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TokuSHOUTsu: Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai Coming to Streaming

TokuSHOUTsu: Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai Coming to Streaming
For a long time being a fan of Tokusatsu (Japanese super heroes) in America was not easy. While imports of Japanese anime quickly spread throughout fandom, trying to come across Tokusatsu programming was much harder. For years the only official releases were the adapted Power Rangers and a few scant episodes of the original Ultraman.

Slowly but surely though, Tokusatsu has slowly gained a foothold in America. Ultraman is being released from the very beginning in glorious Blu-ray sets, Super Sentai has a had a huge chunk of its series come out on DVD and streaming, and even obscure Metal Hero shows are getting the home media treatment.

If you thought those were great, you aren’t ready for this. On March 17th Shout Factory will be introducing the 24/7 linear streaming channel TokuSHOUTsu on Pluto TV. Yes, that’s right. An online channel dedicated exclusively to Tokusatsu programming. Even better?
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Power Rangers and How It Adapted From Super Sentai

Shamus Kelley Feb 4, 2020

For over 25 years, Power Rangers has taken footage from Japanese series Super Sentai wholesale. Here's a season by season look at how.

For any of you not in the know, Power Rangers is not a wholly original show. “No Way!” you may cry. Wait! Don’t go off into the Desert of Despair... let me explain.

Power Rangers takes much of its battle footage from a Japanese program called Super Sentai. Every year since its inception they’ve used footage and even some plotlines from the Japanese program to varying degrees of success. Sometimes the adaptation works and sometimes… well.

We'll just get right into it.

Kyoryu Sentai ZyurangerMighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1

Mmpr threw Zyuranger to the wind. It didn’t care what the plot was; it was just bending the footage any way they could to get 40 episodes.

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