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Sam Neill: Eugene Fitzpatrick



  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [voice over]  Soon they were hooked; all of them. They lived to see their dreams, and when they slept they dreamed about their dreams. They had arrived at the island of dreams together; but in a short time they were oceans apart. I watched helplessly as Claire and Sam were drowning in their own nocturnal imagery. They ignored each other, and neglected themselves. The dreams which should have been flushed away with the first yawn, were now their only diet; and thus became more and more concentrated. They made monsters for themselves that they could neither tolerate nor do without... They wandered in and out of lost worlds. Feelings and figures emerged from a forgotten past. Their dreams became black holes of isolation... They suffered, finally; from a complete loss of reality.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [First lines - Voice Over]  1999 was the year that the Indian nuclear satellite went out of control. No one knew where it might land. It soared above the ozone layer like a lethal bird of prey. The whole world was alarmed. Only Claire, couldn't care a less. At the time, she was living her own nightmare. The same dream arrived each night. She was gliding over an unknown land, pleasantly at first, but; then the gliding would turn into falling, the falling into panic, and then she'd wake up.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [voice over]  I'd always cherished the beginning of the Gospel According to John, "In the beginning, was the word." I was not afraid the Apocalypse would read, "In the end, there were only images." I didn't know the cure for the disease of images. All I knew was how to write. Winter had once said to me, "Words won't help us now, Mr. Fitzpatrick." But, words were all I had.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : Bastards! Two years of my life just - wiped!

    Phillip Winter : Oh, who cares about your work? What do you think is going to happen to Goethe? Think about that. Goethe! Gone forever.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Goethe? What the fuck would you know about Goethe?

    Phillip Winter : What do you know about me? You think I'm just a pigeon in a hole?

  • Phillip Winter : For a writer, you don't type very fast.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : How do you spell nuisance?

  • Claire Tourneur : I still love you; but, its a different sort of love, that's all. It's like a ladder.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : I'm like a ladder?

    Claire Tourneur : Like a ladder with a broken step.

  • Claire Tourneur : I just want my money back.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : [looking speculatively at the "Bounty Bear" interface]  How much would it cost to set me up with one of these hard and soft?

    Claire Tourneur : Gene?

    Phillip Winter : No, no, no, please. Marry her. Slap her around. But, don't go chasing after this guy. She's not going to fuck you, she wants to fuck him!

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : I don't think you quite understand the nature of our relationship.

    Phillip Winter : Besides, you're out of your depth! To buy a computer from this... you think you're a detective? When you get back from Moscow you'll be broke. They'll have repossessed your car. You'll have... turned off. You're computers will be down. You're garbage won't be picked. You won't...

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Mr. Winter, admit it! You'd love it but you can't afford it!

  • Claire Tourneur : [the dream-player is out of battery]  Gene, can't you make it work?

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : I can't, Clarire. It's dead.

    Claire Tourneur : I'm dead. My heart is dead! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [voice over]  As for Claire, the next time I heard from her she was working for Greenspace. Her extraordinary vision had found her a place on their space observatory. She and her crew mates, orbited the earth, watching the oceans for pollution crimes. She stayed up there for six months. She spent her thirtieth birthday - in space.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : Do you love him?

    Claire Tourneur : Yes, I do.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Well, I hope he loves you.

  • Claire Tourneur : I trusted him.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Sure, and then he robbed you...

  • Sam Farber, alias Trevor McPhee : I am neither a Spy or a Jewel Thief!

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : What are you, then?

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : Come on, you can't be upset about having stolen money stolen.

  • Claire Tourneur : Remember the first time we came to Tokyo? It was the summer of 1994. Our first summer.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : It rained all the time.

    Claire Tourneur : We saw the Rolling Stones last concert.

  • Sam Farber, alias Trevor McPhee : I am neither a spy nor a jewel thief.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : What are you then?

    Sam Farber, alias Trevor McPhee : You don't know? You followed me all around the world and you don't know who I am?

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : My computer's whacked!

    Phillip Winter : Mine too. All electromagnetic circuits get wiped by a nuclear blast. Computer memories too. Its an EMP effect.

  • Phillip Winter : I'm more worried about - reality, than fiction. I'm worried about the present, Mr. Fitzpatrick.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : The present will look after itself. But, it's our duty to realize the future with our imagination.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : What do you do?

    Karl : I'm a genius.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [voice over]  Edith Eisner had been 8 years old when she lost her sight. The experience of seeing the world again was exhilarating; but, it was also confusing and sad. The world she discovered was darker and uglier than she could have imagined. It would have been ungracious of her to mention this. The grief was only there for those with eyes to see it.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : I moved into the now defunct radio station to write what I thought was going to be the last chapter of my novel. But, none of us knew that Dr. Farber was pursuing a new line of research which would take us all onto another journey - down dangerous pathways, down into the garden of dreams itself.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : [voice over]  I believed in words. And I believed in the magic and healing powers of storytelling.

  • Claire Tourneur : But, now. What happens now?

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Oh, that's for you to invent.

    Claire Tourneur : The Dancer on the Planet, you call it.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Yeah. I watched you dance.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : I love loving you.

    Claire Tourneur : That's a good song title.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Ah, its too corny.

    Claire Tourneur : It depends.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : Who is this Trevor McPhee character?

    Claire Tourneur : Tall, handsome stranger from Australia with an American accent.

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