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  • After he quits his job and picks up his children Lydia (Lisa Jakub), Chris (Matthew Lawrence) and Natalie (Mara Wilson) from school. Eccentric actor Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) angers his wife Miranda (Sally Field) when Daniel puts on a wild party for his son Chris's birthday resulting in a hated argument between them. But, Miranda feeling that Daniel is a bad role model to their children, decides she's had enough and files for divorce, which Daniel loses custody of the children and Daniel is only allowed to see the children once a week. Upset about only being allowed to see the children once a week, Daniel soon learns Miranda wants to hire a housekeeper to clean the house, cook meals and look after the children when they come from school and with help from his homosexual makeup artist brother Frank (Harvey Fierstein), a cunning Daniel disguises himself as Scottish housekeeper Mrs. Doubtfire, so he can secretly spend time with the children and Miranda and the children don't recognize him, due to Daniel's brilliant acting and convincing female Scottish voice. But, the arrival of hansom wealthy British businessman Stu Dunmeyer (Pierce Brosnan), an old flame of Miranda soon threatens Daniel, when Miranda begins dating Stu and Daniel fears that Stu will replace him as the children's father and Daniel sets out to sabotage Miranda and Stu's relationship. But things soon go too far and the secret that Daniel is Mrs. Doubtfire is exposed. Edit



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  • Originally, the film was to end with Daniel and Miranda getting back together, but it was rejected in favor for the ending used in the movie. However, the film could have had another ending. In the film at the final custody hearing, the judge suggests to Daniel to undergo psychological testing and treatment due to his "peculiar and potentially harmful behavior" due to his actions as Mrs. Doubtfire. The film could had ended with the judge having Daniel committed to a mental hospital and we cut to months later, which Daniel is visited at the mental hospital by Mr. Lundy and Mr. Lundy tells Daniel that he wants to make a children's television program hosted by Mrs. Doubtfire. At the end of the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire does get her own TV program. Edit

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