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9 Jan. 2001
Daveless in New York
The detectives investigate a multiple homicide at a fast food restaurant; an addict gives his baby daughter to a drug dealer as collateral on an overdue loan; Internal Affairs reopens the Kirkendall case.
16 Jan. 2001
Waking Up Is Hard to Do
Danny wakes up in Diane's bed. Andy and Katie get Theo's test results. A former colleague of Bobby's reaches out to Diane from prison. The team investigate a series of cab-driver shootings.
23 Jan. 2001
Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn
An female officer is shot following a stationery store robbery and later dies in hospital. Danny tries to keep Diane safe. A new ADA arrives. Katie decides to move back home.
30 Jan. 2001
Family Ties
Fancy is being sent on a training course ahead of the squad getting computers. A woman is attacked by a court jester in a hotel room, then a body is found in another room - are they connected? Diane questions her involvement with Danny.
6 Feb. 2001
Fools Russian
Diane turns to a friend at the Survivor's Network for help. A body is pulled from the water. Two Chinese men are brought in handcuffed together. The new computers arrive.
13 Feb. 2001
Writing Wrongs
A schoolgirl is found dead. Andy asks Eddie's niece on a date. John babysits Theo for the first time.
20 Feb. 2001
In-Laws, Outlaws
A homeless guy Danny was trying to protect turns up dead. The DOA's father is concerned about the trust fund his sister will now inherit.
27 Feb. 2001
Fancy bawls out Diane and Danny about being in a relationship. A man traveling on the subway is killed. Denby is implicated in the courier scam.
6 Mar. 2001
Oh Golly Goth
Danny could be in big trouble for roughing up a suspect. Detective Connie McDowell joins the team for the day.
13 Mar. 2001
In the Still of the Night
Danny is restored to full duty. Off. Szymanski's cousin is knocked down in the street and killed. Capt. Bass's wife is injured during a robbery at her store. Greg plays matchmaker.
20 Mar. 2001
Peeping Tommy
Andy witnesses a hold-up in the street and shoots at the get-away car. Det. McDowell is assigned to fill in at the squad again.
27 Mar. 2001
Thumb Enchanted Evening
A man loses his penis. Fancy makes Captain and the incoming Lieutenant is a ball-breaker. Andy is having second thoughts about Cynthia. A mob hit-man sings like a canary and implicates a celebrated Customs officer.
3 Apr. 2001
Flight of Fancy
A man caught carrying a cash register takes Andy and Danny to a body. Fancy is packing up to leave. His replacement alienates the squad before he's even left.
10 Apr. 2001
Nariz a Nariz
Rodriguez mediates when Sipowicz and Sorenson clash with detectives from another squad anxious to solve a multiple murder case; Medavoy and Jones try their hand at making extra cash by cleaning up murder scenes.
17 Apr. 2001
Love Hurts
Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a case involving an off-duty police officer who was shot in the company of a prostitute; Medavoy and Jones aid a hapless bodega owner by concocting a story to keep him out of jail.
24 Apr. 2001
Everyone Into the Poole
Jones and Medavoy investigate the murder of a Chinese restaurant owner. An IRS lawyer claims to have been kidnapped and released, but Sipowicz and Sorenson doubt his story.
1 May 2001
Dying to Testify
Sipowicz and Sorenson try to get one scared witness to identify a murder suspect, while Russell and McDowell guard another witness who's due to testify in a murder trial.
8 May 2001
Lost Time
Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of an exotic dancer; Sipowicz and Medavoy act as elderly decoys to catch some street thieves attacking old people outside a local bank.
15 May 2001
Under Covers
Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of a drug dealer, while Sorenson continues to see the stripper, Kristen, who draws him into a favor for the owners of the Tailfeathers club.
22 May 2001
In the Wind
Sorenson is missing, and a stripper is found murdered in his apartment. Medavoy and Jones investigate a killing, but the suspect identified by an eyewitness has a seemingly unshakable alibi.
6 Nov. 2001
Lies Like a Rug
While investigating the murders of four teenage girls, the 15th squad discovers the shocking truth about the disappearance of detective Danny Sorenson.
6 Nov. 2001
Johnny Got His Gold
Sipowicz is hailed a hero after killing the man responsible for Sorenson's murder. While Lieutenant Rodriguez teams up with another precinct to investigate the robbery of his mother, the squad investigates the murder of two men affiliated with NYU.
13 Nov. 2001
Two Clarks in a Bar
The squad investigates two homicides: the immolation of a would-be musician and the stabbing of a socialite. The newest detective to the squad, John Clark, Jr., attempts to both learn a new job and fit into the squad despite interference from his father.
20 Nov. 2001
Hit the Road, Clark
The squad is joined by Eddie Gibson who's been transferred from nightwatch. McDowell and Gibson investigate the murder of a woman with MS, while the other detectives investigate the killing of a Rikers corrections officer.
27 Nov. 2001
Cops and Robber
When Clark's badge is stolen, the squad scrambles to find the thief before Clark must report the loss, which could ruin his career. McDowell and Gibson investigate a murder involving a young pregnant girl.
4 Dec. 2001
Baby Love
The squad investigates the theft of a baby from a hospital, and the arson of an Arab-owned business.
11 Dec. 2001
Mom's Away
The squad investigates the murder of two drug dealers, and the discovery of a body mistakenly listed as a victim of the World Trade Center attack. McDowell arrests the daughter she gave up for adoption.
18 Dec. 2001
Puppy Love
Sipowicz and Clark investigate the murder of a hispanic worker, while Medavoy and Jones search for a puppy-knapper who stole valuable champion bulldog pups. McDowell gets a new partner--Rita Ortiz.

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