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Sex & Nudity

  • Lots of sexual references
  • There is some brief nudity in this movie when we see a bunch of young women in the locker room. They are all running around screaming in towels, but we see one woman in the shower, with her back to the audience, and we can definitely see her bare butt for a second.
  • A woman takes off her clothes and stands stark naked in front of a man. We don't see anything, but he does. He then takes off all of his clothes and stands naked in front of her. She says they must practice safe sex, to which he agrees. They put on full body condoms and are seen rubbing against each other and falling back on the bed.
  • A man, to escape from a building, must walk outside several stories high. There are several nude statues on the building, male and female. The man touches several of the statues' breasts. A real woman is dressed only in pants and a small bra that reveals a lot of her breasts while drying her hair out of the window. The man grabs both of her breasts on accident, and she screams and falls back. One of the statues has a penis, and the man grabs it to get around and is hanging from it at one point. So when he tries to pull himself up (holding the statue penis) the same woman sees this and assumes he's trying to perform oral sex on the statue penis. After the woman goes back inside he pulls himself up and twist the penis upward (it was facing downward before) so it looks like an erected penis. At one point the camera shows the statues face in a joking way to make it look as if the statue is enjoying the guy grabbing its penis, he later accidentally pulls it off. He then falls into the woman's room with the statue's penis, freaking the woman out (the scene is very suggestive but also very comedic).
  • A man and woman talk. The man believes the woman has used him to get information for her boss. Referencing the times they had made love together, the man says that he faked every orgasm and walks off.
  • A man's shoulder holster for his handgun hooks on like a bra.
  • A couple of innuendos.

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of comic violence, mild strong
  • There is some shooting, but nothing graphic as it is a comedy. All shooting is with a humorous underscore.
  • A man is smashed by a steamroller and flattened out (the scene is played for humor).
  • A man is shot multiple times (some blood is seen) but doesn't die (played for humor). We are told that none of the bullets hit his vital organs.
  • A man draws his gun a lot.
  • Characters are punched
  • A man falls into a meat processing machine and later his finger is bitten into in a hot dog.
  • A baseball player comically, and in a very unrealistic way, has his head knocked off.


  • One middle finger gesture
  • A few uses of damn, and what the hell, and a few insults

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some references to heroin.
  • A man offers another man a cigar.
  • A few characters drink.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Because this is a comedy, there are no Frightening/Intense Scenes
  • There are many action scenes, however it's all comedic and not frightening at all


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • When the mayor is reading over the charges on Frank, she says "Sexual assault with a concrete dildo."
  • We see a woman climbing up a ladder, Frank says "Nice beaver" Implying he is looking up her skirt and at her vagina. The woman then brings down a stuffed beaver. Very suggestive but played for laughs

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