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Season 3

21 May 1992
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
The new Australian Ambassador to Ragaan, Katherine Jensen, arrives to find the Embassy in upheaval.
28 May 1992
Divided Loyalties
Belinda's sister, Gillian arrives in Ragaan to clinch a multi-million dollar deal.
4 Jun. 1992
Pigs Might Fly
Terry Blake applies for a promotion to a job in Canberra.
11 Jun. 1992
The Blooding
Ragaan is changing with frightening speed.
18 Jun. 1992
Rules of Engagement
Major Abu Tali is a symbol of the new Ragaan.
25 Jun. 1992
Nice Guys Finish Last
The Americans are intent on re-establishing their Embassy.
2 Jul. 1992
Cultural Exchanges
Vince Cooper and his family have first hand experience with Ragaan's racial and religious conflicts.
16 Jul. 1992
Times a Changing
As Ragaan moves closer to democratic elections, an Australian business deal looks set to take off.
23 Jul. 1992
Man of Straw
Edward Logan a visiting Australian politician with a passion for people, has captivated Ragaan.
30 Jul. 1992
Crisis of Confidence
The Australian Government is considering selling arms to Ragaan's neighbour Mandakka.
6 Aug. 1992
Letter of the Law
Melbourne Cup celebrations in Port Victoria result in an Australian businessman being charged with public drunkenness.
13 Aug. 1992
The Chinese win the first local election and Michael is kidnapped by an extremist group.
20 Aug. 1992
Mahmoud's promised general election is drawing near and the nation is in campaign mode.

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