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Season 7

23 Sep. 1997
Quest for Fire
The Taylor family vacation in northern Michigan, and Tim announces he wants the family to move there. Jill and the boys are not as enthused as Tim expected. Tim realizes he needs to change and grow.
30 Sep. 1997
Clash of the Taylors
Tim is upset when Randy becomes critical of Binford's environmental record.
7 Oct. 1997
Room at the Top
Jill wants Tim to convert their attic into office space for her. Tim is enthused, but then Jill changes her mind. They each come to realize why he needs to build it, and why she does not want it built.
14 Oct. 1997
Pump You Up
A scout from the UNC is interested in Brad for a soccer scholarship. Tim starts to coach him so he improves his game and chances for the scholarship. Brad's ego gets the best of him and he is kicked off the team at high school.
28 Oct. 1997
A Night to Dismember
Mark and his friend make a horror movie, with the Taylors being the stars. They are filmed as the perfect family. Tim and Jill view the movie; Mark is shown as the forgotten son who seeks evil, Jill worries Mark really feels forgotten.
4 Nov. 1997
The Niece
Wilson's niece surprises him with a visit, with the possibility that she might stay with him for an extended period.
11 Nov. 1997
Jill's Passion
After a man asks her out at the gym, thinking Tim is Jill's brother, she fantasizes about the man and worries whether the spark has gone out of her marriage.
18 Nov. 1997
Losing My Religion
Upset after difficult experiences while working at a hospice, Randy tells his parents that he's not going to go to church anymore.
25 Nov. 1997
Tim is invited to bring his family and spend Thanksgiving in a luxury suite at the Lions' traditional holiday football game.
9 Dec. 1997
The Dating Game
Al finds out his former fiancé, Ilene. is engaged to someone else. Al realizes she has moved on, and he has not. Tim takes Al to a night club to meet some women; Al pretends to the the star of Tool Time.
16 Dec. 1997
Bright Christmas
Jill's mother is visiting for Christmas. It is the first one since her husband died. Jill has a hard time seeing her mother with another man. Meanwhile, Tim decorates for Christmas in his usual, over-the-top, way.
6 Jan. 1998
The Old College Try
Tim teaches an auto course at a community college. Going from the young students to hanging out with his older friends, Tim feels his friends are acting old. He starts to hang out with the college students and keep up with their lifestyle.
20 Jan. 1998
An Older Woman
Brad announces his plans to wed.
3 Feb. 1998
Tim 'The Landlord' Taylor
Tim and Jill purchase another house for rental property. Tim uses it for a renovation show on Tool Time. Al wants to save all the older, custom parts of the house; he wants to rent the house.
10 Feb. 1998
Say Goodnight, Gracie
Tim and Jill babysit their niece Gracie. Jill is called away for work, so Tim has to play and care for Gracie. He has such a grand time, he wants he and Jill to have their own baby girl.
24 Feb. 1998
What a Drag
After falling through the porch swing, Tim discovers a hidden bag of marijuana. Tim ad Jill suspect it belongs to one of the boys. And they are shocked when they discover the chronic belongs to Brad.
3 Mar. 1998
Taking Jill for Granite
Tim found the perfect Granite Guy to replace the counters in the Taylor kitchen. When he arrives, Jill recognizes him as the guy who asked her on a date. She does not say anything to Tim - until the Granite Guy makes a pass.
10 Mar. 1998
Futile Attraction
Heidi has marital problems. Tim suggests that Al take Heidi out and talk with her. Heidi confides in Al, and he talks and listens to her. They become good friends. Tim wonders if there is more going on between them. At home, Jill has a cold.
17 Mar. 1998
Desperately Seeking Willow
A St Patrick's Day celebration on Tool Time, and the K&B crew is on hand. Meanwhile, Wilson takes a 3-day vacation while his house is fumigated. Willow stays with Tim & Jill, then goes out at night and does not come home. Jill is worried.
31 Mar. 1998
The Write Stuff
Brad joins the school newspaper where Randy is considered a top writer. Brad writes a light-hearted article about sports, and it gets put on the front page - pushing Randy's serious article to a back page. Randy is upset.
21 Apr. 1998
The Son Also Mooches
When Tim's brother Jeff's business fails, he moves in with their mother. Tim is upset that Jeff is taking advantage of their mother by living there, rent free, and borrowing her retirement money.
28 Apr. 1998
Believe It or Not
Wilson tells Tim his secret that he once saw a spaceship and aliens. Tim tells the others, who then all start to ridicule Wilson. Wilson feels betrayed and stops talking to Tim. Tim finds a way to apologize.
5 May 1998
Rebel Without Night Driving Privileges
Randy passes his driving test and gets a license. He wants to drive that night to celebrate, but Jill is reluctant because of what happened when Brad drove his first night. Randy does not think this is fair as each of them are different.
12 May 1998
Tool-Thousand-One: A Space Odyssey
One of Binford's tools is chosen to be included on a space shuttle, and Tim asked to also go. Meanwhile, Mark changes from his all black clothing to a well-dressed teenager, then reverts back. Tim has a decision to make.
19 May 1998
From Top to Bottom
Tim is picking colors for his rebuilt convertible. Jill is asked to appear on a woman's talk show. She tries to explain Tim to the audience and it embarrasses and hurts Tim.

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