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  • This was more than likely an intentional goof by the filmmakers as many of the films parodied were Vietnam War films. Edit

  • Retired commando Topper Harley now living in a village in Thai and working as a handyman and as a kickboxer is visited by his former commanding officer Col. Denton Walters and the attractive CIA agent Michelle Huddleston. Colonel Walters and Michelle have been to sent to Thai by the incompetent American President Thomas "Tug" Benson to recruit Topper for a military operation in Iraq to rescue hostages and the members of failed rescue teams from a Iraqi prison camp and Topper declines. However, Topper reconsiders when he learns the mission failed and Colonel Walters has been taken prisoner and decides to go to Iraq. Joined by a small team of elite commandos led by Commander Harbin Harbinger, Topper goes to Iraq and sets off on the mission. But, things begin to get complicated when Topper's former lover Ramada reappears a couple of years after she mysteriously broke up with him and reveals the reason she broke up with him because she was informed that her husband Dexter whom she thought was dead is still very much alive and is the one of the prisoners in the prison camp and she had to go to Iraq to free him from the prison camp. Topper, Ramada and the team set out to the prison camp to rescue the hostages. But, Topper soon learns that all the rescue missions failed because the missions were sabotaged and Topper begins to suspect the saboteur is Harbinger. Breaking into the prison camp, Topper and the team engages the Iraqi soldiers in armed combat and Topper soon finds himself face-to-face with Saddam Hussein when he enters Saddam's palace and engages Saddam Hussein in a duel to the death. Edit

  • Harbinger broke down because he had lost his faith in fighting. It likely Harbinger could be suffering from PTSD from years of fighting and killing so many people. Edit

  • Topper went to the Thai village to live a peaceful life by helping out by working as handyman due to being mysteriously dumped by Ramada which left him heartbroken. Edit

  • Topper Harley is a retired elite commando. Topper retired from active service to marry his girlfriend Ramada and so they could live a normal life together. However, Topper received a goodbye card from Ramada at a training station and that Ramada (For a mysterious reason) dumped him and that she wasn't going away with him which left him heartbroken. Topper relocated to a Thai village to live a peaceful life as a handyman and sometimes competing in Kickboxing matches for money. Col. Walters and Michelle Huddleston arrived to recruit Topper to join Col. Walters and another rescue team to rescue other failed rescue teams and hostages from the Iraqi prison camp which Topper declined. But, Topper reconsidered and returned to the United States when he learnt Col. Walters had been taken prisoner and Topper and a small team went in to rescue Col. Walters and the hostages. Edit

  • Compared to the first movie the second part is even more censored in the UK. The complete sex scene between Topper and Michelle was cut out and on top of this three shorter scenes were erased as well. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • President Benson appears in Saddam's palace and engages Saddam in a swordfight and Topper leaves to go and free Dexter and President Benson defeats Saddam by freezing him and his dog with a fire extinguisher and Saddam and his dog crack and shatter to pieces. At the rendezvous point, Ramada confronts Michelle and Michelle is exposed as the saboteur and Colonel Walters arrests Michelle. Topper and Dexter reaches the rendezvous point, but Dexter falls off a cliff when he tries to take a photo of Topper and Ramada and President Benson reaches the rendezvous point and is pursued by Iraqi troops led by Saddam who has fused together with his dog and has his dog's head, fur, nose and eyes. The helicopter takes off and Topper and Ramada kill Saddam by pushing a piano out of the helicopter which crashes on top him killing him instantly and the helicopter flies away into the horizon. Edit

  • It was Michelle. Michelle admits that she sabotaged the mission because she suspected Topper was still in love with Ramada and decided to sabotage the mission and have Topper, Ramada and the team killed. Edit

  • The day before Topper and Ramada were to go away together. Ramada has been informed that her husband Dexter Hayman (Who she thought was dead) was alive and was one of the prisoners in the Iraqi prison camp and she had to go to the Iraqi prison camp to free him. Edit

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