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Season 6

23 Sep. 1992
As Homecoming season approaches at high school, Kevin contends with the local high school rivalries. Meanwhile, Wayne's friend Wart comes back from Vietnam.
30 Sep. 1992
The Arnold men embark on their tri-annual three-day fishing trip. While on the trip, it quickly becomes evident that Kevin and Wayne have outgrown the whole camping experience.
7 Oct. 1992
Scenes from a Wedding
Kevin and his family attend the wedding of his dad's boss's daughter. At the reception, Kevin tries to impress a girl by drinking champagne, Wayne recognizes that the bride was a former date and Jack's boss angers him by flirting with Norma.
14 Oct. 1992
Sex and Economics
Kevin is in need of extra cash when his allowance doesn't seem to go far enough. When Miss Farmer puts up an ad for someone to paint her house, Kevin jumps at the chance, thinking the job will be easy. But the task is bigger (and more expensive) than he could have imagined.
21 Oct. 1992
Politics as Usual
Kevin gets jealous when Winnie starts devoting her time to a campaign to elect George McGovern and seems smitten with the charismatic older guy who is heading the campaign.
28 Oct. 1992
White Lies
When Kevin's parents go away on a trip, he decides to invite Winnie over for a "night of studying". After he and Winnie inadvertently fall asleep on the couch, Kevin tries to impress the guys in the locker room by implying to them that they slept together.
11 Nov. 1992
Wayne and Bonnie
With Winnie still upset at him, Kevin looks for ways to get her back. Meanwhile, Wayne begins seeing Bonnie, a divorced mother, whom he plans to move in with against his parents' wishes.
25 Nov. 1992
Kevin Delivers
Kevin tries to make his date with Winnie, while dealing with the pressures of his Chinese Take-Out job.
2 Dec. 1992
The Test
While Kevin struggles to study for his upcoming SAT tests, Jack ponders quiting NORCOM to go into the furniture-making business.
16 Dec. 1992
Let Nothing You Dismay
Kevin struggles to buy Winnie an expensive Christmas gift, while Jack has to find a way to secure the loan for his furniture-making business after his partner gets cold feet and goes back to NORCOM.
6 Jan. 1993
New Years
With New Years Eve approaching, Kevin looks forward to attending a party at a ski lodge with his friends. However, he has to cancel those plans when Wayne and Bonnie invite the family out to dinner.
13 Jan. 1993
Alice in Autoland
When Kevin starts having car trouble, he asks Alice Pedermier to try and get him a good deal on a new car at her dad's dealership. However, when she dumps his friend, Chuck, Kevin has second thoughts about accepting anything from her.
27 Jan. 1993
Ladies and Gentlemen... the Rolling Stones
Rumors spread through the school that The Rolling Stones may be playing at a small venue somewhere nearby. Kevin, Winnie, and their friends try to find the concert's location.
3 Feb. 1993
Kevin and Winnie fix Jeff up with the new girl in school. However, Jeff is reluctant to commit to the relationship because of his attachment to an old girlfriend back home.
10 Feb. 1993
Hulk Arnold
After showing talent in gym class, Kevin decides to try out for the wrestling team. With a hard-driving coach and tougher competition, Kevin quickly realizes that it's a lot more than he bargained for.
24 Feb. 1993
Kevin's friend Ricky thinks me may have finally found true love with a new girl named Hayley. The only problem is, Kevin and the guys can't help but make fun of the size of her nose.
3 Mar. 1993
Kevin and his classmates take a bus trip to the planetarium to witness the solar eclipse. On the trip, Kevin and Winnie have a fight after he calls her "too perfect" while Chuck gets locked in a restroom, leaving him behind.
24 Mar. 1993
When Kevin and his friends get together for their weekly night of poker, each of them is forced to face up to their problems. Chuck is worried about possibly becoming a father; Randy is failing Math; Jeff is accused of being a cheater; Paul and Kevin realize how much they've grown apart.
31 Mar. 1993
The Little Women
Kevin is having a hard time dealing with Winnie doing better than him on the SAT's. Jack is finding it hard to fathom Norma joining the workforce. What are the Arnold men to do? Take the girls out for a night of bowling, of course.
28 Apr. 1993
The Arnolds travel back to where Jack and Norma grew up to celebrate their high school reunion. But while Norma's parents are thrilled to see Norma, Kevin and Wayne, their enthusiasm for Jack isn't so pronounced.
12 May 1993
After a fight with his dad, Kevin drives off to the summer resort where Winnie is working, to get a job and try to make it on his own. Only Winnie does not seem all that happy to see him.
12 May 1993
Independence Day
After catching Winnie kissing another guy and losing all his money and his car in a poker game, Kevin decides to head back home to his parents.

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