and begins beating Murphy with it, driving it into the hole in his chest armor. He leans in to taunt Murphy, just close enough for Murphy to stab him in the throat with his computer terminal spike, causing massive blood loss and killing him. Edit

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