Until the End of the World (1991) Poster

Rüdiger Vogler: Phillip Winter



  • Phillip Winter : We need to find him first and fast. "First" and "fast" are my names.

  • Phillip Winter : Love or money? Either way, you win.

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : Bastards! Two years of my life just - wiped!

    Phillip Winter : Oh, who cares about your work? What do you think is going to happen to Goethe? Think about that. Goethe! Gone forever.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Goethe? What the fuck would you know about Goethe?

    Phillip Winter : What do you know about me? You think I'm just a pigeon in a hole?

  • Phillip Winter : For a writer, you don't type very fast.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : How do you spell nuisance?

  • Claire Tourneur : I am not sharing your room!

    Phillip Winter : You expect me to pay for two rooms?

    Claire Tourneur : I expect you to pay for mine!

  • Claire Tourneur : I just want my money back.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : [looking speculatively at the "Bounty Bear" interface]  How much would it cost to set me up with one of these hard and soft?

    Claire Tourneur : Gene?

    Phillip Winter : No, no, no, please. Marry her. Slap her around. But, don't go chasing after this guy. She's not going to fuck you, she wants to fuck him!

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : I don't think you quite understand the nature of our relationship.

    Phillip Winter : Besides, you're out of your depth! To buy a computer from this... you think you're a detective? When you get back from Moscow you'll be broke. They'll have repossessed your car. You'll have... turned off. You're computers will be down. You're garbage won't be picked. You won't...

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : Mr. Winter, admit it! You'd love it but you can't afford it!

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick : My computer's whacked!

    Phillip Winter : Mine too. All electromagnetic circuits get wiped by a nuclear blast. Computer memories too. Its an EMP effect.

  • Phillip Winter : I'm more worried about - reality, than fiction. I'm worried about the present, Mr. Fitzpatrick.

    Eugene Fitzpatrick : The present will look after itself. But, it's our duty to realize the future with our imagination.

  • Claire Tourneur : What I'm really worried about is - there's a hit man chasing after him.

    Phillip Winter : Then we better get him fast - and first. Fast and first.

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