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Season 4

25 Sep. 1992
The People's Choice: Part 1
MacGillis' father comes to visit, but things are uneasy and it seems his father is always disappointed and putting him down. Polly is asked to run for mayor.
2 Oct. 1992
The People's Choice: Part 2
The Major's dad turns out to have not left town quite yet, giving them both a chance to hopefully work out their differences.
16 Oct. 1992
Here's Looking at You, Pol
Polly's campaign for mayor hits a snag when her opponent claims to have discovered that Polly posed for a gentlemen's magazine. Holowachuk gets his first ticket after going over the speed limit at General Craig's request.
23 Oct. 1992
Catered Affair
Elizabeth tries to talk MacGillis into letting her cater the private party General Craig is throwing for visiting Gen. Louis H. Wilson, but Polly and the Major are worried they will have to bail her out as usual.
30 Oct. 1992
There's No Place Like Farlow
MacGillis, Holowachuk, and Gunny volunteer to do some paper work on All Hallow's Eve, but General Craig drives them crazy. Casey is running a fever so she has to stay home for Halloween, and while sleeping she dreams everybody is a monster.
6 Nov. 1992
The Election Show
MacGillis is starting to tire of going out every night on the campaign trail with Polly, but sticks with it as election night draws near. Gunny, Holowachuk, and General Craig deal with a huge overstock of rations while the Major is out.
13 Nov. 1992
Gunny's Veiled Threat
Worried over a threat on his life, the Secret Service drafts Gunny to protect the Emir of Katodd on his unscheduled refueling stop at Camp Hollister. To top things off, Polly is outside with animal rights activists, protesting the Emir, as he is claimed to be a camel killer.
20 Nov. 1992
One for the Road
Elizabeth gets her first car and the Major is still sad he wasn't there for the milestone. Things go well until a friend of her's is T-boned; now Elizabeth is afraid to drive. General Craig is out of the wheelchair and now in crutches, and try as he might, he can stop breaking windows.
4 Dec. 1992
Blue Tenant Holowachuk
Worried about the Major's health, Polly asks him to stay out of other people's business and relax more, which is complicated by General Craig announcing he's the landlord of rental housing property that Holowachuk lives in and manages.
18 Dec. 1992
Old Acquaintance
Holowachuk switches desks with Gunny in order to make things easier. A couple of Polly's old protest friends come for a visit after several years and they appear to no longer the long-haired hippies she knew.
8 Jan. 1993
About Face
Everybody in the office is surprised when General Craig suddenly leaves for a day to get some kind of surgery.
15 Jan. 1993
I'll Be Seeing You
The construction and decoration of a 1940's theme dance ball, to commemorate World War II, proves to be the battle ground for friendship and relationship issues, and the actual ball itself peace talks.
22 Jan. 1993
Night School
MacGillis and Craig take a business class at night school to keep their options open in case downsizing should claim their jobs. The Major takes the class seriously, but General Craig can't stop talking, distracting MacGillis, and has no ability to take the situation seriously.
29 Jan. 1993
Piano Lesson
The Major accidentally finds himself taking piano lessons after trying to convince Casey to go through with hers.
5 Feb. 1993
Come Rain or Come Shine
MacGillis, General Craig, Holowachuk, and Gunny are unsure of their future in the Marine Corps as downsizing could eliminate their jobs all together, and with that uncertainty, a hiring manager from a civilian company lures them into considering a career outside the Core, with at one of them more lured than the others. But a prolonged rain storm that brings emergencies like flooding, changes things.
12 Feb. 1993
Colonel of Truth
With the man above him retiring, General Craig is next in line, but MacGillis is also a potential candidate. But when the list of potential candidates for promotion comes in, the Major's name isn't on there, prompting him to re-consider life in the Marine Corps, since it would be his second pass over for promotion.
19 Feb. 1993
From Russia with Like
A Russian major and his son visit from the new Russia, after the fall of the the U.S.S.R., and immediately they start butting heads over superiority which gets out of control when the MacGillis finds Elizabeth making out with the Russian major's son.
5 Mar. 1993
The Spell of Grease Paint
Holowachuk reluctantly agrees to be in a play with Polly that has a number of love scenes with her and it makes him uncomfortable and worried about the Major.
12 Mar. 1993
Gunny Gets Robbed
While at the office Gunny's apartment is robbed and she loses everything, including her eagle and gun collection. With the help of her friends at the office, she gets through it all.
2 Apr. 1993
Conduct Unbecoming
The Major discovers the new young man on base Robin has a crush on, is being physically abused by his father.
9 Apr. 1993
General Disturbance
Everybody is surprised when General Craig announces he had been transfered to the White House and is taking Lt. Holowachuk with him. Things go south when their new commander, General Wallce, show up and turns out to be an unfriendly hard-nosed Marine whom, along with his aide, look down on the two.
17 May 1993
Oops, a Daisy
The Major gets Casey a Red Ryder air rifle for her tenth birthday, but Polly's liberal bias against guns sends her up the wall. As a present, Casey gets her own and Robin moves into Elizabeth's bedroom. General Craig becomes paranoid Holowachuk is taking advantage of Mimzy's niece, Amanda, and becomes overly protective.

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