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  • No. He only pretended to be just to score points with Ben because he adopted Junior and even Roy treated him with disrespect. Edit

  • A seemingly normal Beck is ordered an examination with a therapist, the attending Warden makes one too many outbursts and is told to leave the room. When the therapist resumes, Beck snaps and strangles the doctor. He takes his clothes and hides the body in the trunk of the doctor's car. Edit

  • He wanted to sell the franchise to a Japanese conglomerate. much to Little Ben's dismay as he thought he would still get the property. This explains their somewhat sour relationship. Edit

  • A scene has Ben and Flo on their way to church when they are stopped by their neighbor Mrs. Perkins, who complains that their cat, Fuzzball, has defecated in her tulips, once again and is ordered by her and Flo to clean it up.

    Once in church, Ben and the priest have a private chat in the pulpit. Ben tells him about the relationship about his father and that he wants a kid. The priest explains that the local orphanage has an adoption service, but Ben tells him that Flo refuses to raise someone else's child, much to the priest's disdain.

    An extended scene has Ben and Flo visiting Mr. Peabody's adoption agency with him and Flo quibbling about the features her child should have.

    A extended sequence where Martin Beck is undergoing an examination and imagines himself being lead to the electric chair by the guards and a priest. However, once they reach the room. Beck gets out his gun and threatens to shoot the priest if the guards do not back off. He then forces the warden into the chair.

    A short dialogue scene where Roy tells Ben to hurry up packing their car for their camping trip.

    Following the aftermath of Roy getting knocked out with the frying pan on the camping trip, Ben is determined to start disciplining Junior and tells him the difference between right and wrong. Ben also discovers how Junior was always neglected and dumped on all his life and tells him he now has a real family.

    Junior spends one morning taunting the milkman, mailman, and paperboy with a remote-controlled airplane.

    A brief scene has Ben trying to park Roy's Jeep at the circus.

    The Mother Superior and another kid recognize Ben, who frantically pushes and knocks people down trying to get to a kidnapped Junior.

    When Beck chases after Junior, the bearded lady recognizes Beck as her old boyfriend. Edit



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  • Basically. She always thought about herself and constantly berated Ben because of his spineless attitude towards his dad and others. Ben discovers the beefcake photos in her private drawers and later has sex with Martin Beck in the kitchen of their home. At the film's end, Flo, stuck in a suitcase, falls into the back of a pig truck, supposedly going to Mexico. Ben states to Junior she always wanted to travel. Edit

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