Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) Poster

Robert Wagner: Bill Krieger


  • [Bill Krieger and Bruce Lee are discussing Lee's next series] 

    Bruce Lee : Ok, so he wanders the land, searching for his brother, solving problems, with no gun...

    Bill Krieger : And, he has something noone else has ever seen...

    Bruce Lee , Bill Krieger : [shouting together]  KUNG FU!

    Bill Krieger : Starring Bruce Lee.

    Bruce Lee : Uh huh... He remembers what he was taught in the old country, by his teacher... and teaches people his culture.

    Bill Krieger : After he's kicked the shit out of everybody.

  • Bill Krieger : [after Bruce's 60 second fight]  Hey, there.

    Bruce Lee : Yes?

    Bill Krieger : You look pretty fast out there, kid.

    Jerome Sprout : No. He was too slow, and he took too long.

    Bill Krieger : [to Bruce]  You looked fast to me. Can you do some of that in front of a camera? You see, I am a producer.

    Jerome Sprout : [not believing a word Kreiger is saying]  Right, and "I'm" Marvin Gaye.


  • [Bruce Lee and Bill Krieger are discussing Lee's next series] 

    Bill Krieger : Chinese immigrant wanders the land.

    Bruce Lee : He's a good guy. A hero.

    Bill Krieger : Of course he's a hero; he's the star of the show. He wanders the land, solving problems. Every week, he solves a problem.

    Bruce Lee : With no gun. Just his hands.

    Bill Krieger : That's good. That's great. No gun. He's looking for something...

    Bruce Lee : His father! He's lost his father who came ahead of him.

    Bill Krieger : No, no, not his father. The father thing has been done to death. He's searching for his brother.

    Bruce Lee : Good.

    Bill Krieger : Searching for his brother.

    Bruce Lee : He never finds him.

    Bill Krieger : Well, not until the fifth year, anyway.

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