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You're going out with a touch of class: a slam-bang finale in 3-D -- make that Freddyvision; a gaggle of one-liners directed at the final crop of victims and a few in-jokes; some wonderfully bizarre dream sequences; and the possibility that while Freddy may be gone, some of his progeny may live on (we can say no more).
Delivers enough violence, black humor and even a final reel in 3-D to hit paydirt with horror-starved audiences.
Mr. Englund, playing the Halloween favorite whom audiences love to hate, now delivers lines like this with the broadness of a latter-day Jimmy Durante. But he sustains Freddy's peculiar charm even when appearing without ghastly makeup in scenes of Freddy's early years.
FREDDY'S DEAD is one of the weaker entries, with overt violence downplayed, perhaps because Freddy has become something of an institution, star of the silver screen as well as a short-lived TV series and innumerable merchandizing ploys.
San Francisco Chronicle
So Freddy's Dead, in the hands of first-time director Rachel Talalay, pretty much tramples incoherently and unscarily across the same old cemeteries of the mind and through the same dark corridors of old, cobwebbed houses. [14 Sept 1991, p.C3]
It’s disappointingly ho-hum, without the spectacular — and often very funny — special effects that have become the hallmark of this series.
You know Freddy may or may not be finally dead, but he's looking pretty damn tired.
A proverbial whimper of a finale, Freddy's Dead, the sixth in the series, feels like the product of people who have no vested interest in keeping their franchise alive...You notice almost immediately how underpopulated the movie feels--by ideas, by special effects, even by phobic young cast members waiting to fall asleep and be slaughtered.
Time Out
Terminally boring.
It's even worse than you thought it might be.

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