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  • One night at the docks in Los Angeles, undercover cop Officer Nordberg sneaks aboard a boat called "I Love You" to arrest a ring of drug dealers. But, Officer Nordberg gets brutally gunned down, but survives and falls into a coma. Nordberg's best friend and partner idiot cop Lt. Frank Drebin is forced to end his holiday overseas and returns home when he learns about Nordberg's shooting and is assigned by his boss Captain Ed Hocken to investigate. After paying a visit to the dock's owner respected wealthy businessman Vincent Ludwig to talk to him about the incident on the docks, Drebin foils a brainwashed doctor's assassination attempt on Nordberg's life. The failed attempted assassination on Nordberg's life leads Drebin to become suspicious of Ludwig and Drebin breaks into Ludwig's office and he finds a note and reads on the note that Ludwig bids to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II who is visiting Los Angeles. After accidentally setting Ludwig's office on fire, Drebin's new girlfriend Jane Spencer who happens to be Ludwig's assistant tells Drebin that Ludwig wishes to meet with him as his hot dog factory. But, it is a trap and an assassin makes a failed attempt to eliminate Drebin and Drebin goes to the Queen's reception to confront Ludwig, but is fired when he dives onto Queen Elizabeth protecting her from Ludwig thinking Ludwig was going to shoot Queen Elizabeth with a war musket. The next day, Jane turns up at the police station and confirms Frank is right about Ludwig and that Ludwig is going to have a baseball player kill Queen Elizabeth at a baseball match and Frank goes undercover at the stadium to stop the assassination. Edit

  • It belonged to his henchman that was hired to kill Drebin at the meat factory. Frank throws the thug into a giant vat that had the name of a hotdog brand on it. We see this to be the same hot dog brand handed out at the ball game. Edit



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