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Charlie Potter: Bruno Jenkins



  • Bruno Jenkins : [enters the convention, points at Miss Ernst]  That lady promised me six whole bars of cream-whipped hazelnut milk chocolate. I've come to collect.

    Miss Ernst : Ladies, may I introduce Bruno? Come up, Bruno... I have the chocolate here.

    [Bruno does so and she looks at her watch] 

    Miss Ernst : I said 6:15, and that is in 15 seconds from now.

    [the witches laugh as does Bruno and she looks at Bruno] 

    Miss Ernst : You are in for a treat.


    Miss Ernst : We all are!

    [everyone including Bruno laughs] 

    Bruno Jenkins : [stops laughing]  What's going on?

    Miss Ernst : [gestures him to wait]  Just a few moments... Five!

    Bruno Jenkins : I can't even see any chocolate!

    Miss Ernst : [continues as the other witches join in]  Four! Three! Two! One!

    Bruno Jenkins : [talks over them]  Will one of you please tell me what's up?

    Miss Ernst : ZERO!

    [Bruno groans in pain then belches loudly] 

    Miss Ernst : We have ignition!

    [the witches begin laughing in amusement] 

    Miss Ernst : Everybody, look! It's fantastic! It's begun!

    [Bruno begins transforming into a mouse] 

    Miss Ernst : I can't stand it; it's so wonderful! Look at you! It's fantastic!

  • Bruno Jenkins : [after being turned into a mouse, to Mrs Jenkins]  You always wanted me to lose weight. Well, look at me now.

    [Mrs Jenkins cries] 

  • [Helga stops Mr. Jenkins for eating the soup] 

    Helga : Don't touch it!

    Mr. Jenkins : I told you she was a loony. She's an absolute nutter!

    [She tooks the plate the spills the soup] 

    Mr. Jenkins : Look at my bloody soup! All that stuff about Bruno!

    Helga : Bruno has been turned into...

    Mr. Jenkins : He has NOT been turned into a...

    [notices that Bruno is a mouse] 

    Bruno Jenkins : Yes, I have! Hello, dad!

    [Mrs. Jenkins notices that her son is a mouse, screaming and faints] 

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