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Season 34

17 Aug. 2019
Episode #34.1
A terrorist attack on a market leaves Ethan with a difficult choice and leads to Rash returning to the ED immediately after his mother's funeral.
24 Aug. 2019
Episode #34.2
Rash helps a patient through a terrible loss. Ethan is brought a case by a friend from the past.
31 Aug. 2019
Episode #34.3
An accident brings David and Ollie closer together. Duffy learns how overlooked some care home residents can be.
7 Sep. 2019
Episode #34.4
Archie takes justice into her own hands to support a wronged patient. An old friend from Iain's past helps him think about his future. Rash makes a rash wager.
21 Sep. 2019
Episode #34.5
Mason throws Rash under the bus to avoid blame. Iain comes to a conclusion about his future
28 Sep. 2019
Episode #34.6
David and Ollie continue to butt heads. Rash decides to fight to stay at Holby. A new member joins the paramedic team.
5 Oct. 2019
Episode #34.7
Mason struggles to ask for help in his most difficult week as a junior doctor. (BBC)
12 Oct. 2019
Episode #34.8
Ethan struggles to keep his personal life from distracting him at work, while Duffy fights to reclaim her confidence despite some devastating news. (BBC)
19 Oct. 2019
Episode #34.9
Rash and Mason finally make peace, and Archie is reunited with guilt when the abusive ex-teacher she had taken vengeance on returns to the ED. (BBC)
26 Oct. 2019
Episode #34.10
Tension rises between Ethan and Rash, while Rosa opens up to David about her past. (BBC)
2 Nov. 2019
Episode #34.11
Ethan worries when Effie and other trial patients are brought in with mysterious symptoms, an elderly man's cluttered home leads to two injuries and Jade gets a chance to find out about her past when she runs into her old case worker.
16 Nov. 2019
Episode #34.12
During a routine CQC investigation, Robyn is devastated to realise she can't rely on Duffy. Ethan stifles his feelings and turns his back on Effie, and Rash protects Mason from Dylan. (BBC)
23 Nov. 2019
Episode #34.13
Ruby tells Jan that she no longer wants to work with Lev after she learns about his shady past. Rosa and David put their fake relationship into action, and the terror attack continues to haunt Ethan. (BBC)
30 Nov. 2019
Episode #34.14
Rash can't stand it when Mason saves the day, Charlie is shocked to learn that Duffy can't look after herself, and Rosa realises her mum has lied to David. (BBC)
7 Dec. 2019
Episode #34.15
Charlie learns to get by with a little help from his ED family. Rash feels isolated and left behind as Mason flies ever higher. Will and Archie take on a tough patient together, cementing their friendship in the process. (BBC)
21 Dec. 2019
Episode #34.16
Ruby comes to terms with her pregnant sister's arrival, David and Rosa celebrate a Christmas wedding, and Charlie's Christmas optimism is put to the test. (BBC)
28 Dec. 2019
Episode #34.17
It's an emotional roller coaster of a day for Rash as events take their toll on staff and patients alike. Dylan struggles in his role as clinical lead, and Archie is desperate to impress Dylan but instead accepts friendship from Will.(BBC)
4 Jan. 2020
Episode #34.18
Connie returns to the ED, and Ruby makes a life-changing decision. (BBC)
11 Jan. 2020
Episode #34.19
Jacob attempts to make a difference in two patients' lives, while Ruby helps Archie get to the bottom of an ED mystery. (BBC)
18 Jan. 2020
Episode #34.20
Faith brings her son in after a minor accident only for Dylan to discover a more serious problem, a police raid on a warehouse break-in results in an injured environmental activist and Charlie struggles with Duffy's confusion.
25 Jan. 2020
Episode #34.21
Marty suffers a betrayal, a guilt-ridden Charlie questions his decision to put Duffy in a care home, and Archie and Connie bond over their work. (BBC)
1 Feb. 2020
Episode #34.22
Charlie wakes to find Duffy has gone missing in freezing temperatures and falling snow. Can he find her before it is too late? An emotionally charged episode in which we say farewell to Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, the nation's most beloved nurse.
8 Feb. 2020
Episode #34.23
The ED pulls together in Charlie's time of need, and Connie struggles to conceal her guilt from Archie. (BBC)
15 Feb. 2020
Episode #34.24
Ruby's relationship is pushed to the limit when Violette betrays her trust and puts baby Harmony's life in danger. Ethan returns to an ED and gets a less than warm welcome from Rash, and Will learns not to mix romance and work.(BBC)
22 Feb. 2020
Episode #34.25
Violette tries to get clean in rehab, and is prepared to fight Ruby for custody of baby Harmony. However, a bad decision leads to devastating consequences for the sisters. (BBC)
29 Feb. 2020
Episode #34.26
Faith and Lev prepare for Luka's surgery. Charlie returns to work, throwing himself into work as a distraction from his grief, but soon becomes agitated when he realises a few things in the ED have changed in his absence.(BBC)
7 Mar. 2020
Episode #34.27
Ruby fails to juggle Harmony and work, and Marty pushes Jade to the limit.
14 Mar. 2020
Episode #34.28
New paramedic Fenisha makes a big impact, and Jacob is forced to go behind Charlie's back. (BBC)
28 Mar. 2020
Episode #34.29
A heartbroken Lev struggles with Luka's chemotherapy, and grieving Charlie finally snaps. (BBC)
4 Apr. 2020
Episode #34.30
The identity of a patient causes Marty to consider the risks of his new lifestyle, Faith works to engineer a reconciliation between two elderly patients and Ethan finds himself rebuffed when he suggests a casual relationship to Fenisha.
18 Apr. 2020
Episode #34.31
After learning her parents are taking Harmony abroad, Ruby makes a difficult decision over a train accident. Connie tells Rash to deal with Nicola and Howie when they return and Dylan tries to avoid Faith.
25 Apr. 2020
Episode #34.32
A joyriding incident leaves a teenager fighting for his life as all involved try to cover their backs. Connie and Jacob try to help Charlie when he is brought in drunk and injured, and Fenisha tells Will she is pregnant by someone else.
2 May 2020
Episode #34.33
An overworked Noel becomes suspicious when a teenage girl seems terrified of the family therapist. Fenisha meets a struggling single mum as she ponders having an abortion and Faith finds it hard being at work while Luka is having chemo.
23 May 2020
Episode #34.35
A deaf wrestler injured by a falling lighting rig turns out to be an ex-boyfriend of Jade's, while Fenisha is disciplined for ignoring orders to help him. Jacob tries to assist a wheelchair-bound former marine.
30 May 2020
Episode #34.36
A man desperate to stop his teenage son being adopted manages to put the boy and his social worker in hospital. There, he takes a visiting Charlie hostage along with Dylan, Connie and Faith.

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