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Not A Bad Movie!
aesgaard4119 December 2000
I'm a big fan of any actress who can eloquently play Marilyn Monroe with some exceptions. Melody Anderson is beautiful and wonderful as we allegedly see her through the eyes of Bobby Kennedy and the semi-historical act of her death played through from various circumstances. I don't know about the accuracy of the events and claims this movie puts forth, but even then, it's a remarkable telling of the decline of a movie goddess and the fall of a powerful political family.
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The Best Monroe Ever!!
aesgaard419 January 2001
I have seen a lot of actresses portray the Goddess of Hollywood before with little or no resemblence, but Melody Anderson from TV's Manimal is the only one to capture the sultry and virginal innocence so perfectly. From now on, I think she should be the only one to play Marilyn. James F. Kelly pulls off a fair RFK in this myth on the Kennedy's role in MM's death (any involvement would be up to the next person's beliefs). Sometimes running as a fictional story rather than a probable counter-history, the movie actually deals with a lot of easily checked events and circumstances to prove any sort of liaison ever took place, as well as some highly illogical and fascinating theories such as the Mafia bugging MM's house. Nevertheless, this fascinating pictoral could be a companion film to the fatalistic, conspiracy-driven "JFK." I think it's worth a look.
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Marilyn and Bobby : Her Final Affair
Originator19941 June 2016
The acting isn't the best but the story line , even if partially fictionalized,

gives the viewer a glimpse into the private lives of two different individuals that came to meet and share some together .

The actor portraying Bobby has played that same role before so apparently is doing something right .

Given what we know now about both Marilyn and Bobby , it would appear that Bobby enjoyed being the center of someone's universe because he certainly wasn't at home with Ethel , always pregnant and chasing after all the kids that she never made time for her husband . Most men stray because they don't get enough attention at home so cannot blame him for this short affair except that he was already married with kids .

I did find a flaw / inaccuracy in the script and deliverance of said line and that was when he and Marilyn were walking along the beach, she made a comment to the effect that he already had six kids and that she had none.., incorrect information because by that time , Bobby actually had seven kids ...
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Not Bad
BklynRuben5 August 2015
A good presumption of the last days of a movie star (Sex Goddess) in a time when women did not have much control of their public and acting career, she was manipulated by men in power. This movie which is supposed to be fictional could in some ways be factual, which knows what happened to Marilyn Monroe's diary. It does show that great men are just that... men. It also shows that many people involved with shady dealings did not know the consequences Of their contributions to the history of our country, and the many unknown faceless players lost to time itself. So much happened in the sixties this movie is just a glimpse, a good portrayal.
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