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Visiting Rhonda And Fred
sunwarrior1317 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint is a 25-minute documentary that serves as a sequel to Michael Moore's breakthrough documentary,Roger And Me.In it,Mike pays a visit to Rhonda Britton,who is seen in Roger And Me as one who went into the rabbit business,has apparently expanded her business to rats and mice.Also,he gets to visit Deputy Fred Ross,who now works as a repo man aside from being an evictor of people's homes.What's worse,things have not improved at Flint as GM has resorted to more layoffs resulting to more unemployment in the city.

While this is somewhat a short documentary that would probably just be better if added to the special edition of Roger And Me,I still believe that anyone who lives in Flint and those who were former GM employees would surely appreciate this film.Also,it is worth mentioning that it is also worth the view for any Roger And Me fan.Definitely,it was nice to see Rhonda expanding her business considering her "third world conditions" in Roger And Me.The same is true with Fred despite the fact that things have gotten worse for Flint.
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A continuing story of Roger & Me.
cmyklefty17 December 2001
Michael Moore comes back home to Flint three years later to see, what change or did not in town. The story is continuing where Roger & Me left off. See Roger & Me first before you see this film. You understand the stories in better focus.
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A must see for any Roger & Me fan
stargeek9918 May 2004
I caught this on PBS years ago following a showing of Roger & Me. In it Michael Moore follows up on all the people he featured in the original doc. One nice thing I remember from seeing it was that Moore paid for 2 years of rent for everyone who was shown getting evicted in Roger & Me.

And they do follow up the Rabbit lady, and she now raises her Rabbit's for another use that's almost as shocking as watching her skin that rabbit the first time.

I have no idea how difficult this is to track down these days, but I'd say it's a must-see for any fans of the original Roger & Me.
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