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Season 10

8 Sep. 1999
The Phantom Menace
In the aftermath of Kelly killing her rapist, she is arrested by the police who believe her self-defense story; they do want to prosecute her for the gun she used after a check on it reveals it to have been stolen. Kelly refuses to tell who gave it to her. Meanwhile, David forces Dylan move out of his house after finding Gina and Dylan in bed. Donna throws Gina out of the beach house after hearing Gina bad-mouth Kelly to some TV reporters. Dylan and Gina move into a hotel suite at the Beverly Royale Hotel where Dylan has lived in the past. Noah refuses to associate ...
15 Sep. 1999
Let's Eat Cake
Steve mistakes Janet's secret that she wants to break up with him, but when she tells him that she's four months pregnant, Steve does not take it happily. Meanwhile, Donna tries to reconcile with Noah, but does not find him open for talk especially when she sees him with another woman from the After Dark. Dylan tries to help out Lucy Wilson, a former high school girlfriend living at the Bel Aire Hotel, after she gets arrested for drug possession. Matt continues to try to help Kelly recover from the shooting by taking her to a support group. Also, the evil Gina beings ...
22 Sep. 1999
You Better Work
Dylan is denied a return to college due to a lame essay and the deadline for college enrollment. Meanwhile, Kelly and Donna prepare the reopening of the boutique since the shooting for Donna's men's line fashions. But Gina sneaks backstage and sets fire to their dresses. With that, all of Donna's friends assemble to salvage the fashions and the guys even step in as models for the fashion show. When Matt realizes that Gina set the fire deliberately to ruin Kelly and Donna, he uses this damaging information to put pressure on Gina to help with the publicity of the ...
29 Sep. 1999
A Fine Mess
Steve practices marriage proposals to Janet, who still wants no part in it but in planning to raise their unborn child. Meanwhile, Dylan asks Gina to move out of his hotel suite and into a separate one because of her constant and lavish spending of his money, and him wanting space. Matt's announcement of his cautious view of marriage angers Kelly who believes in lifelong commitment while his belief in his failed marriage increased while he represents a woman who wants out of her 15-year marriage at all costs. Also, David makes a date, Robyn, part of his radio show by ...
20 Oct. 1999
The Loo-Ouch
Steve and Janet finally break the news of her pregnancy which brings out hostility from her conservative mother and father, and mixed reactions from his unorthodox father, Rush. Meanwhile, David tries to curb his radio persona in an attempt to make up with Robyn, but is sidetracked by fans wanting more of his love life. Both Matt and Noah offer to move out of the house to make room for Steve and Janet's nursery. Also, Dylan tries to help out a hotel maid who has to bring her two wild sons to work with her, and Gina proposes to Noah a plan to turn the After Dark into a...
27 Oct. 1999
80's Night
David's new brash radio persona gets flack from Donna among others, but high ratings. Meanwhile, Matt and Kelly clash when he goes to court to try to overturn the death sentence for a convicted rapist-murderer, while Kelly also gets a visit from the parents of her rapist. Noah and Gina continue running their secret gentle mens club in the After Dark, but the place attracts the wrong attention when the police raid it after several nuisance complaints and arrest both Noah and Donna. But Gina slips away with David's father, Mel, who's also in attendance. Also, Steve and ...
3 Nov. 1999
Laying Pipe
Kelly and Dylan are asked to be the godparents of Steve and Janet's baby and so they travel to Ojai to plan their approaching wedding. There, Kelly and Dylan question their link to each other. Meanwhile, Steve hesitates to trade in his beloved Corvette for a mini-van. But then David takes matters in his own hands when a shady performance artist, named Marta, offers $28,000 for Steve's car. A homeless man's death affects Donna which sets her and Noah out to learn the history of the anonymous man. Matt's determination to overturn the death sentence for his imprisoned ...
10 Nov. 1999
Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Steve and Janet get married.
17 Nov. 1999
Family Tree
Kelly finally learns from Mel that Gina had blackmailed him over his infidelity. But when Kelly tells David, he refuses to believe her or anyone thanks to his renewed involvement with Gina and her skill of manipulation. At the same time, Kelly's mother, Jackie, asks Matt to represent her in suing David's father, while their daughter, Erin, shows obvious signs of depression over the breakup. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to bat for Andrew when he loses his job at the community center. But Dylan's victory over the center is bittersweet when word of Andrew's homosexuality ...
17 Nov. 1999
What's in a Name
Janet goes into premature labor near the end of the honeymoon and gives birth to a baby girl, while Steve maintains a vigil through the week as he worries about the safety of Janet and their newborn. Meanwhile, Dylan asks Kelly and Nat to volunteer in a feed the homeless Thanksgiving dinner at the community center. Kelly, seeking a way to get Jackie's mood in a boost, asks her to help out with the dinner, while little Erin continues to mope around about her parents separation. Donna learns of a past indiscretion by her father with Gina's mother, which brings out ...
15 Dec. 1999
Sibling Revelry
Dylan gives an expensive painting to Kelly as a gift which disturbs Matt thinking that Dylan is trying to buy Kelly's affections again. Meanwhile, Donna finally tells Gina their whole story about that they are half sisters, which throws Gina into anger and frustration. But Donna learns that Noah hasn't told her all of his life story when he tells her that he never went to Harvard. After returning from the hospital, Steve becomes overprotective of baby Madeline. Also, David's jealousy surfaces again when Gina confides in Dylan instead of him with her personal troubles.
22 Dec. 1999
Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
As Christmas approaches, Gina's meeting with Dr. Martin as her biological father is awkward and unsatisfying, similar to Janet and her parents when they accidentally run into each other at a Christmas tree lot. Steve eventually confronts Janet's parents and tells them to stop acting cold towards her and him. Donna's mother, Felice, offers to help Gina financially, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Donna can't let go of Noah's accident years ago resulting in the death of his girlfriend which leads to her and him considering breaking up. Also, Dylan loses control in front of ...
12 Jan. 2000
Tainted Love
The loss of a client's business puts Matt in financial straits because of the engagement ring he bough for Kelly which was paid for with the retainer. Gina tries to help Matt by asking Dylan for the $15,000 Matt owes, but Matt refuses the money because of his own pride and reliance, while he begins lying to Kelly about his financial problems. Meanwhile, Dylan grows uncomfortable about God-parenting to Kelly because of her engagement. David and others benefit from a man's crush on Donna whom she asks out on a date that flops. Also, Noah attempts to fight his loss over ...
19 Jan. 2000
I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You
Donna and David meet promising new mates for themselves, she with an unpredictable businessman named Jerry, and he with a law clerk named Chrissy. Meanwhile, Kelly decides to quit working at the boutique store. Soon after being suspended by the state bar for misappropriate use of legal funds, Matt violates his suspension by taking a case of an injured factory worker, until Chrissy finds out and threatens him. The increasingly moody Dylan suffers from the fast-lane acquaintances of Noah's which takes a turn for the worse when both Dylan and Gina are arrested when ...
26 Jan. 2000
Fertile Ground
Matt's older brother, Patrick, pays a visit with his wife and asks Matt for a very personal favor: to be a sperm donor so his wife can have a baby since he is sterile. But Kelly pressures Matt not to agree to the favor. Noah is threatened by Josie's brother, Shane, when Dylan refuses to cover for Josie's drug loss after David destroyed a drug stash to avoid getting arrested. Meanwhile, Steve tells Janet about his previous encounter with Darby who was a wild and crazy nymphomaniac during her days at college. Donna, now running the boutique shop on her own, goes out ...
9 Feb. 2000
The Final Proof
A revenge-seeking Shane and his friend Carl, kidnap Noah and then send a ransom e-mail to Dylan for his release. Dylan agrees to deliver the ransom money without notifying the police, but confides in Steve about the situation. Then Dylan is waylaid by Josie and Shane who plan to kill him and Noah anyway. Meanwhile, Kelly and Matt prepare to go on a couples Valentine's Day game show with Donna and Janet as their coaches. But when Kelly has an attack of nerves, Donna goes on the show with Matt in her place. Donna's father tries to bond with Gina who continues to be ...
16 Feb. 2000
Doc Martin
After Dr. Martin dies from a sudden and massive stroke, unspoken accusations regarding his death haunt Gina. But Felice, as always, speaks her mind accusing Gina of bringing on her husband's fatal stroke while Donna gets consul David and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Kelly considers taking a job in public relations while Matt's financial situation gets worse. Dylan decides to explore greener pastures when he decides to leave town and Gina decides on the same. Also, Noah has trouble getting over his kidnapping and brush with death which leads to him drinking again. ...
1 Mar. 2000
Eddie Waitkus
Dylan becomes intrigued with his past after he and Steve see a live news report showing a group of plane crash survivors, one of whom is the dead-splitting image of his long death father Jack McKay. Dylan tries looking into his family storage locker, but finds it broken into and ransacked. Dylan then goes to see Christine Pettie, the FBI agent who was involved in protecting his father many years ago, but she is not very helpful and advises Dylan to leave this alone. Meanwhile, Noah's return to drinking gets worse when he intrudes on Donna's newest date Eli. Kelly ...
8 Mar. 2000
I Will Be Your Father Figure
Matt and Kelly aid Dylan in trying to help him find his father in which the search leads them to Arizona where they find Dylan's father, who lives under the alias Eddie Waitkus, and has a wife and young son. Meanwhile, Donna brings Noah at the beach apartment to convalesce for his injuries where he begins to take advantage her loneliness to make the moves on her. Janet becomes worried when Steve reverts to his old partying form when his stepbrother Ryan visits. Also, Camille tells David that she's beginning to resent Donna's constant phone calls to him for support ...
15 Mar. 2000
Ever Heard the One About the Exploding Father?
Jack McKay suddenly shows up at Dylan's front door of his hotel room where he makes him an offer to be a part of his life in which he will leave the witness protection program that he is in. But Dylan is approached by Christine Pettit who warns Dylan about a rash decision that his father is making since he is still a marked man by his former mob partners. So, Dylan tells Jack to go back to his new life in Arizona while he deals with his own. Meanwhile, Steve lobbies for Ryan's return to college who falls under the influence of Noah in bar-tending at the After Dark. ...
22 Mar. 2000
Spring Fever
Kelly recruits Steve and Janet's five-month-old baby, Maddy, for a photo ad as part of her first independent PR assignment for a new knock-wurst sausage. But when the plans fall through, Steve decides to step in and volunteer himself for the ad. Meanwhile, Noah meets and becomes acquainted with Ellen, a fellow AA member in need of attention. Matt accompanies Dylan on a motorcycle road trip in the California hills where they Matt unknowingly ingests acid at a desert rave which leads to him spending the night with one of the party girls. Also, Donna's distress over ...
5 Apr. 2000
The Easter Bunny
Camille continues to get between Donna and David when she decides, but not Donna, to market products from the boutique over the Internet. But David has concerns of his own when Dylan begins working closely with Camille for her on-line web site for the store, and Donna is drawn to the Internet salesman Mitch. Meanwhile, Matt begins having difficulty with Kelly when his guilt over his drug-induced, one-night stand begins to surface. Steve and Janet have a crisis when the dog they are babysitting for kills and eats their neighbor's daughter's pet rabbit and Steve resorts...
19 Apr. 2000
And Don't Forget to Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt
Noah helps Ellen get back into AA, but she tells him that she does not see on the same lines as he does for recovery. Meanwhile, Steve invests in Donna's on-line venture after Janet says no to the offer. Matt pads his continuing lie about his one-night-stand to Kelly while Dylan continues lurking around them to see if Matt will give in and confess to Kelly about it. Donna reject Mitch's business style in personal matters when his come-ons become more frequent which leads to him sabotaging her opening night of her web site after she rejects going out with him again. ...
26 Apr. 2000
Love Is Blind
Dylan's generous wedding gift of two open-ended airplane tickets vexes both Kelly and Matt who consider moving to Seattle for Matt to interview for a job at a prestigious law firm. Meanwhile, Steve and Janet receive an offer by a businessman to buy their newspaper which Janet will run it where as Steve will not which sets both of them to try out a trial run of Steve being with baby Maddy for a week while Janet runs the office. Donna tells David that she wants to keep their relationship strictly platonic, while Donna's mother, Felice, tells her that she has decided to ...
10 May 2000
I'm Happy for You... Really
Camille returns to town after a long vacation with hope of reconciliation with David, unaware of his returning feelings for Donna who finds Camille's presence uncomfortable. Meanwhile, a reported surfing accident in Dylan's area makes Kelly searching for him thinking that he may be dead. When the rumor is false and Dylan turns up alive, Kelly ponders her hidden feelings for him. Janet is offered a better editing job away from the Beverly Beat which makes Steve wary over this turn of events. Also, Noah meets with Ellen again to try to work out their differences and ...
17 May 2000
The Penultimate
After David proposes marriage to Donna, both of them contemplate the matter and finally make a big decision. With Janet's career as a junior editor for the new owner of the Beverly Beat taking off, Steve become conflicted about being an unemployed stay-at-home father for baby Maddy. Kelly, while trying to open her independent public relations company, must make her own final decision on marrying Matt to console him after he learns that his brother in New York has suddenly died, and an uncertain-of-himself Dylan after he gets his college diploma. When Kelly tells Matt ...
17 May 2000
Ode to Joy
David and Donna announce their engagement in which all of their friends rush to give them the perfect wedding with Donna's mother, Felice, and Kelly's mother, Jackie, taking over the arrangements and Nat catering for the ceremony and agreeing to escort Donna down the church aisle. Meanwhile, Steve asks Janet to help him form their own publishing company so they both can have time for baby Maddie. Noah returns to Ellen and tells her that he has decided to give their relationship a second chance. At Donna's pre-wedding party, Kelly, Janet, Felice and Jackie are in ...

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