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Season 24

11 Oct. 2013
A fungal infection affects many young ashes in Störzing's forest, causing danger. Grandl get a municipal council majority for lumbering, but Stefan consults a professor who warns the resistant old trees are the only solution. The school requires Stefan's parental signature in all matters. Martin and the guests bitterly regret him accidentally having inspired Marianne to resume violin lessons.
18 Oct. 2013
Wut im Bauch
An archer terrorizes Störzing's forest wildlife. Constable Tobias Stammberge is powerless, but enjoys catching up with deputy forester Eva, a school friend, rendering her colleague Ronald Badstuber jealous. Daniel graduated with honors, but mayor Kögl regretfully notifies the town can't afford hiring the exemplary apprentice for at least a year. the knave is shocked to hear not only his proud father but even his girlfriend insist he should rather consider better job offers in northern Germany. The mayor's partner Daniela is blackmailed by her ex Harald who knows her ...
25 Oct. 2013
Daniel has aced his forestry studies. However the local job he hoped for won't be available for a few years due to municipal budget cuts. He's not amused that father and even lover suggest he should leave town if accepted for better positions in northern Germany. Harald Königstein is back and wants his ex, mayor's wife Daniela, to pay him from the stud-farm proceeds, or he'll wreck it with a secret even she ignored. Sefan's spoiled-rotten daughter Lisa proves an even worse brat on her birthday, declining a traditional party and wining when her buddy Anna snaps up the ...
1 Nov. 2013
The Leitners mourn Marie's sister Daneile, who died while diving alone. Stefan even suspects foul play, but thus widowed mayor Peter Kögl calls a police marker only to find it was a mere accident. Georgios, an unemployed Greek immigrant shepherd, airhead animal-fan Lisa's latest hero, finds his grazing route obstructed by Grandl's private forest management.
8 Nov. 2013
Konstantin assures his green wood processing firm partner Wolf they can go ahead before they have they required woodland, but his mother seeks Harald's advice and refuses. Stefan's family is shocked that Marie's sister Danielle's testament doesn't make the mayor sole heir of the stud-farm, half of which goes to her ex Harold, who denies earlier agreements. Martin and Lisa take point in the resistance against industrialist Haller's project for a golf course in Störzing, which would destroy valuable otter habitats. Stefan soon realizes only a positive alternative stands...
15 Nov. 2013
To Stefan's astonishment, green mate Xaver is living in an abandoned mobile home, unable to pay the rent after 15 years of dream rate, actually a stealth-compensation for Grandle's father dirty trick to steal the patent on an invention Xaver did while employed in the milk firm as biologist. Stefan and Marie help mayor Kögl save her sister Danielle's stud-farm, but an equine virus exposes him to crippling damages. Harald offers to pay if the farm is transferred to him. Classmate Kai saves Lisa when she faints during a cycling trip from anorexia.
20 Dec. 2013
The nature reserve efforts can finally start paying off: the adventure trail is ready. Stefan personally leads a company's 'team building' party of three, who are unwilling to part even with cellphones. Stefan refuses to help their boss with his real purpose, selecting one of the trio for a promotion. The forestry assistants who came along must face the questions whether they are rivals or lovers. An accident changes the corporate competitors' minds more then anyone expected.
27 Dec. 2013
Ende gut, alles gut?
Dared by a cocky colleague, the mayor needs a female partner in the 'forestry Olympics'. Stefan can't make it, getting bogged down in the surprise mountain retreat he arranged to propose to Marie. Instead she falls asleep and they can't look away when a stroll puts them on the trail of a contagious mountain goats disease, which threatens the painstakingly reintroduced population. Ronald and Eva can't concentrate on the logger-jack games, wrestling with whether to commit, but end up going all the way in bed.

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