Night Trap (Video Game 1992) Poster

(1992 Video Game)

William Jones: Lt. Simms


  • [first lines] 

    Lt. Simms : I'm Commander Simms, of the Sega Control Attack Team. SCAT mission 230. Five teenage girls have disappeared, after spending the night at the old Lakeshore winery house of Mr and Mrs Victor Martin; and their children Jeff and Sarah. Right now another five girls are heading towards the Martins to spend the night. Your mission: to protect the girls from whatever happened to the last ones.

  • Lt. Simms : Now listen up. Last night one of our agents got into the house and found some kind of weird security system. Hidden cameras in almost every room and a series of traps. Our agent spliced an over-ride into the security system, allowing you to control the cameras and the traps with this remote unit. Use the traps to capture anyone, or anything that endangers the lifes of those girls. But make sure you don't trap someone you should be protecting. One slight problem; the traps are protected with an access code. They won't work unless you enter the right code. Right now the code is set to blue, and you have control of the traps, but anyone inside the house can change that code at anytime. So pay close attention to what they're saying.

  • Lt. Simms : This is my attack squad. And this is Kelli. One of my best undercover agents. She'll be arriving with the rest of the girls. I'm putting her life, and the life of those other girls in your hands. So don't even think about messing up! If you don't have the brains or the guts for this assingment, give the controls to someone who does! The girls should be pulling into the driveway. You're wasting time!

  • Lt. Simms : I don't believe what I just saw! Those bloodsuckers just got Lisa, and you had a chance to save her! I put the lives of those girls in your hands and you screwed up! I'm pulling the plug on you before you do any more damage.

  • [if too many Augers escape] 

    Lt. Simms : Look, it was your job to protect Kelli and the rest of those girls. From what I've seen the place is overrun. You've missed way too many of those suckers! Until you can figure out how to do your job, you're dismissed. Breaking contact.

  • Kelli Medd : Hey, Cindy, are you alright?

    Cindy : Yeah, I feel great!

    Victor Martin : Jeffrey, you shouldn't have bitten her!

    Jeff Martin : Well, I,uh,couldn't help myself. Anyway she told be about the override back in the hallway, so now we've got control back!

    Victor Martin : Oh, splendid! Come on, darling, let's go to the controls!

    Lt. Simms : Hey! Wait! What's going on?

    Sheila Martin : One moment, lieutenant!

    Victor Martin : Darling, would you like to do the honors?

    Sheila Martin : Thank you, dear.

  • Sheila Martin : You see, Leuitennant, we were trying to help the poor unfortunate augors!

    Collins : Augors?

    Kelli Medd : Those were those thing that were chasing us around the house, trying to get our blood!

    Sarah Martin : Oh, Kelli, I think you're overreacting!

    Lt. Simms : What is an augor?

    Victor Martin : A vampire vicim who's have dead, left there to die!

    Sheila Martin : Poor creatures have just enough blood to survive, but not enough to become vampires!

    Kelli Medd : Poor creatures? Those things are monsters! See! See! These people are crazy!

    Victor Martin : It's a wicked curse! Wondering about, looking for blood, hoping one day to become a vampire!

    Kelli Medd : Ew-w-w!

    Collins : Vampires? You've got to be jiving me! Let's cuff these freaks and drag them downtown!

    Lt. Simms : Hold it! I don't think you understand, Mr. Martin, but you are all in serious trouble!

    Victor Martin : No, leiutennant, I'm afraid it is YOU that doesn't understand!

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