The Witches (1990) Poster


Bill Paterson: Mr. Jenkins



  • Mr. Jenkins : Thought I'd like to say hello to a fellow philanthropist.

    Miss Ernst : You collect stamps?

    Mr. Jenkins : Charitees. This RSPCC.

    Miss Ernst : What is this RSP...?

    Miss Irvine : [whispers]  Cruelty to Children!

    Miss Ernst : Oh, of course, you give money for the little...


    Miss Ernst : children. And... we of course... we also give money for the little...

    [Irvine holds out a basin for he. Jenkins throws some change into it] 

  • Miss Ernst : What are you doing here?

    Miss Irvine : The banquet, Miss Ernst.

    Miss Ernst : No, no, no, no! You must go to your room and prepare for...

    Mr. Jenkins : Hello!

    Miss Ernst : ...tomorrow's flight. Yes.

    [Waves to Mr. Jenkins] 

    Miss Ernst : Have a good flight.

    Miss Irvine : But, it's our banquet!

    Miss Ernst : You are not here to enjoy yourself, you are here as my staff! Go to your room, NOW.

    [to the Witches at the table] 

    Miss Ernst : Ladies...

    Miss Irvine : [long pause after Eva Ernst walks off]  I quit.

  • [Helga stops Mr. Jenkins for eating the soup] 

    Helga : Don't touch it!

    Mr. Jenkins : I told you she was a loony. She's an absolute nutter!

    [She tooks the plate the spills the soup] 

    Mr. Jenkins : Look at my bloody soup! All that stuff about Bruno!

    Helga : Bruno has been turned into...

    Mr. Jenkins : He has NOT been turned into a...

    [notices that Bruno is a mouse] 

    Bruno Jenkins : Yes, I have! Hello, dad!

    [Mrs. Jenkins notices that her son is a mouse, screaming and faints] 

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