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Anjelica Huston: Miss Ernst, Grand High Witch



  • Beatrice : [to another witch, under her breath]  We can't possibly wipe out all of them.

    Grand High Witch : Who spoke? Who dares to argue with me.

    [she notices Beatrice, points to her] 

    Grand High Witch : It was you!

    Beatrice : I didn't mean to argue, your grandness.

    Grand High Witch : You dare to argue with me!

    Beatrice : No, honestly, it just was a...

    Grand High Witch : A stupid witch who answers back, must burn till her bones are black!

    Beatrice : No! No!

    Grand High Witch : A foolish witch without a brain, must sizzle into fire and flame! I witch who dares to say I'm wrong, will not be with us... VERY LONG!

    [she zaps the witch with her eyes] 

  • Mr. Jenkins : Thought I'd like to say hello to a fellow philanthropist.

    Miss Ernst : You collect stamps?

    Mr. Jenkins : Charitees. This RSPCC.

    Miss Ernst : What is this RSP...?

    Miss Irvine : [whispers]  Cruelty to Children!

    Miss Ernst : Oh, of course, you give money for the little...


    Miss Ernst : children. And... we of course... we also give money for the little...

    [Irvine holds out a basin for he. Jenkins throws some change into it] 

  • [the Grand High Witch is transforming into a mouse] 

    Grand High Witch : I'm not finished with you yet, old woman... Next time...

    Helga : No. Not next time. This time, it's *your* turn!

  • Henrietta : Poisoned sweets? We'll wipe them out like weasels!

    Grand High Witch : Who spoke?

    Miss Irvine : [points at Henrietta and laughs]  She did!

    Henrietta : It's brilliant!

    Grand High Witch : Poisoned? And you don't mind getting caught, exposed, vilified?

    Henrietta : [nervously]  Well, I just thought...

    Grand High Witch : Mindless bumpkin! You blithering bogvumper!

    [Henrietta winces in fear] 

    Grand High Witch : No wonder that England is swarming with...

    [Eva takes a deep breath to keep her cool] 

    Grand High Witch : [now calm]  Everything you sell that day will have to be treated with my very latest and very greatest magic formula.

    [Eva holds out a tiny purple vial, Formula 86] 

    Grand High Witch : [points and shouts to enunciate at Henrietta]  Witches work only with magic!

  • Grand High Witch : Formula 86: My greatest triumph. A work of... genius. Formula 86! In this bottle, 500 doses, with a delay mechanism that prevents it from working until two hours after it has been taken.


    Millie : What does it do... Genius One?

    Grand High Witch : One dose, and the time works to the second. But more than five doses breaks the delay barrier, and the formula works instantly. Child... starts to shrink. The child... starts to... grow fur. Starts... growing a tail! All this happens in precisely twenty-five seconds! Shrinking more... child is no longer a child.


    Grand High Witch : Child... is a MOUSE!

  • Grand High Witch : [laughing]  Kill him!

  • Elsie : Wait! Wait!

    [Miss Ernst and the others stop and turn around] 

    Elsie : I smell... dogs' droppings.

    [all the witches gasp and begin to sniff around] 

    Woman in Black : Ugh! The smell!

    Miss Ernst : She's right! Search out this small lump of dung! Find it! It must be exterminated immediatly!

  • [after Bruno transformed into a mouse as the meeting ends] 

    Miss Ernst : Any questions?

    Millie : Madam, what would happen if one of the chocolates we give away was accidentally eaten by a grown-up?

    Miss Ernst : [chuckles uncaringly]  Then that's just too bad for the grown-up.

  • Miss Ernst : [pointing her spoon at Helga as her witches turn into mice, yells]  Y-you're doomed, old woman! You're doomed forever!

  • Bruno Jenkins : [enters the convention, points at Miss Ernst]  That lady promised me six whole bars of cream-whipped hazelnut milk chocolate. I've come to collect.

    Miss Ernst : Ladies, may I introduce Bruno? Come up, Bruno... I have the chocolate here.

    [Bruno does so and she looks at her watch] 

    Miss Ernst : I said 6:15, and that is in 15 seconds from now.

    [the witches laugh as does Bruno and she looks at Bruno] 

    Miss Ernst : You are in for a treat.


    Miss Ernst : We all are!

    [everyone including Bruno laughs] 

    Bruno Jenkins : [stops laughing]  What's going on?

    Miss Ernst : [gestures him to wait]  Just a few moments... Five!

    Bruno Jenkins : I can't even see any chocolate!

    Miss Ernst : [continues as the other witches join in]  Four! Three! Two! One!

    Bruno Jenkins : [talks over them]  Will one of you please tell me what's up?

    Miss Ernst : ZERO!

    [Bruno groans in pain then belches loudly] 

    Miss Ernst : We have ignition!

    [the witches begin laughing in amusement] 

    Miss Ernst : Everybody, look! It's fantastic! It's begun!

    [Bruno begins transforming into a mouse] 

    Miss Ernst : I can't stand it; it's so wonderful! Look at you! It's fantastic!

  • [after being transformed into a mouse] 

    Witch Chef : [runs in the restaurant to warn the other witches]  Don't touch it! It's in the soup! Don't touch the soup!

    [Miss Ernst looks down and sees a mouse, shrieks] 

    Woman in Black : A child!

    [she stomps on the mouse killing her instantly] 

    Miss Ernst : Good.

  • Marlene : [entering the room as they leave]  Evening, madam. Just popping in to turn down your bed.

    Miss Ernst : How is the room service here?

    Miss Irvine : Diabolical.

    Miss Ernst : Good.

    Miss Irvine : How do you know that woman upstairs?

    Miss Ernst : Come along. Walk downstairs. The elevator is out of order.

    [as they walk downstairs the elevator chimes] 

  • Nicola : Welcome, Miss Ernst. Nicola Cuttle.

    [Approaches and shakes Miss Ernst's hand] 

    Nicola : I have been so looking forward to meeting you. You look marvelous.

    Miss Ernst : Hm... I wish I could say the same for you, Nicola.

  • Miss Ernst : You may remove your shoes! You may remove your wigs!

    [Grabs her wig with one hand and pulls her face mask down to her eyebrows with the other] 

    Miss Ernst : The doors- are they locked and bolted?

    Miss Irvine : Locked and bolted, your Grandness.

    Miss Ernst : Good. Help.

  • Miss Ernst : What are you doing here?

    Miss Irvine : The banquet, Miss Ernst.

    Miss Ernst : No, no, no, no! You must go to your room and prepare for...

    Mr. Jenkins : Hello!

    Miss Ernst : ...tomorrow's flight. Yes.

    [Waves to Mr. Jenkins] 

    Miss Ernst : Have a good flight.

    Miss Irvine : But, it's our banquet!

    Miss Ernst : You are not here to enjoy yourself, you are here as my staff! Go to your room, NOW.

    [to the Witches at the table] 

    Miss Ernst : Ladies...

    Miss Irvine : [long pause after Eva Ernst walks off]  I quit.

  • Miss Ernst : This stinking little carbuncle has had five hundred doses!


    Miss Ernst : We are having Instantaneous action!

  • [after zapping a witch into a pile of ashes] 

    Grand High Witch : I hope nobody else is going to make me cross today.

  • Grand High Witch : Witches of England... You are a disgrace! Miserable witches... You are good-for-nothing worms! Everywhere I look, I see the repulsive sight of hundreds, thousands of revolting little children... I ask you!


    Grand High Witch : Why? One child a week is no good to me!

    Woman in Black : [stands]  We will do better! We will do much better!

    Grand High Witch : Better is no good either! I demand maximum results!

  • Luke : Grandma! Grandma! Wake up, Grandma! Please, Grandma!

    [Miss Ernst and Miss Irvine enter the room] 

    Luke : My grandma!

    Miss Ernst : An old adversary I have discovered... very old...

    Luke : If you hurt my grandma...

    Miss Ernst : Silence!

    [caughts Luke] 

  • Miss Ernst : [Miss Ernst had moved towards a painting. She taps the man in the picture and stares intently]  Hmm.

    Janice : You look wonderful, Miss Ernst.

    Dora : We are looking forward to this afternoon!

    Miss Ernst : [in disinterest]  Mmm.

    [walks away, Irvine approaches the painting and prepares to reach for it] 

    Miss Ernst : Irvine?

    [Miss Irvine reluctantly follows her to the elevator, the man in the painting slowly disappears] 

  • Grand High Witch : Now, this is my plan: Each of you will go back to your homes... and resign from your jobs. Give notice. Retire. You will then buy with the money I give you...

    [Irvine gives her the money from the case box] 

    Grand High Witch : Sweet shops. Candy stores. The best and most respectable sweet shops in England.

    [throws the money, the ladies are picking up the money] 

    Grand High Witch : Upstairs: I have a trunkload of this English money... So, you'll be able to offer three, maybe four times what these shops are worth. Go, go, go.

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