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  • Sybok realizes that the entity he has been communicating with on Sha-Ka-Ree is not only NOT the god of the Vulcan people, it isn't even a god to anybody period. What it really is is a sinister alien that had been trapped on the planet and was using him for it's escape plan. Seeing that because of his arrogance he has now put everyone in terrible danger, Sybok rushes over to Spock and begs his half-brother for forgiveness. And then, using his pain removal power as a ruse, he attacks the entity so that the others can escape. As the two of them fight viciously, Kirk orders Chekhov on the Enterprise to launch a photon torpedo on their location. The blast kills Sybok, but only makes the alien angrier. As the evil entity begins to chase them, Kirk, Spock and McCoy attempt to escape in the shuttle. When this fails, Kirk requests that the Enterprise, still suffering transporter problems, beam up Spock and McCoy first. Just as Kirk is about the be beamed aboard, Klaa's Klingon Bird-of-Prey attacks, damaging the transporter and stranding Kirk on the planet with the alien. Klaa then demands that Kirk be handed over to them. Spock appeals to General Korrd, who is one of Klaa's commanding officers, for help. As the entity corners Kirk, the Klingon ship appears, destroying the entity and beaming Kirk aboard. Korrd orders Klaa to apologize for his unauthorized attack on the Enterprise, and it is pointed out that their "new gunner" Spock is the one who fired on the entity. Kirk says that he thought he was going to die, but Spock assures him that he was never alone. Later, both the Starfleet and the Klingon crews are shown celebrating together on the Enterprise, suggesting the beginning of a Federation/Klingon collaboration. During the celebration, McCoy speculates as to whether God is really out there, but Kirk suggest that God is really in our hearts. Spock points out that he has lost a brother, and Kirk reminds him that he (Kirk) also lost a brother once but that he was lucky to get him back (indicating Spock). In the final scene, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are again camping out at Yosemite. The three of them are finally able to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" together and enjoy their vacation time. Edit

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