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Not as bad as some say!
gasgano16 September 2000
I actually enjoyed this movie, despite the terrible reviews and the terrible user ratings. Its plot is fair, it's effects are great, even for now, and the acting, although certainly not brilliant, is fair enough to work with the plot. I'd give it a 7/10.
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it's hard to deny that the film is so bizarre, it was primed for cult status from the get-go.
searching-9148428 January 2016
it's hard to deny that the film is so bizarre, it was primed for cult status from the get-go. The new Blu-ray is one of the best releases from 2014 by Second sight, featuring a stunning new transfer (better than a depressing number of all- time classics), and a hugely enjoyable new making-of documentary. Fans in the US may be disappointed the disc is locked to Region B, but anyone with a compatible player who enjoys the movie should not hesitate to pick up a copy. Highly recommended.

Rocky Morton and Annabelle Jankel's Dinohattan doesn't stray too far from dystopias like Blade Runner (in fact, production designer David L. Snyder worked on both films), but there's something infectious about seeing filmmakers allowed to reinvent source material with such wild abandon. The Goombas are no longer mushrooms but gigantic lizard men decked out in burgundy war regalia. Snyder embraces the industrial look of the film's real-life shooting locale with metal walkways, dangling power cords, and neon lighting curling around gray concrete pillars. Even the Koopahari desert is filled with strange, anonymous men in hazmat-style suits driving "sludge tankers" filled with garbage bags. All of these settings are also draped in the fungus, a string-cheese-like substance that occasionally offers power-ups to the heroes, including the iconic Bob-omb. A fun score by Alan Silvestri adds another layer of cohesion. The Super Mario Bros. movie is a good adaptation of the video game, it has a darker grittier slant than the game better, good movie, it's certainly a memorable one, an ambitious failure that's far more inventive and interesting than 10 more faithful failed video game adaptation.
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Pretty much the Mona Lisa of movies
papajohnfe18 January 2019
This movie, singlehandedly, saved my marriage. mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario
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Why is everyone taking this so seriously?
chthon229 July 2003
This is a cheesy movie for people who play video games. I don't understand why some people adamantly insist this movie should never have been made. It's cute and entertaining. It doesn't stay completely loyal to the game storyline, but Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo are perfect for these two roles. Worth watching if you see it on TV.
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Great movie... people should stop being so serious and enjoy it
fourmont410 December 2005
First off.... I absolutely love this movie. It's such a treat to a fan with a good imagination.

Secondly, why would anyone in their right mind take this kind of movie seriously, to the point of bashing it for things like "being to fake" and "not sticking to the Mario bro's storyline." People, in the games all Mario did was jump around, bop things on the head, throw fireballs around, and fly. If they would have made movies about that people would be asleep before the first 5 minutes. This movie was meant to entertain and captivate, and it certainly does the trick.

They took the classic game and adapted it to a fantasy reality that parallels our own and for that, it was simply brilliant. The rendition of koopa-manhattan was great and is not something that people should criticize. The city adds life the the movie, it makes it real in it's own fantastic way. It makes the city so crazy it works. And boy oh boy did those goomba's make me laugh.

I love this movie for everything it relates to the game and everything it added to make it a more fun-filled ride. If you love the games and have an open minded imagination, this is a must watch movie
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be careful how you watch
anaang29 January 2003
I made the mistake of watching this movie the day i had knee surgery. So i was doped up on all kinds of pain killers and thought the movie was great. However a few years later i remembered how much i enjoyed the movie so i watched on tv when it was run agian. I was blown away with how horribly bad it was. I was also amazed on how much i remembered being in the movie that wasnt. so as the title says be careful how you watch. As a side note this is not an endorsement to do drugs just to make bad movies better.
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I don't understand why so many people don't like this film!
cornflake1019 June 2002
Why does this film have such a low rating? Sure it may not be along the storylines of the Super Mario Bros. game for the NES back in '85, but in my opinion, it has to be one of the best films I have ever seen. Some noticeable changes are in this film, such as that the princess' name is Daisy, and she's being held in a tower instead of a castle. There's plenty of fungus and mushrooms around, but I think that the storyline is actually improved from the game, because if it were exactly like the game, it would be just running round, bashing blocks, grabbing coins and eating mushrooms all the way, which would eventually just become boring. This film has variety, like in a real world, there are phone boxes, houses, restaurants, and much more than just pipes, flags and castles. It just also happens that my favourite actor, Bob Hoskins, has the main role as Mario, which makes this film more appealing and exciting. There are also things from the Mario games in the film such as Bob-Ombs (licensed by Reebok, mysteriously), and Goomba Shoes that are powered by Bullet Bills. So to top it off, this has to be one of the best films ever made, and one of my all-time favourites.
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Too harsh, by far
DarthBill7 April 2004
Yes, this no classic, but it's not that bad. And yes it bears no resemblance to the video games that inspired it except for the jumpsuits that look like the heroes overalls, but it's not bad.

Mario & Luigi (Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo) are the two down on their luck brother plumbers who get involved with a college student named Daisy (Samantha Mathis) who turns out to be a princess from an alternate dimension. Once transported there themselves, they must fight the evil King Koopa (Dennis Hopper) and save their world from being merged with Koopa's and the human race from being turned into monkeys.

It may be hard to believe that John Leguizamo is Bob Hoskins brother, but the two have good chemistry and John has a convincing Brooklyn accent (although Tom Selleck would have been a more convincing Luigi in some respects). Bob reprises his gruff detective persona from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" to great effect. Samantha Mathis is cute as the princess and manages to feel less shallow than most heroines in these situations. Dennis Hopper hams it up as the film's villain. Lots of gags and good natured humor, and a beautiful song from Roxette, "Almost Unreal". Worth a rental.
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It's better then people give it credit.
IbanezJFS-157-36418026 July 2012
If you watch this movie as if it had no connections to the video game...It's not that bad. I loved the sets. The actors were great. And It's basically the same rescue the princess story but in a different setting. Like a more Modern Day Mario. Like I said it's the same Mario Brothers but in a different world. To me Bob embodies Mario perfectly. And So Does John as Luigi. All he needed was the mustache and maybe someone else's voice. It has some really cool action sequences. And I love the flame thrower thing. They could have done a better job on the goombas and koopa though. Look at it as a Mario reference movie. And not the Live Action Mario Movie. And most of all. Keep an open mind and enjoy for what is. And not what everyone thought it was suppose to be. Watch this and then watch the film again v=od-FughI-C8
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jimjam_8514 November 2004
It is clear that this film has been unfairly dismissed. OK, so it doesn't fit the criteria of a 'good film', but, it's a great kids film. It's dark and strange, things generally uncommon of kids films, and, if it wasn't for watching this film as a child, I wouldn't be into people like cronenberg, lynch and, in particular, Gilliam, whose sinister darkness I enjoy so greatly.

It is self-evident that there is a lack of imagination, especially recently, in the kids film genre, and this is where Super Mario Brothers earns the 7 out of 10 that I have given it. My film collection would be much less exciting without having watched this film as a child. This is why I urge those of you who have given it a poor rating to re-evaluate, considering what I have said.
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one of my favorite movies of all time
shinobirecca18 June 2005
Let me start off by saying that this is a great movie. Many people were expecting this movie to be piece for piece off of the video game which is pretty stupid considering that the Mario bros. games don't really have too much of a storyline besides just saving the princess from Koopa. The fact that they kept the basic ideas of the Mario games and added on their own take of it was great in my opinion. The actors were good and were perfect for their parts (especially Bob Hoskins). If people want to see a "perfect" Mario bros. movie where all there is too watch is a person jumping on monsters and going down pipes just because its true to the video game than please by all means go make one and see how many people don't fall asleep while watching it. I believe people should see it with an open mind instead of watching it hoping to see an exact replication of the game.
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Daft fun.
chrisjgray200030 March 2002
The plot:Two plumbers who are known as the Marios, meet a strange young girl that has a rock on her neck. Two idiots from another world kidnap the strange girl known as Daisy, after kidnaping other girls from Brooklyn. The two Marios decide to rescue her from the Two Idiots that have taken her to another world ruled by an evil king known as Koopa.

The View:Performances aren't the major thing here, but the special effects and creations are to be noticed more. The movie itself isn't bad and as a comedy, will have a few(just a few)giggles. It's all really just a fun fantasy movie that just doesn't shine through and doesn't make any effort to make an historical movie, but the film is fun and you will enjoy it as a complete no-brainer. ***
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Good Movie.
snuffles15885 August 2010
I love this movie. It can be a little cheesy at times but that's OK by me. Its funny, and fallows the game as closely as a movie can. A lot of items and events, IE sounds or what ever, from the game show up and the story line makes sense, as tho there could be a game that uses it from the Mario bros series. The brothers them self are well played and fit perfectly as you would think they would be. All in all its a good movie, so ignore all the nay-sayers who try comparing it to the video game or what ever, and put it down! Its definitely worth watching if you like comedy and Super Mario. And for those people that say it is a shame to a game that saved Nintendo you really should get your facts in order. After Super Mario was released for Nintendo Classic they were bankrupt. Mario was a good game but the system its self was missing a lot in all its other games and Mario did nothing to help. If you look into the history of Nintendo Final Fantasy, which was going to be there last game, hint the name, There Final Fantasy, saved the system and company not Mario. Its there face now but its just another game which happens to have a pretty good movie based off of it! Bye bye all!
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A Fun, Clever Adventure
kaneyoderphone12 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Let me lay this out for you. I hadn't seen this movie in a while (years), found myself its IMDb page through the interwebs, started reading reviews of it and thought "this can't be that bad!" So promptly set to watch it online and it was easy to find. I don't regret an instant of it; I liked this movie more now as an adult than I did when I was a kid. Here's why:

It's like one of these marvel movies that have been coming out recently: it's kind of cross between an "adult's" take and a "children's" take on a popular character. (Some other reviewer, or the trivia? had mentioned it) It's right in the middle. And the writing is great. Each scene flows logically to the next, and there's not much that's superfluous. Again it's got the fun of a children's movie mixed with the subtlety of an "adult's" movie.

My greatest concern is why the Brooklyn girls aren't freaking out that they're in a parallel dimension. Sure when they find out Daisy is a princess they freak out, but not about the fact that they're in a PARALLEL DIMENSION.

I mean if you really pay attention to the movie and get into it, just the visual aspects of this dystopian universe are worth it. You got smoke and sparks and wires and stretchy goo, people fighting, cars flipping, sheer madness. You've got the goofball pair of bad guys. You got dancing. You've got a romance between Luigi and Daisy that movies 3x as fast as Romeo and Juliet. You've got Mario knowing everything there is to know about pipes, including when to sled down them on a raft. You've got Yoshi, and at first you're disappointed, but then he turns out to be really cool.

Did I mention King Koopa shooting flames out of a suspended bucket of coal? (Think Bowser in Super Mario World, and pay attention).

A lot of people come away from the movie saying "that was not a Mario movie," and can't come up with reasons why, except that it wasn't like the video game. I mean, crap; YOU try to write a script for Mario and make it compelling. Honestly there's not a lot to work with! Think about it. You got a guy and a kidnapped princess and an evil monster. Go write! But as much as the making of this of this film apparently sucked, I think they did a great job with what materials they had. tl;dr This movie is fun and actually clever, and I hope you watch it with an open mind!
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Blade Runner Meets Beetlejuice: The Ghostbusters of the '90s
badfeelinganger16 September 2014
Blade Runner Meets Beetlejuice: The Ghostbusters of the '90s Super Mario Bros.: The Movie - Not Actually a Bad Movie! With a strong script, strong cast and strong company heritage in the field of CGI and video games based movie making, Super Mario Bros. was a surefire winner. All it required was a crack team of production crew and success was in the bag. This was assured by several legendary artists in the movie making industry with more-than impressive resumes. First off was production designer David L. Snyder - known for his work as art director for Ridley Scott's now-legendary film, Blade Runner.Snyder seemed to be the one of the only people in the end who focused heavily on game references, building the entire city of Dinohattan inside a disused cement factory complete with Hammer Bros Tattoos, the Boom Boom Bar, Wiggler beer etc. In fact his city designs ensured a striking sci-fi look that matched the dark and adult-themed sty-lings of the original script. There was also Alan Silvestri composing the music, most famous for his soundtrack to the epic Back To The Future trilogy, giving the film a massive boost in professional quality. If it was thought that Super Mario Bros would be a surefire flop, you wouldn't get artists of this calibre working on the movie.The plot sees Mario and Luigi drawn into an alternate universe created by the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This meteor, we learn, formed a parallel Earth where a few dinosaurs survived and evolved into cold-blooded humanoids. Princess Daisy (Samantha Mathis) is one of their reptilian number, and she's been kidnapped by Iggy and Spike (Fisher Stevens and Richard Edson respectively), the underlings of the evil King Koopa (Dennis Hopper).

Koopa, who rules over the dystopia city of Dinohattan, hopes to use Princess Daisy and her meteorite fragment necklace to fuse the two parallel dimensions together, and conquer the realm of humans. Needless to say, it's up to Mario and Luigi to head into the lizard dimension to stop him.

The story's actually a bit more complicated than this, and there's all sorts of stuff in here about fungus and reptiles and resources. Really, though, the movie's more about spectacle than story, with directors Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel (previously of Max Headroom and D.O.A fame) seemingly more interested in exploring the gigantic dark sets they had constructed in a disused cement factory in North Carolina.

Here, lizard women push their eggs down the street in pushchairs, street vendors sell fried salamanders in bread rolls, and neon King Koopa propaganda posters glower down from skyscrapers. It looks less Mushroom Kingdom and more Blade Runner noir.
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steve-4654318 January 2019
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this film doesn't do justice to the video game? what video game?
soringociu7 August 2012
I am from eastern Europe. I am 44 years old. i don't know much about video games. I just found out, here, that there was a video game with the same name as this film. So, for me, there was NOTHING before seeing this film on television a few years ago. is this something bad? is, with any film we see, a bad thing that we haven't read the book or played the game, BEFORE we see the film? don't you think that this gives me a freedom to appreciate and enjoy a film just for what it is, a film? a freedom that otherwise would be hard to get? Super Mario Bros. was, as they say, a blast! for me... All made sense, it was fun to watch, the script is very good and with very good dialogues. it has good editing and good directing. it has very good costumes and set designs. it has very good visual effects. Acting is superb, especially with support characters. in fact, what is not to like? characters are not like in video game? what video game? monsters are still humans, not like in video game? what video game? jumping shoes are not like in video game? what video game? i repeat, i am 100% video game ignorant. oh, lucky me!
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It's not as bad as anyone says, it's quite good and entertaining.
famicommaster4327 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was 12 when i was first introduced to the Super Mario Bros. movie, i instantly didn't like the film because it wasn't anything like the games, years later, i re-watched the movie with a more open mind, and learning so much about movies and what make them good, i decided to re-watch this movie and guess what? it's a really good movie!

It did had character development, everything was explained really well,it didn't had plot holes and the special effects and the creatures looked pretty good!

As for the accuracy of the games, it is present in this movie, and it is very subtle, except for the Bob-omb scene, the Koopa Troopas are manly those spiked police men, the Goombas are De-evolved humanoid dinosaurs, and they resemble the original goombas by wearing manly brown, having sharp teeth and being stupid, as for the power-ups, the traditional Mushroom that makes Mario grow, is shown here as an sort of shield, which makes sense, since that when you get the mushroom in the games, you can take an extra hit before dying, so that works as an shield, the fireballs are actually flame-throwers, and my favorite part, the Twomp-Stompers, which are boots that make people jump higher and it's really good, too bad people overlook this and simply bash this film for not being accurate to the games, but no one flipped when the Jackson's Lord of the Rings came and it was almost nothing like the books, right?

When it comes to judge films, you have to pay attention to 1:character development, that's what makes people feel for characters, 2: a good story, and yes, dinosaurs that evolved into humanoid creatures is a pretty interesting theme, along with the alternate dimension thing. Some people have recognized the film's merits and it gained a cult following manly at the Super Mario Bros. Movie Archive.

Bottom line, it is a really good movie on it's on, watch it with an open mind, and don't be a Nostalgia Critic/8-12 year boy and simply enjoy this film by what it is and not what it should be.

Trust The Fungus.
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Classic Cult Cyberpunk, Unfairly Judged
roareye2 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Super Mario Bros the Movie manages several well-known things - firstly it's the first ever mainstream Video Game Movie adaption, and secondly star Bob Hoskins has stated it as the worst film he's ever made.

So how can I review this film so highly, despite the main star's objections to the quality of it? The truth of the matter is that this film isn't as terrible as the hype states it is. Being the first Hollywood adaption of a video game series, and being different from it's source material, there wasn't really anything to compare it to. If you were hoping for a genuine conversion of the game's storyline into a movie, then you are going to be highly disappointed - but then you've made a rather rash assumption that the basic story of the game series would work as a film to begin with. Movies need to be like epic events, a major moment of the character's lives cataloged within an hour and a half (minimum). The game's theme of 'Bowser has the Princess, run into castle and have toad say "Your Princess is in another castle" 7 or 8 times before the end' doesn't make for a good film.

Excuses aside, the film does succeed in the way it intends to. It is extremely fun. Unlike other films with it's reputation, the Super Mario Bros Movie is genuinely enjoyable and even more so thanks to the few downfalls in it's script. Bob Hoskins cracks me up as Mario "Get Your Belt on Kid! We're going' in!", and Dennis Hopper is clearly the inspiration for Doctor Evil from Austin Powers "See you later, Alligator". The movie manages to do something few films manage - it improves with age. I'm not going to state that it's as superb as Blade Runner (As stated on the box), because they're from two very different worlds. Blade Runner is a classic in terms of being a thought-provoking high-caliber sci-fi drama, Super Mario is a classic in terms of being a cheesy fun-fueled thrill-ride. The only reason these two were compared in the first place was the similarity of a run-down ugly futuristic city, both of which were furnished with surprisingly high quality set design and standards. I would love to see a full Blu-Ray restoration of this movie because there is so much intricate work done on the backgrounds and in the details that the additional quality Blu-Ray affords would allow us even more joy. There are some good jokes in here, the pace is good and never slacks, and while there are some bad script- writing problems the enjoyment should allow most people to gloss over those issues without much problem (Look at Star Trek 2009, horrific script, plot holes and some truly terrible Hollywood writing but because it was so fun and full of action, it is hailed as a great film). This makes it more closely related to being the Star Trek 09 movie of its day, with special effects that were (at the time) really impressive and a mixture of family humor and more adult action (Bob Hoskins sticking his face in a black woman's chest - golden).

I would love to see a restored Blu-Ray of this movie, as it is a great fun movie. It is more fun than many more recent video game based movies (The Resident Evil series is stale, the Degeneration movie was miss-able, the Final Fantasy films were badly directed, they even got it wrong with Yakuza: Like A Dragon...), most are bland (Something nobody could say about Super Mario Bros, whether they like it or not) or outright horrific, especially if made by Uwe Boll. Super Mario Bros is not the best movie ever made, but it never intended to be. It wasn't supposed to be a movie epic like Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor was it supposed to be a direct translation of the game, which in itself would have been far worse and less enjoyable. It was intended to stand on its own two feet as a fun, family-oriented action movie with darker sci-fi undertones and while it never accomplishes them to perfection, it certainly succeeded well enough to continuously provide a fun and entertaining movie experience.

Some ideas are quite cool, others are a little childish, but that tends to come with the territory with family-friendly Hollywood movies. Again, now more than ever, Nintendo are family-oriented and their Wii console is centered around allowed the kids in as much as the teens and adults - another sign of this film being more accurate now than it was even at the time of its release.

As for possible Blu-Ray extras, I would adore an audio commentary by Bob Hoskins with him just hating on the film. You can imagine that would be a funny commentary. The Raw Deal Blu-Ray has an HD extra of a movie critic slating the movie. He-man DVDs have fan-commentaries ragging on the quality of the episodes while still speaking fondly of the series they adore. If the extras on these don't harm the sales, then the same thing for Super Mario Bros would only raise the sales of this film as people would be keen to hear what he has to say since his outbursts on the movie in the media. Other extras can include original script outlines and differences, several deleted scenes and the possibility of a re-cut.

I hope to see a decent Blu-Ray release of this movie soon. They've got Blu-Ray releases of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and other video game movies of the era, Super Mario deserves at least the same.
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Love it or Hate it, it's not the game...
Sic Coyote17 August 2000
but then so are alot of films. And quite alot of films that aren't accurate to the Super Mario Bros games are good, and this is one of them. Have I lost you yet? Well, I never saw this at the cinema because I saw the trailer and shots of the film and thought OMG this is fudge all like the game! I'm not seeing that! But then later I caught it on video and I have to say, if you are after a direct translation of the game, this isn't it, try the cartoons. I still thought the movie was cool, and the best part of cause was Bob Bomb that little guy is so COOL! Well anyway, the sets were cool(even if they did look like the whole film was shot in a 20'x20' warehouse) the costumes were cool(those jumping boots, cool) and the characters were cool comic book characters. Did anyone else notice that about 3/4 of the songs listed at the end of the film never actually appeared in the film?(I have the soundtrack and I've checked through the movie) Well nothing much more to add except that this film you either love it or hate it(well except my sister who thinks its okay as a saturday afternoon movie) See ya!
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Certainly better than its current reputation.
Boba_Fett113811 April 2006
This movie is much hated practically everywhere and of course I can understand why. Basically everyone from the '70's , 80's and 90's generation grew up with playing Nintendo games and the Super Mario games in particular. However when one sees this movie, it becomes pretty obvious early on that this movie has almost nothing to do with the Super Mario video games. The atmosphere, settings and characters are totally different, which is probably the main and also only reason why this movie was and still is hated among so many all over the world.

However, when one has to look at this movie with a fair and unbiased view, one has to come to the conclusion that this movie is good decent entertainment. No, it's not a GREAT movie but it does serve its purpose and that is to provide the viewer with 104 minutes of mindless, simple entertainment.

Kids will most likely like this movie best. The story is wonderfully adventurous and it all is very childishly simple constructed. I mean, the story and setting all basically have very little to do with the games but when you just have to judge the story, it's a pretty good and well thought out one. If the main characters were, let's say, some average Manhattan plumbers named the William's brothers and the entire movie wasn't based on a series of video games, than perhaps the movie would had received a far better reception and would had entertained and reached a wider audience.

All of the characters are pretty entertaining and work out well in the movie. This is probably mainly due to the well known cast. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo are the Mario brothers and they form a pretty good main duo. Dennis Hopper also is in his element as the ruthless, over-the-top, stereotyped villain King Koopa. He gives the movie a certain extra fun and flair. Other well known actors in the movie are Fiona Shaw, Gianni Russo (Carlo Rizzi from the first two The Godfather movies) and Lance Henriksen in a very small cameo role.

Unlike the games, the movie is a dark one. All of the sets are dark which was perhaps not the greatest atmospheric mood for the story and the entire movie in general. All of the sets are disappointing, small and unimaginative looking. Same goes for the costumes and most of the make-up effects. The movie however has some good and convincing looking early special effects. Remember folks, that it was 1993 when this movie was released.

The movie however is most of the time a bit too childishly told and the dialogs are below par and too simple.

The pace and editing is good but the movie severely lacks some action and real interesting moments. At moments it takes too long before something good or interesting happens again, which makes this movie perhaps a bit boring and uninteresting to watch at certain points.

All in all it's a not very successful- but still yet entertaining first attempt at making a movie based on a video game. Certainly better than some of those movies based on video games, released this present day!

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Why did Nintendo even sell the rights?
chris1644720 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Nintendo, my favorite company, has betrayed me. Be then again, they didn't know that the creators of this movie would defile the game that made Nintendo an extremely successful video game company. But enough of that, let me tell you what is wrong with this movie: everything.

First off, Super Mario Bros. (the game) takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, a happy place that has been taken over by King Koopa (aka Bowser) and its people forced to mindlessly obey his will. Mario has to, of course, defeat Bowser to bring peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom. We all know that. The game DID NOT have cars, skyscrapers, or any obvious technology we enjoy today. Mario was a natural high jumper, and he worked alone.

The movie, however, is just a lame action movie with a few Mario allusions thrown in to attract Nintendo fans. The Mario allusion consist solely of: Mario, Luigi, and Daisy's names, enemy names, and a bomb-omb. Yay. Oh, and Yoshi, in a 5-second cameo as a dinosaur too small to even consider riding on. But Mario can't jump, no, he's a Brooklyn plumber with a Columbian brother! (How'd that happen?). Their personalities aren't even right. In the games, Mario is a determined hero with a heart of gold, willing to do anything to save the day. Luigi is his shy brother, who helps Mario in any way he can, but in a minimal sort of way. In the movie, they act more like best friends than brothers, Mario is annoyed by everything, and Luigi has a temper.

If you like plots quickly written up on napkins before the check comes, and complete destruction of all that Mario stands for, then see this movie. If you are under the age of 12 and have never played a Mario game in your life, then proceed with caution. If you have EVER played a Mario game in your life, take all measures NOT to see this movie. Remember, you cannot sue if this movie totally makes you cry uncontrollably for many hours, trust me, I've tried.
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I don't get why people hate this movie!!!
escalad8911 July 2011
I don't get why people hate this movie. A video game turned movie I thought the directors did a great job. Could it have been done better yes, but it was a awesome movie. The goombas would have been stupid and laughable when you're making a sci-fi action flick if you made them look like they do in the game. King Koopa being human-ish does kinda suck. Mario's first Princess was Lady/Pauline in 1981. Princess Daisy appeared in 1989 Super Mario Land for the Game Boy and has been a regular since then. Princess Toadstool/Peach didn't appear until 1995. King Koopa/Bowser has a wife and multiple children and he's from Dinosaur Land. Toad is in the movie he's just human. Yoshi can't talk, he mumbles and a cartoon is OK if you're doing a cartoon. And You people call yourself a true Mario fans. Mario first appeared as the "Jumpman" in the 1981 version of "Donkey Kong" as a carpenter. Mario and Lugi didn't appear as brothers and plumbers until 1983 in "Mario Bros" where they fought creatures in New York. I am a true Mario Bros. fan, so don't insult me by saying this movie sucks beyond comparison.
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All in all, an OK flick...
MerrittTheFerret4 July 2006
It was summer, 1997.

I was just becoming a video gamer then, and when my Dad told me the Super Mario Bros Movie was on TV, I nearly had a lapse of sanity, I was like "THERE'S A MOVIE?!" And so I sat down and watched it. Then, I rented it endlessly. After which my parents finally bought me a VHS copy for Christmas in winter of '98. I have studied this movie to no end, I have watched it so many times I have lost count. But it's also not as bad as people make it out to be.

Let's look at the facts.

Mario is Italian, right? Mario is from Brooklyn, right?

Well, they got half that right, getting a British actor (Hoskins) to play the part of Mario with a New York Accent. I thought that was OK, but in the long run, Mario should have been played by Danny DeVito. That's really the only person who could have played him, because DeVito's both Italian AND a New Yorker (at least, he acts like it...)

Luigi is Italian, right? Luigi is from Brooklyn, right?

Again, something they got half right. John Leguizamo, a young Hispanic man, to play the part of an Italian Plumber. At least John acts like a New Yorker, a convincing New Yorker, nonetheless, but not an Italian Plumber. Also, Luigi should have had a mustache, there's no excuse for him not having a mustache in that movie, but for some reason...

Koopa. Koopa is a dinosaur.

Okay, they totally blew this one, but hey, it was 1992 when they made the movie, for Chrissake! There was no such thing as CGI back then and even if there had been, we'd all complain to this day about 'How fake Bowser looked.' So they did the next best thing, they made Koopa a really mean politician, I can see the humor in that now...

Daisy. Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland.

OK, they blew this one too, but here's the lowdown on Mario and the Princess, I don't know if you know this, but Mario doesn't go out with Peach in the games, he goes out with Pauline, the girl from Donkey Kong, an earlier model for Peach. But now, Pauline and Peach exist in the same plain, so there is no reason to have Mario have a relationship with a young princess when it can go to Luigi, a character that kids can relate to.

Goombas. Goombas...

Again, there was no CGI back in those days and even if there was it was very primitive (T2) and it could not have made the illusion of many little characters on screen. So they did the next best thing, they had over-sized (God knows why) zombie-like creatures who had once been members of the Mushroom Kingdom act out they're part, unfortunately, probably taking a lot of the budget up...

And Finally, Toad. Toad, Toad, Toad...

Toad is supposed to be a body guard of the princess, right? Well he's Peach's body guard, not Daisy's and he must have been out of a job or something in this movie because I have no idea why he was even in this film...

I hope this helps you understand the Mario Bros Movie a little better. I like to think of it as "Mario in Wario's World," which would've made a cool sequel, but again, the movie bombed at the box office... I have now, and always will enjoy this movie, but the flaws are hard to look past. But if you can manage to watch the movie and just have fun, then I salute you, because it's Mario, and everybody loves Mario, no matter what they say.

UPDATE: After revisiting the world of the Mario Bros, I came to realize what made me fall in love with this movie in the first place...

I don't know why, but I've always been attracted to this movie, it will always hold a special place in my heart and it's number 2 on my top ten list (With FIGHT CLUB being number 1.) When I was little, I watched this movie, over and over and over again until three in the morning every weekend until my parents split up... The reason I love it so much isn't because it's about my favorite video game character, or that it stars my favorite actors (Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper), but because it's a gritty, dark, violent balls to the wall science fiction movie. Even with a PG rating, this movie is "PG-13" by today's standards, lol But I know everything about this movie. The only thing is, I wish they'd come out with a special edition DVD with some special features, it is the FIRST movie to be based upon a video game, after all...

All in all, there are only 2 things I'd change about this wonderful little movie...

1. Luigi would have a mustache. 2. Mario Bros would be in Mario Bros Red and Green Uniforms whole movie.

That's all I have to say, really, I can't express what a fun and entertaining movie this is, even if you don't think it's true to the video game (which it is, to a big extent), still watch it, and enjoy it as the most violent, gritty PG-Rated Science Fiction Film ever made. I love you Mario, Luigi, your okay, too.

~ Art At War
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It's a Mario Movie. Where's the Mario?
LuigiIII12 July 2007
Super Mario Bros. is a movie based off of the Super Mario Bros. video games. Or at least, that's what they SAY it is. In reality, Super Mario Bros. is a movie that pretends to be Mario. He's what I'm talking about: In the games, the main villain is Bowser, King of the Koopas who wishes to kidnap the Princess and rule the mushroom kingdom. In the movie, the main villain is Koopa, tyrant of a small city in the center of a world-wide desert who wishes to take over the world of man. In the games, a big bertha is a fish. In the movie, Big Bertha is the bouncer at the Boom Boom bar. In the games, Boom Boom is a person. The movie is just a crappy movie that takes Nintendo's names in an attempt to look better. And it fails at that. DO NOT see this movie.
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