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    • Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Season 2 continued the adventures of the Power Rangers. As they faced a new threat, Lord Zedd. DaiRanger was no continuation of Zyuranger.

    • Lord Zedd is an American creation and does not exist in any of the Super Sentai shows.

    • The Ranger's DinoZords transformed into the Thunder Zords when the Power Ranegrs summoned them. The Dairanger's zords had no relation to the Zuyoranger's zords.

    • Tommy became the white Ranger in MMPR. Dairanger's White Ranger was a young boy named "Kou of the Howling New Star " and is known as the Kibaranger.

    • Serpentera is a giant zord control by Lord Zedd. Serpentera does not exist as a Zord in Dairanger but rather as a god that keeps peace in the cosmos known as "Daijinryuu".



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