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MPAA Rated R for an abundance of outrageous gore

Sex & Nudity

  • A giant zombiefied mother sands on a rooftop. Her giant bare breasts are very clearly seen.
  • Two zombies, which are both impaled by a broom, can be seen making out.
  • Crude references and brief nudity
  • A zombified priest caresses a zombified nurse's thigh. Played for laughs.
  • Two zombies are seen kissing but they are broken up by a man.
  • There are references to rape and molestation, (and in the unrated version, necrophilia).
  • A man urinates on a person's grave.

Violence & Gore

  • Even though it is low budget, the gore doesn't look fake. It is overly detailed, adding up to be one of the goriest films.
  • Whilst the film is done mostly for laughs, it is pretty bloody.
  • While a man is urinating on a grave, the reanimated corpse punches out of her grave and grabs the man's groin.
  • A man walks into a room completely soaked with blood, filled with zombies attacking humans, blood spraying. He pulls out a lawnmower and proceeds to walks through the crowd of zombies. Limbs, gore, and comically fake blood spray in every direction. It is stated (and it is true) that 5 gallons of fake blood was pumped per second in this scene, although it looks very stupid.
  • A zombie's severed, fake looking head is put into a blender. It it shredded into a gooey red liquid.
  • A man has his hand and arm chopped off with a machete. It's also implied he has his head chopped off, but it cuts away before this happens.
  • A woman is bitten by a rat monkey in the neck in closeup, with blood squirting.
  • A woman kills a rat monkey by stepping on its head. We see the head briefly squish under the foot, with blood leaking out.
  • A zombie rips a woman's face off, and her bloody skull is shown.
  • The priest rips a zombie's arm off and uses it to beat up the other zombie. He then rips the zombie's other arm off, then kicks both of his legs off and then kicks his head clean off. It flies into the air and you can see what looks like part of his brain flying. A zombie's head falls from the sky and lands on his neck. It sinks it's teeth into his neck and rips it open.
  • A priest is impaled by a statue. It sticks out of his stomach and blood gushes out of the open wound.
  • A man impales his zombified mother in the nostril with a syringe on multiple occasions.
  • A man has his rib cage ripped open.
  • A living man is seen with his legs stripped to the bone. He is still able to move them
  • Two zombies hold a man down. One tugs at his head and his face is violently ripped off his skull. You can see the flesh and bone hidden underneath the missing face.
  • A zombie rips a woman's beating heart out of her chest and holds it in front of her face.
  • Uncle Les hacks multiple zombies to pieces with two meat cleavers. Shortly after, you can see him standing behind a massive pile of body parts.
  • A woman is seen with an open and extremely gory pulsating wound.
  • A zombie's ear falls off into a bowl of custard she then proceeds to eat it. Not gory or violent, but very disgusting.
  • A man smashes a zombie over the head with a vase.
  • Two zombies fight.
  • A zombie is stabbed in the eye with a syringe.
  • A zombie tackles a man through glass.
  • A zombie's arm is ripped off.
  • A baby zombie gets out off a man's chest. Very disturbing scene.


  • A famous line from the movie ("I kick ass for the lord!") contains a dirty word.
  • Moderate language such as "hell", "bloody", "shit", "bitch", and "bugger".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the minor character is seen constantly drunk.
  • Some characters are seen smoking and drinking at a party.
  • A man is seen smoking after a funeral.
  • A man is seen drinking at a graveyard.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested MPA rating of Unrated Edition: "NC-17 for excessive, over-the-top comic horror violence and gore."
  • While most of the horror and gore is played comically, it is still so extreme, gross, and copious as to be effectively disgusting and even disturbing.
  • Several disgusting gross-out gags involving blood and other bodily fluids that could be nauseating or disturbing for individuals sensitive to such content.
  • Although this films is done for laughs, IT IS INCREDIBLY DARK AND GORY!

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