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Do It Rockappella!!!
donmccullen-115 July 2003
This was the first national televised game show for PBS. Aimed at kids "Were in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" is a geography trivia game. Before the game three Gumshoes (Contestants) are given a briefing by the Chief Lynn Thigpen about an important landmark that has been stolen by one of Carmen's henchmen/women. After all their is a crime element to this game. With the information the game can began

Round 1: In this round their given clues to the crook's whereabouts in the would though short skits, songs, celebrity appearances etc. The Gumshoes are then shown three possible choices. They must pick the right answer using the cardboards in front of them. Other elements in the round including the Lighting Round in which the Gumshoes are asked toss up question about a certain place in world, and The Chase (beginning with season 2) in which rapid fire toss up question are asked about certain places on a continent of the world.

Round 2: The top scoring Gumshoes go into the field (well to a train station on the set) the last place the crook went to, and place a memory game of sorts. The Gumshoes face a board of important places and landmarks of a city somewhere in the world. The object is to find the Loot (what was stolen), the Warrant, and Crook in that respected order behind the landmarks to win the game.

Endgame: The winning Gumshoe gets the chance to capture crime boss Carmen Sandiego by playing on a big map that resemble some part of the world (North America, South America, Europe, or Asia). The object is place a marker (with a Red Light on top and a wheel on the bottom) on an area of the map that corresponds with the clue given. If correct the marker lights up, and the Gumshoe is given two chances per clue. If they get 7 right within 45 seconds they win a trip anywhere in the lower 48 states (expanded to include North America in season 2).

One of things that made this show popular was the A cappella group called Rockappella. The theme song was done by the group, and they also and did a short song for each of Carman's crooks. Expected for the first season they were no musical instruments used. Rockappella is still working doing commercials for Folgers, and Almond Joy/Mounds. Hopefully someone will do a revival for this show although it would have been nice to have Lynn Thigpen to play the chief. Sadly she passed away recently and she brought something to show as the chief/announcer/antagonist. You really respect her and loved her in the role she played. She was tough, but had a heart of gold

Lynn Thigpen may you rest in peace.
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Amazing, and a sad loss when it was cancelled
Lady Jasmine15 May 2002
Ah the days when TV shows could be great shows and teach kids something in the process. You had to be smart to make it through the world of Carmen unlike some recent game shows which shall go unnamed *cough* Millionaire* *cough*. I watched Carmen as a kid, but if it ever came on again I would tape them all and watch them over and over again, to this day I still know all the word to the theme song. It's shows like this that are missing in the make-up of today's television...and the sooner we can bring them back the better off we will be.
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Ginger8721 August 2004
"Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" was a great children's game show. I used to love to watch when I came home from school along with "Wishbone" on PBS. I also have the two computer games of this show: "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" and "Where in the United States Is Carmen Sandiego?". They were fun to play.

"Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" was fun to watch and fun to play along with. Someone I know was even on the show. It was to bad that this show was canceled to soon because it really was a fun and educational show. I was glad tho that "Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?" came along because that show was cool too. I give this show 10/10 stars!
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Surprisingly good
MrEricSir8 October 2003
A TV game show, for kids, based on an educational video game... and it's on PBS. It sounds like it could be used for torture. But actually, it was surprisingly good, even compared to other kids game shows at the time. You have to remember that Double Dare, Fun House, etc. were all the rage when they put this show on the air. Unlike those two, however, this one actually managed to be somewhat educational, and being on PBS it wasn't plagued by commercials.

I would personally have to say this show was one of the better older kid's programs on PBS at the time, right up there with Square One TV and Bill Nye the Science Guy.
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The Game show with fun and pazaz as well as very educational
randmc-230 June 2000
The Greatest children's educational game show since the "Geography Bee" with Alex Trebek. The show was a hit because of many things what made it a hit with me was several things: The sets,chief office, Gumshoe office, informant Alleyway, The Station (Capture loot, warrant and crook) and Large map with Police light markers. There were humorous characters like the neighbor lady in the window (played in drag by the bass in Rockapella) who would always shut down her window after done speaking. There were great clue songs by rockapella where they would sing a song that had clues of where the crook was. But the big thing I liked was the Changes in later seasons. They would add special effects. Audience participation tournaments at ends of some shows for time fillers. Change police light to state flag and contestant would have to pick the right state flag to put on the right state, (Harder but more educational) and the chase a lighting round with rockapella doing weird things at the camera as they run past the camera. Rockapella would do Crook songs with the name of the crook , crooks included (Robo Crook, contessa, double trouble (siamese twins with different skin color(actually inverted color) and more) they were animated and superimposed on the screen. There was humor between Gregg lee and the Chief that was plain silly. Was taken off and put in its place was its spin-off dealing with time periods and events, which was of poorer quality than this excellent game show for kids. Rockapella has a new cd out as well.
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Lessons in geography
Electrified_Voltage7 July 2007
It appears that "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" premiered just a few weeks after I started school. I don't know whether I saw it right when it was first on or not (my memory of that point in my life is obviously vague), but if not, I must have first seen it shortly afterwards. I remember watching the show regularly for a while, and it has left me with many memories. I also remember two albums very fondly, which were "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" and "Carmen Sandiego: Out of This World", featuring songs from Rockapella and various other artists!

Hosted by Greg Lee, each episode of this 1990s kids' game show began with three young contestants, who played a game where they were detectives hired by The Acme Crime Detective Agency. After receiving information from The Chief on a criminal, who was always one of Carmen Sandiego's henchmen and had just stolen a major landmark, the three contestants started the first round of the game, where they were given clues to the whereabouts of the criminal, and would have to try to give the right answers. At the end of this round, the contestant with the lowest score would be eliminated, and the other two would move on to the second round. Here, they would play a game on a large board on the wall where they would attempt to find the criminal. Finally, after that round, only one contestant would remain in the game. In the third and final round, this contestant would play a game on a large map and attempt to capture Carmen Sandiego!

For its viewers, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" could entertain with its humour, suspense, etc., and educate with its geography lessons! The a cappella band, Rockapella also added some good vocal music to the show, including the closing theme, which was an excellent song! It's sad to know that Lynne Thigpen, who played The Chief, passed away in 2003, before her time. R.I.P. This show ran for five years, and it has now been a while since its cancellation, but for those who were kids in the 1990s and had the pleasure of watching it, the memories are likely permanent (I know they are for me)! I'm sure that those who were contestants on the show will never forget that experience, either!
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great t.v. show
todd2u13 July 2003
I loved this show. This show was great for children of all ages. I still remember the theme song. Anyways, the show had great games and is was very entertaining to watch. I wish this show would be back on. I recommend this show to anyone who loves children game shows.
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Great show cancelled too soon.
Europe8618 August 2003
It was a great show for American kids. Considering how low American education level is, this was a great way to learn geography. It was cancelled way too soon.
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Great show, great opportunity for kids
heatherjcs25 February 2005
I have to say I was sorry to learn this show isn't around anymore. Educational programming is hard to find anymore and this was a great one, encouraging kids to learn geography but also to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It was a great opportunity for kids to learn something and put it to fun use, and a great chance for kids who study hard and do well in school to be rewarded and celebrated. The show was well-done and entertaining; you can't ask for more than that. I have an interesting perspective because I was a contestant on the show in 1993 and actually won the grand prize. I was 13 and had been bookish and "nerdy" in school, but suddenly I had my picture in the local paper - I felt like such a star. Thanks, PBS and Carmen, for great educational entertainment.
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I really really miss this show!!!
ggooden123 September 2000
This was an awesome show to make learning geography really fun for kids. I heard the reason that PBS took it off air was because when they came out with Where in time is Carmen Sandiego they thought that history was more important for kids to learn than geography. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego I thought made learning much more fun than Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. I hope that sometime PBS will show the re-runs or even may'be make new episodes. As far as I know the only Carmen Sandiego shows that air in Canada now are Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego and a French version of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. As another user said on this comments page "If you ever get a chance to see re-runs I strongly recommend you do" well I recommend that also but chances are no we won't get to see re-runs. I think a petition should be made and sent to PBS to show how many people want Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego back on-air.
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Great show!
sofia_e2 May 2000
This game show was one of the greatest of all time. It certainly blows "Who wants to be a millionaire?" out of the water. It had a great host, great questions, and it actually had some sort of plot. I watched this when I was younger and it really taught me a lot about geography while being a really cool show. It also had great music done by Rockapella. I guarantee the theme song will be stuck in your head for weeks. If you ever get a chance to see re-runs, I highly recommend that you do!
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How Geography Was Fun
jeremycrimsonfox15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? is another game show from my childhood, and it was interesting. Based on a series of educational computer games, this game show aired on PBS, it was not only educational, but entertaining, and it made learning geography fun.

So, the way it goes is in each episode, three contestant (known as gumshoes) are selected to play, and are given a scenario where one of Carmen's henchmen (called crook) has stolen a landmark from somewhere in the world. Greg Lee, the host (under the title of ACME agent in charge of training new recruits) would ask questions on where the crook went next, acting on clue given by various characters, be it talking animals, animated characters, or even from a celebrity. In fact, one episode had X The Owl and Henrietta Pussycat from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood give a clue. Basically, I just talked about the first round, which ends in a Final Jeopardy-like situation where the gumshoes have to bet some of their ACME Crime Bucks (which is what the points are called) on the final question. The gumshoe with the least Crime Bucks is eliminated, although he/she gets an ACME CrimeNet Travel Kit as a consolation prize so he/she won't go home empty-handed.

The second round has the two remaining gumshoes at the travel info station looking for the loot, a warrant, and the crook (in that order) on a board containing famous landmarks that are in the city that is the answer to the final clue. Before the round, the chief, played by the late Lynn Thigpen, would give the contestants a look at the possible locations. The gumshoe who gets the three items in the order wins and moves on to the final round, while getting the right to put the crook in jail (until he or she appears in a future episode, making me wonder if Carmen is busting them out or has some shell companies that make money she uses to bail them out so she can send them on a new caper), while the unlucky gunshoe also gets a consolation prize.

The final round is the search for Carmen Sandiego. After the gumshoe writes a state where he wants to go if he wins (in season 1, it was any of the lower 48 states, but season 2 onwards, it would be anywhere in North America), he/she gets a phone call from the crook from jail, who tells what country Carmen is in. Then, the gumshoe has 45 seconds to locate a certain amount of locations on the map (seven in season 1, eight in season two onwards). This is basically the hardest, as some of the maps have been notorious for their difficulty. If player catches Carmen, he/she wins the trip they chose. If not, they at least get a consolation prize. Every episode ends with Greg and the gumshoe saying "Hit it Rockapella" which cues the band to sing the theme song.

Yeah, this is an awesome game show. Not only was it entertaining, it was also educational as it taught the audience geography facts (although Season 1 became inaccurate due to many events, such as the dissolution of the Soviet Union). The crooks were a colorful cast of crazy characters, from the sneaky Vic The Slick to the evil twins Double Trouble to even Robocrook, a parody of Robocop, they were humorous. And the clue givers also added some variety, as you never knew who would turn up in the next episode to aid the gumshoes in whatever is stolen next.
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I used to watch the show
bkomc8 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love where in the world is Carmen sandago it's still my favorite game show
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A fun and educational game show!
OllieSuave-00720 November 2016
This was probably the only show I've watched on PBS when I was a kid. I remembered being excited to see a show that was based on a popular computer game, being entertained by all the sleuths, investigations, and crime solving.

This series is like a game show where the fictional Acme Crime Detective Agency (ACME) hires three gumshoes (contestants) to find the crook and recover the stolen loot, which is usually a famous cultural object like the Mona Lisa. After that the contestant has a chance to captures supercriminal Carmen Sandiego, which usually is a very rare accomplishment.

In addition to the entertainment, the show is very educational as contestants learn about geography and different cultures - a very clever way to gain knowledge and have fun playing a detective game at the same time. I always rooted for the capture of Carmen Sandiego, as I never did capture her myself while playing the computer game.

A fun and educational show, overall!

Grade A
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geography and more
jennsormel1 May 2007
"Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" was a great way for kids to learn about geography, at the same time planting the seeds of a lifelong interest in understanding and exploring the world. I think I probably played the earliest version of the game when I was about 8 or 9 years old; I'm now in my mid 20s and have spent time on every continent except Antarctica. I can't credit it all to this show, but it certainly made an impact.

It's important for kids to become aware of how big the world is, and that we are living on just a small part of it. I would love to see the show and/or computer game come back.
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I was on this show!
tas2219 July 2005
Yes, my fifteen minutes of fame . . . or rather twenty eight minutes! This was a great show, filled with educational and clever content. It is incredible to me to think that this show was once so popular. Considering the ignorance of most American children concerning geography, I think Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? provided a much-needed service. The late Chief Lynn Thigpen was my favorite person on the show . . . I guess Rockapella was OK (even though that had to be the dumbest name for a singing group ever).

The likes of this game show will probably be never seen again. Even PBS has become a corporate-sponsored wasteland. Nostalgia, nostalgia.
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blessidchicca20 June 2002
Carmen was one of my favorite shows growing up~ i absolutely LOVE remembering watching Rockapella on there. They're still my favorite group,several years later... They have a unique style that was only meant for Carmen,at least on TV.. they should really bring the reruns of that back.. if nothing else, it'll give Rockapella fans something to talk about..
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Great Show!
Abusimble123 January 2008
This show was so good because one could compete with the contestants, similar to Jeopardy and some other game shows. The songs that were sung were good and the gamehost especially played his part very well. This was another normal television show 15 years ago which would be considered excellent by today's standards according to myself. There was no nudity, no tattoos, no cursing, no feminist women with chips on their shoulders, no unhealthy weirdness. A great show for adults and kids which is sorely missed and needed in our time.

Enjoy the following!! Just copy and paste the below link into your URL box and you can watch clips of this show at http://www.dailymotion.com/videos/relevance/search/witwics
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Much, much better than "Where in Time"...
Mulliga5 June 2003
This was the best kid game show ever made, a game show that was challenging even for many adults (especially the final map sequence - if they gave you Africa, you were so screwed).

Kids learn about countries, landmarks and geography while earning neat prizes! Rockapella sings...a capella!

Really, a very good show.
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